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Thread: Cybercrime: A Zionist Goldmine? -- 3 Aug 2010

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    Default Cybercrime: A Zionist Goldmine? -- 3 Aug 2010


    by ERIC Thomson


    On 31 Jewlie 2010, NPR jewsradio featured reports of the ongoing war in cyberspace, which has many aspects of “the age of pirates, brave & bold.” Apparently, the ZOG’s policy is to recruit the best of the cyber-freebooters by making them ‘offers they can’t refuse,’ as said in “The Godfather.” Charlemagne the Saxon-Slayer was more concise. His offer was “Baptism or death.” In other words, ZOG is seeking hackers to hire. Warning: You may not be able to quit!

    The controversy over Wikileaks has severely jangled the jewsmedia. Translation for Goyim: The mainstream disinformers whose lies you trust. Wikileaks was allegedly established by a “convicted hacker” whose whereabouts are mysterious. The ZOG’s response to his breach of government censorship is still pending: Kill him or co-opt him as the case may be.

    This subject included other hackers who access ATMs with the facility of school lunchboxes, and ones whose skills are most applicable to espionage by breaking into “secure sites” for purposes of data theft and mischief, i.e. sabotage. Nice fellows!

    I’m reminded of Mexico’s elite police force, their equivalent of the Mounties and the Texas Rangers, the Rurales or Rural Police. They had fine horses (no cars, remember, in the 19th century). They also wore stylish uniforms, including jackets with genuine silver buttons. According to my sources, they were all former bandits! President Diaz, who founded the force, took bandits very seriously. If his police caught them, their careers would be short indeed, with no second chances to go back out on the trails after serving prison sentences.

    But there were some bandits Diaz’ men could not catch. Such accomplished bandidos would get a telegram from El Presidente himself, inviting him to join the Rurales or die. It was an offer most bandits, apparently, did not refuse. The old adage that “it takes a thief to catch a thief,” seemed to apply until Diaz’ overthrow in 1910. Diaz was largely a victim of his public works projects, such as waterworks, which reduced the infant deathrate and brought about Mexico’s current population explosion, which we now ‘enjoy!’

    Italy, in the times depicted in “Romeo & Juliet”, was a scene of violent social conflict, of competing warlords and mercenaries alias condottiere, whom Machiavelli despised as being expensive when you didn’t need them, and running away when you did need them. Well, after all, one who fights for pay exists to enjoy it, and he will be attracted to the highest bidder for his services. Machiavelli advised The Prince to rely upon loyalty rather than largesse in recruitment. Napoleon took advantage of the invention known as the newspaper to enlist his mass armies, thus proving that propaganda can be a motivating factor for the masses when money is lacking.

    Soldiers were, prior to that, paid substantial wages for the time. And. they shared portions of their booty, including the women of a captured city. Outstanding military achievements merited suitable financial rewards, but soldiers of today just get medals.

    The new cyber-condottiere pose a constant danger to their employers, not only for their criminal minds, but in terms of where their loyalty lies. Are they loyal to principles, and people, or are they only loyal to themselves, and the mood of the moment? How much do they want? Samuel Gompers’ needs were simple, he just wanted “More!” Such fellows are always on the lookout for one who can offer “more,” in the way of material wealth and personal importance. Shakespeare warned about “that fellow who doth have a lean & hungry look.” For ZOG, the old Roman adage is most appropriate: “Let the buyer beware.”

    Never have so few been in a position to damage so many. ORION!



    by E. Thomson

    NPR jewsradio this same day of Jewlie (the month named after the Holohoax) featured a cyber recruiting tactic for prospective ZOG-thugs in its wars for Israel: Cyber wargames centers. As I understand, participants must be able to prove that they are at least 13 years old. At least that’s the age I heard mentioned, so you may correct me if I’m wrong. The U.S. military prefers recruits who are immature, since they don’t usually think of disobeying stupid orders. I speak from experience in the U.S. Army during the Kosher Cold War era.

    The centers feature videogames played with similar devices used in modern warfare. Players can choose their opponents to see who can kill the other, using virtual modern weaponry. Oh what fun for boyish lusts for violence without consideration of consequences! A sergeant cautioned that battles fought in air-conditioned comfort, without the blood, stench and body parts, plus the physical exertion of real combat “may be misleading,” but, hey, isn’t that what ZOG wants? The jewbook says, “By Way of Deception thou shalt do war.”

