Eric Thomson: Letter to Stevie -- 9 Sept. 2010

Hail Stevie!

Many thanks for yours of 1 SEP the article on the Asatru sellout. The murderer, Lenz, sure looks like a hebe. As it says in a book of Aryan wisdom, the Bhagavad Gita: ?From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory. From the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and from this, all evil.? I wonder at McNallen?s god, who appears to be Mammon, the jew god of money, for whom he is willing to sellout his touted values. I see the zoggies are lying, as usual. They equate White existence with ?White supremacy.? As Orwell said: ?Who defines controls.? If Whites who want to be Whites, & wish to associate with Whites are ?supremacists,? then so are Blacks who want to be Black & to associate with their kind, as well as hispano-mestizos, et al. Catholics, who want to worship with Catholics, are ?Vatican supremacists,? if we want to take ZOG?s nonsense to its logical conclusion. Yes, ZOG hates those who have integrity, for men of honor don?t follow the Judeo-American way of selling out. Zoggies have already sold out, so they don?t want to look up to those who do not. Poor zoggies.

The alleged ?pullout? of ?Usreal?s? forces in Iraq has been announced, with more casualties being suffered among the 50,000 who remain. The USA destabilized Iraq because Israel wanted to destroy that stability under our puppet, Saddam. Israel wanted to reduce Iraqis to their present tribal, sectarian conflict, as they wish to do to all Moslem states, on behalf of ?Greater Israel.? FEDZOGUSA is a puppet of jew-supremacists, as always. As one keen observer noted, the wars we are in are unlikely to end, as long as they profit ?the chosen few.? Former Marine Corps General Smedley Butler called war ?a racket.? A racket is defined as any enterprise which benefits the few at the expense of the many.

As you say, most serve ZOG out of ignorance, because they are duped by Zionist propaganda. The same was true of American Gentiles who fought in World War I & II. Each time they fought to defend ?democracy,? while ignoring the fact that the USA has never been a democracy, according to the dictates of our Founding Felons, who declared that ?democracy is mob-rule.? That?s why we have a republic for the rich, just like Rome, but our rich are aliens. That?s why they deem Americans? lives to be so cheap. We have the best government money can buy, as others have noted, for centuries.

As you have noted, any potentially good cause is usually infiltrated by the enemy. Fortunately, you have recognized them, as I hope others will do, also. Beware of those who fly our banner, & serve the enemy of Our Folk. It?s nice to know that Christinsanity is curable, with knowledge.

I agree that there is no use dwelling on ?what ifs? or ?if onlys.? We live in the NOW, which demands our full attention, while being aware of the past & the future, so we can evaluate our decisions in the present. In effect, we all must be responsible leaders, like good parents. In this regard, I have banished worry, which I learned to do after the second bombing of my residence in Colombia. If I am aware of danger, I do all I can to defend against it. That done, I cease to worry, for it is a waste of time. I liked the attitude of some sailors on wartime cargo ships, one of whom was interviewed. ?What cargoes did you like the least?? ?Oh, lumber, coal, tires, trucks,? said the sailor. ?Why was that?? asked the reporter. ?Well, you had to sleep in your deck clothes, with your seaboots at the ready, for if you were torpedoed, everybody would have to go up on deck, to man battle stations or abandon ship.? ?What cargoes did you prefer?? ?Oh, gasoline, ammunition & explosives.? ?Why was that?? asked the reporter. ?Because you could sleep in your bunk with pajamas. It was much more comfortable,? said the sailor. ?But, if you were torpedoed?? The sailor laughed, ?With those cargoes, you didn?t have to worry about dressing & going up on deck.? That attitude I liked.

So prisons are ?industries,? under ZOG. We are developing a Soviet-style economy, in which ? guards the other ?. Judeo-America has the world?s largest prison population. No wonder the USSR went broke & out of business! It?s notable that our rulers think they can outdo other ZOGs, like the French in Indochina, the Japs in Korea, the Romans & Brits in The Middle East, & most recently, the Soviets in Afghanistan. In each case, the USA made a bigger mess than its predecessors. The most recent blooper of allowing a Christinsane preacher-for-profit to burn Korans is sure to inflame Moslem outrage, just as our jew-masters desire. Moslems take their religion seriously, just how seriously, we shall learn in due course, to our cost. Jews want Goyim to fight Moslems. That is why they have brought Moslems into our livingspace in Europe, Australia & North America. What distinguishes wogs from Whites is their reaction to information. When Whites receive information, they do nothing, but when wogs, like Moslems get it, they respond instantly, as occurred with the Internet news of the Koran Conflagration set to happen on 9-11. Obviously, another event like the previous 9-11 will be blamed on Moslems, even if it is a CIA/Mossad op, like the first 9-11. All such events must be understood in terms of ?Cui bono?? (Who benefits?). As Benjamin Netanyahu blurted on TV after that 9-11, ?This is very good for Israel!?

All the best. ORION!



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