Eric Thomson: Letter to Michael -- Oct. 10, 2005

Dear Michael: It was great to get your letter of 3 OCT. I hope your vision is improving & that you’ve had no complications. (I mean additional complications!) The postal zoggies did their worst to obliterate your return address by running your letter through the postage meter at least twice, with the cancellation stamp on your new address, which I think I can decipher, so my reply reaches you, or so I hope!

Many thanks for the Occidental Quarterlies! They make good reading, as well as reference material. Much appreciated! I shall forward the New Century publication to J.G., as you instruct, after I’ve read it. Jared Taylor is, indeed, admitting jews into his org. so he is sold out, as I suspected. Another blightwing shekel-grubber.

Incidentally, any anti-White class material is in violation of The Genocide Convention, which was ratified by Congress & is a treaty, which has the same force & effect as The U.S. Constitution in terms of Article VI, Paragraph (2). Your zoggies should be made aware of the fact that they are committing a federal offense by exposing Whites to criticism as Whites, in any shape, form or manner, since Whites are “an identifiable group” in terms of The Genocide Convention. “Causing mental suffering” is also defined as “genocide” for the purposes of The Genocide Convention, if course material is offensive to Whites. I look forward to more of your excellent essays, which shall be broadcast worldwide via the Internet, as always. A corrupt society is known by the number of its laws, & a tyranny is known by the number of laws broken by the government. It’s funny that your zoggies love to segregate prisoners “to maintain order”, but they don’t want prisoners segregating themselves in chowhalls for the name reason, as well as freedom of association.

It would seem best for ZOG-gulags to provide vocational training for all prisoners, plus the additional incentive of state certification for the skills learned. The U.S. Armed Forces would give training, but not certification for skills on the civilian market. I knew a fellow who was a U.S. Air Force dentist, but he was not allowed to practice dentistry in civilian life, so he was saving money as a dental technician to go to college so he could qualify for a dental certificate. What a rip off! It is well said that whores have “the oldest profession” & physicians have “the oldest labor union.” The U.S. Army offered me the M.O.S. (military operational specialty) of coding machines OR German. Since I knew I would prefer civilian work, I took German. Otherwise, I’d have been unemployable outside the Army, like the IRA fellow who told his job interviewer that he’d been 10 years a “rear gunner on a bread van” in his former job! Well, I look forward to reading something good about WAGULAG’s policies, if any. It’s called “positive reinforcement”, a word of encouragement for doing SOMETHING right, for a change.

Congratulations for dousing the Injuns’ holocaust. I’m glad you did not get punished by the zoggies for doing the right thing! Such a deal! They not understand White man’s heaters, so should not use. How!

Thanks for the info on resumption of the draft. I’ve heard nothing much about the ZOG’s enforcement of selective service registration. It seems that illegal aliens can enter the armed forces & gain citizenship thereafter, as in ancient Rome. Since we’re going that way, anyhow, we might as well go for the decadence. When I was a G.I. one had to be FIRST a U.S. citizen. How would an illegal alien recruit get a security clearance? I understand that a post 9-11 check was made of airport personnel, & illegal aliens were dismissed from their jobs, but not soldiers, sailors, Marines & airmen? Evidently not.

“Necrotizing fasciitis” (flesh-eating bacteria) sounds as formidable as “proselytizing fascists”. Virulent infectious diseases are occurring more frequently, & antibiotics are losing their effectiveness. Various medical doctors agree that the ZOG is purposely inoculating the North American population with man-made &/or modified diseases, provided by our tax dollars at Fort Detrick, MD. Vaccines are also contaminated with “interesting” viruses, as AIDS researchers have discovered in their bio-labs & specimens. Several books on this topic reveal a ZOG policy, which is so open, it is hardly a “conspiracy”. The dumb Goyim just accept it, with nary a murmur of disagreement. As the jew, FDR, proclaimed: “Things are MADE to happen the way they do!” Good luck & ORION! (Copy to J.W.G.)



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