Meat "Oba-gender-bender-pisserspoofter-possum666" the Aussie tranny poofter second to none in rancid pseudo-See Eye Dentistry hypocrisy

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Hey Pope Marty. jewr Aussie tranny poofer Obie-gender-bender is at Accidental Dipshit for now.

A crazy, half-bearded, anal-fixated ghetto Jew with a crackhead negro rapist’s command of the English language like you, Marty, is in no position to be doling out advice to anyone.

"Obie" a.k.a. "Oba-gender-bender-pisserspoofter-possum666" has been a fixture of the above-ground See-eye Dentistry [bowel] Movement since 2006 or 2007. The messed up hyber-mischling poofter with gender-identity issues used to call itself Obadiah 1:18 and hang out with a female avatard over on Rabbi Linder's TraitorGlennMiller NNF forum. In Feb 2010 Obie-gender-bender decided to go over to Jeromy Visser's new forum and call me out for not stinting on the four-letter Anglo-Saxon monosyllables. At the time I was best of friends with John Britton who was no longer ashamed of being Neumann Britton's nephew. There was a VNNF post by Obie-gender-bender saying "Fuck the Rules They Suck" in which Obie claimed that he could use the exact same language that it was whining about me using and call anyone a jew that it pleased. Rabbi Linder let t get away with that because that gut-sick jewboy with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS liked pretending that Dual-Seedline Christian Identity was delusional inbred retards who lied and were hypocritical, so Linder never got around to banning the Aussie tranny poofter. Of course I've been banned since the Christmas Coup of 2004 for along with the Order men making ZOGbot Silly Roper take over until TraitorGlenn Miller could buy Linder a v-bulletin license and server space when I went over as VNNF Boat Pisspul to Bi-Polar Bradifer's intial phorafags/feebs in Dec. 2004.

Anyways, Obie-gender-bender is some Aussie poofter ZOGbot who is paranoid as all git-out and who ran a forum of its own until Nov. 2019. Obie's defining characteristic is a sense of hypocrisy second to none. Everyone knows its real name and where it works at in Melbourne -- and nobody cares.

Obie took up with Jeromy John Visser -- The Pisser-Possum of See-Eye Dentistry. Ye
Auld Pisser-Possum is a Sephardic Melungeon, spawn of a Dutch Sephardic jew named Pieter Visser and Delores/Bilitis "Two Possums Fucking" Visser, a 1/16 or more Eastern Cherokee able to get tribal benefits. The Pisser-Possum is 25% Cherokee LOL -- what of it as admitted on Talksjew chatroom in early 2012. Visser got a brown pelt, beady black eyes, a hooked jew-day-o injun snout and "donkey chomper" teef. I took pictures of it going to a Pete Peters Babtising tour in Florida in Feb 2010 the Pisser-Possum posted to jewtube. Back before 2008 the Pisser-Possum used to post videos of it preaching at the UCOY Feast of Tabernackles looking like it had "meth skull" which happens when a meth-head forgets to eat.

Obie-Gender-Bender and the Pisser-Possum used to be close until July 2013 when Obie-gender-bender got onto the only part red-nigger who ever gave the Pisser-Possum sum ZOGbux and a plane ticket to Seattle to fight with Bridgit-Da-Idjit Visser's mother. In Dec. 2010 the Pisser-Possum revealed that it wasn't even remotely whigger in order to get out of a stalking charge against its wife and her mother, a hybernigger katlick living in a rich Seattle suburb who didn't take kindly to her youngest daughter taking up with a mongrel crackhead petty criminal. By the end of the 2013 year the bloom was definitely off the stinkweed. The Pisser-Possum revealed Obie-gender-bender's real identity and at the Jap warehouse whence Obie worked. The Pisser-Possum keeps on posting lewd e-mails to Obie-gender-bender which Obie then posts to its web pages. Such fun.

Obie-gender-bender's sole good deed was to steal and publish old Christian Identity and White Supremacist material on its web page. It used to run Two and a Half Mamzers forum and cater to Bryan Reo and William "Baal" Finck but in the last year nothing to speak of that matters.

Obie-gender-bender is over at Da MamzerBarrel and now here on Accidental Dipshit calling me "Marty" which it knows I don't like. Only my deceased Mother and dirty ZOGbot jews & mamzers & perverts call me "Marty."

Me and Obie-gender-bender hath mutual Genesis 3:15 enmity.

The Obie-gender-bender Mutual Antipaty Files are on my Christian Nationalist Forum:

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri / ZOGland