    Reports of increased drug-use and suicides in the U.S. military have surfaced, so it appears some troops feel duped by their recruiters. ORION!


    Write to:
    Mr. Eric Thomson
    P.O. Box 896
    Yakima, Washington 98907-0896

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    Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Michael

    Eric Thomson: Letter to Michael


    16 APR 09

    Hail Michael! Many thanks for your multi-faceted missive, with its relevant & timely content. You should be paid a state salary for your cogent contributions to prison policy & administration.

    Yes, why do zoggies lack any statistics which compare recidivism rates between prisoners who took ZOG ‘therapy’ courses & those who didn’t?

    Our ZOG is as stats-sappy as its partner in crime, the former Soviet Jewnion, especially of the fake variety. Moreover, statistics-gathering would provide jobs for unemployed judeo-psychopaths at taxpayers’ expense. Such a deal!

    The Goyim, especially Whites, must be studied, even as live autopsy subjects, so ZOG can make minute assessments of their progress in regard to fleecing & ultimate slaughter.

    Besides, the slaughter-rabbis must get their jollies anyway they can. I’ve seen their evil smiles in the kosher slaughter scene in “The Eternal Jew.” Only a “Nazi” would deny them such satisfaction, as you might agree. I certainly would!

    Thanks, also for the great “Prince Nailhead” comic strip, which I shall do my best to photocopy. Unfortunately, carbon/plastic ribbon tends to flake off the paper, unlike the old-fashioned cloth ribbons I use. This tendency threatens the survival of legal & historic documents, due to passage of time & handling. I enclose the results of my ‘valiant’ attempt. I congratulate whoever did this ‘revision’ in text & graphics. Great work!

    I’ve long compared prisons to monasteries, in which inmates may be able to take advantage of opportunities for study & thought, in lieu of action which all young men crave. On the outside, few sheeple indeed use their opportunities to inform themselves, as their spare time goes into entertainment & other forms of dumbing themselves down.

    I understand that young people mainly use the Internet to play games, rather like using a public library as a venue for tic tack toe. Let’s hear the Goy cheer, loud & clear: DUUH!

    When I first saw the name, Colin Renfrew, my jewsmedia programming caused me to associate him with “Sgt. Renfrew of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,” an old radio feature, just as the music for “The William Tell Overture” triggers memories of “The Lone Ranger.” If I were jewish, I might sue the ZOG for occupying my valuable brain-space without paying rent.

    As you know, I object to geo-political categories in substitution for biopolitical ones. A European could be a Turk or Eurasian, since they occupy the geographical territory of Europe. An African could be an Arab, as well as a Black or parts thereof. Australia I understand to be within the area known as “Asia,” so their Blacks & Whites could be classified as “Asians.”

    We know that ZOG wants to avoid racial categories, except amongst non-Whites, in favor of location & ‘culture.’ This is genocide by definition. As Orwell noted: “Who defines controls.” We are thus controlled to the extent we accept ZOG’s jewspeak.

    I note the peculiar zoggie interpretation of “Security Threat Group” so as to include slogans & pictures. As I understand, a slogan is an expression of opinion. An expression of love & principle should not be equated with the incitement of crimes.

    Can we seriously deem holders of opinions to be members of a “group?” If so, who are their leaders & what is their organizational structure?

    Can a “group” be defined as an individual? Not by any sane user of language. Sorry, zoggies, you really do need help.

    If I express my love for my family, why is this construed to mean that I want to kill all others’ families, when I know this is not my intention? Methinks the seizure of a postcard with such slogans is merely malicious machismo on your zoggies’ part. Is La Raza STG? If not, why not?

    Re your excellent review of “Therapeutic Community Programs”: You address an old, very old debate on crime & punishment.

    Plato asked if punishment would make “worse persons” of offenders, say, by chopping off the hand of a thief, so as to reduce their possible contributions to lawful society.

    Punishment has been predicated, like justice, on deterrence & vengeance. More recently, say over the last centuries, rehabilitation has entered the prison picture. The tension still exists between the two goals of punishment & rehabilitation.

    My attitude toward crime is that of a soldier. Soldiers are felons who serve their respective societies by killing, capturing & inflicting destruction on enemies, usually in opposition to the military felons of other countries. I therefore see crime as an act of war against a society.

    If an enemy sends a bomber to drop incendiaries on a factory, for example, he does no more damage of society than does a jew arsonist who burns the factory down to collect his fire insurance.

    In the first case, we try to shoot down the enemy bomber, without even asking if the bomber crew intend to set fire to the factory. If a bomber crew member is captured, he is imprisoned, like the firebug jew who does even more damage by collecting the fire insurance for destroying the factory. But imprisonment further damages society which must pay for the felons’ confinement. Ouch! Or to be kosher, “Oy veh!”

    As a National Socialist, I believe in redemption, rather than punishment. An enemy of society should be allowed to choose, as a responsible individual, if he will work on behalf of the society he damaged or sought to damage.

    The work required would be on par with the damage & its cost to society, including his own incarceration. When he has fulfilled his debt to society in productive work, his debt is cancelled, & he can re-enter society.

    If he refuses to reimburse society, including his victims, he will be executed forthwith, as are enemy troops who are marching into battle.

    The motto of my Redemption Centers will be “Work Makes You Free.”

    One proposal I’ve mentioned to county officials is to equip all jails & prisons with gymnasium equipment, which could be used to generate electricity.

    A prison sentence would not be in years, but in kilowatts, so the prisoner would have the incentive to work off his social debt. The prison electricity could be stored in batteries &/or used in the facilities to reduce those costs to society.

    Jews propagandize that felons are “victims” of society, so it is society that owes them the debt of tender-loving-care & comfortable rehabilitation.

    The damage inflicted upon society & the felon’s victims is not important, as compared with the identity of the felon. If he is deemed “young” &/or “insane,” he is not held fully liable, but even innocent of his crime.

    I believe that, in crime, “all men are created equal.” If you do the crime, you are eligible to do the time. Criminals are enemies of society in which we wish to live, so viewing them as victims is jew-jitsu: role-reversal, which is also a danger to society.

    In Rhodesia, I was required to take a course on Roman-Dutch law, since I worked in The Ministry of Mines & Land, & later, in The Ministry of Justice, Law & Order.

    An insane person was defined as one “who poses a danger to himself & to others,” whereas a criminal was defined as one who poses a danger to others &/or their property.

    When a person is so classified, he becomes a ward of the state, which assumes the parental role of guardian. This means the offender is deprived of his rights, as if he were a minor under the law, & the state were his parents, as you know.

    The law prescribed conditions applicable to various offenses, including hard labor, flogging, hanging & debtors’ prison, in which the creditor had to pay for the debtor’s incarceration, until the debtor forked over any money or property which the creditor thought he had. To that extent, the world described by Dickens lived on.

    To my knowledge, the first state to adopt a concept of “therapeutic incarceration” was the Soviet Jewnion, which was founded, funded, fed & fostered by the Jewnited States, from 1917 onward. Hence, the growing similarities between WestZOG & the former EastZOG.

    I discovered that our equivalent of The Cheka alias Homeland Security alias Heimat Sicherheit employed former KGB kike Primakov & fellow tribesman Wolf of the East German Stasi, who formed the talmudic troika with Chertoff.

    The Soviet rationale for confining ‘enemies of the state’ in ‘mental institutions’ was to deny them martyr status in Zionist Occupied Russia.

    Since the USSR was defined as The Workers’ Paradise, anyone who thought otherwise ‘must’ be crazy, but if he weren’t, the kike-quacks did all they could to render him so.

    If we can define Soviet ‘therapy’ correctly, the word “torture” would be appropriate. Catholic apologists could also claim that the horrors of the Inquisition were just “therapy,” & “religious counselling,” by the same criteria.

    Such Judeo-Communist ‘therapy’ was described in “The Anti-Humans” & in “Darkness at Noon.” The author of the latter title, Arthur Koestler, a righteous jew, was “suicided” shortly after he wrote “The 13th Tribe.”

    I have, like you, two fundamental questions in regard to WAZOGDOC’s ‘therapy’ programs:

    (1) Do they prepare inmates to better cope with life on the outside?

    (2) Do they reduce recidivism?

    I suspect, however, from the evidence you’ve gathered that they represent a Zionist program of genocide by propaganda against White prisoners.

    Our “capitalist” ZOG is just as kosher as the former “communist” ZOG, so similar programs tend to result from the same people, regardless of location. Sorry if I state the obvious.

    Keep up the good work. DOWZ! ORION!



    Write to:
    Mr. Eric Thomson
    P.O. Box 896
    Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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