StumbleInn Anabasis: Retreating in good order from hostile territory

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I just asked Breck to close my account as I won't be posting there anymore. The Internet is taking up too much of my time as it is. I had told Martin that I was going to do this earlier today and he wanted me to wait until Monday, but once I make a decision it's done. I've been telling Lindstedt for some time now that Maude's Mamzer was going to get rid of both of us, he didn't believe me. Well I noticed that I had been removed from the VIP lounge this morning that is when I made my decision. SI has become the Phora Phaggots outhouse anyway.
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Yeah, all sorts of routine things seem to occur since Maude's Mamzer returned. I'm just tired of the place in general. I spoke to Lindstedt and he said he wished I hadn't asked Breck to close my account, I told him that I hoped that Maude's Mamzer would ban his ass and the sooner the better.
Maude's Monster/Mamzer is a sneaking piece of shit who hates us Christian Identity and has a massive sense of entitlement when given a bit of power. The whiney little two-faced cocksucker has hated me since I ran Maude DeFraud Flanders off to phorafags/feebs and Mutant$permFront and a bunch of others, like Alleycunt, F[r]eeWhiggerMeercunt, Pizzle and sundry others. Maude's Monster was pissing and moaning about how I should be punished for posting Maude's coontact information, not on places where it was disallowed, but on my own v-bulletin forum. Maude's Monster/Mamzer is at home on phorafags/feebs, which I think is VNNF v2.0, and another jew data-nining operation run by the likes of Starr and Kevin O'Keefe.

I think that Zed and Breck have simply grown tired of running a forum and they want to sell it out to phorafags/feebs, and that Maude's Monster is the little caretaker of the planned implosion. V-Bulletin is a pretty straightforward program and easy to run once you understand the default switches. This is why anyone serious runs a v-bulletin forum is because of its power and beauty. Thus StumbleInn has no need for a 'technical director.' This kicking off of 6Killer out of the VIP Lounge is something which sounds planned because Maude's Monster has made it quite clear to me that I have had far more freedom of speech than Maude's Monster wants. I am not to be invited to the VIP Lounge because I have my own independent subforum wherein I don't have to kiss Maude Monster's catlick/jew ass and it burns MM up to see a CI White man not kissing papist/jew cock. And you all know about the PM box flap, and how when I called MM on it, the post was moved to my sub-forum and closed. Maude's Monster wants to fuck me over in private but we can't all hear about it in public.

But, having been banned from even more places than 6Killer, there is a way to go about getting banned, and the way to do it isn't to give the jews and whiggers running these places into the ground what they want. They need to have to pay a price, and the price is losing the pretense that they are anything other than petty tyrants and ZOGbots and that what they are practicing is anything but free speech. It is precisely because of pretense and infiltration that these dirty jews have managed to survive and prosper as parasites up until the time they either get unmasked and then either driven out or they kill their hosts. A jew, being a jew, will usually still persist in itz parasitism regardless of the cost because that is all a jew knows how to do, but they hate being revealed, because revelation is the first step towards being run off or killed.

Robert Heinlein said that the best way to deal with a fool is to insult the fool until the fool either apologises, thus proving that he is not a fool, or the fool runs amok, proving that the fool is a fool. I recently blew off a sockpuppet recently and thus ran the jew Mike bLEVIns off and made Kevin O"Keefe look like the compromised hybernigger idiot collaborating with ZOG that it is.

You all also got to understand that the White Nationalist v-bulletin forum model is falling apart as well. Fade/Cunterre closed down his forum, not because he had to, but because Fade/Cunterre/Brad is a nutty whigger control-freak shithead. Same was with ODES. They wanted to rebel against F[r]ee Repub[l]ic until they becum Jim-Boob Robinson's Fee Repubic and they shut down their forum after paying to upgrade it, unnecessarily, to v-bulletin v3.8.5 and then to v4.0.x. Now while v-bulletin v4.0.x sucks, they didn't have to buy the stupid shit, and once they did, it wasn't a matter of senile old feebs not having money, it was a matter of senile old feebs not having the will to continue living which took Original Dissent Embalming Society down.

VNNF, $permFront, and phorafags/feebs are merely going through the motions of catering to whiggroid 'muhdikkk!!!' posts. Nothing good or intelligent is being discussed.

StumbleInn was great because it was the most free place on the Internut. Just as Jaybird got tired and sold it to Zed and Breck, Zed had his favorite little jews like Maude DeFraud and Ixabert and the buildup of kikeshit got toxic and hence The BeerBarrel. Now Breck is tired of running the store, and thus Maude's Monster/Mamzer is skulking like a pretend-hybernigger catlick jewkal to turn StumbleInn into phorafags/feebs v2.0/VNNF v3.0, like one of my spies predicted 18 months ago.

So how to wage a retreat? Rather than give these evil stupid orc-creatures what they want by walking away, I propose that we get our work to safe locations. 6Killer is also annoyed at the whigger and mamzer and ZOGbot chimpout over at Bill Finck's in which we face being banned over there, even though I have my own sub-forum over there as well. Since Finck's Big Top was founded last year, I have nothing special to Finck's that isn't already on my Christian Nationalist forum.

But, right now I'm busily going through my old posts over on StumbleInn and I set up an 'Archive' over on Christian Nationalist to where I am copying my posts made before May 2009 when Christian Nationalist was founded. If 6Killer ends up having his account deactivated, it will be harder to move his posts from SI to CN either for himself or for myself. 6Killer suspects Maude's Monster/Mamzer of deleting some of his older posts from the Jaybird administration. This Archive is ready for those who have something useful to post that I would want seen on Christian Nationalist.

However, if there are others over on StumbleInn who want a place to store their posts other than here at BeerBarrel, then open up an account over on Christian Nationalist, send an e-mail to for me to activate it, and I'll open up a place for storage. The place for storage might well be someplace in the jewlag or tard corral if you are not Christian Identity, but you are looking for a place of storage, not a palace wherein you reign. Some of you don't want to be associated with Christian Identity and in return I don't want you associated with me either, but storage space still will be made available somewhere if you need it. You are expected to behave like White Men over on Christian Nationalist, but you don't need to kiss my ass over there, either.

In an age like this, the prudent activist understands that what he says will be hated with a Genesis 3:15 antipathy by whiggers and jews and mamzers. There is no safe haven for free speech any more. Thus there is no sense in getting upset when shit happens and people you thought you could trust turn out untrustworthy.

Me and 6Killer and Apoc have been discussing what has been going on at StumbleInn the past year or so. I think StumbleInn is falling apart because the owners have lost their will to run it any more. The entire purpose of me having a sub-forum for myself on all of these forums, be they StumbleInn, Visser's, Finck's, phorafags/feebs, etc. was for a working White Nationalist activist to write original content and thus bring in traffic. However, since I am not beholden to anything but what I see as the Truth, then the content becomes unbearable for those who cannot handle the Truth, and thus the whiggers and jews and mamzers riot, and have me banned and my posts deleted. It is precisely because of this reality that I have always set up my web pages and forums and published Resistance writers like Jim Floyd, Luke LaVellian, etc., who were also kicked off of their Whigger Nutsionalist perches when the jews kicked up a shit fit.

Yes, agreed that StumbleInn is going the way of phorafags/feebs v2.0. What to do, what to do. And what needs to be done is to wage a well-ordered retreat, get out our chattels, posts and personnel, and leave a bridgehead in which to re-invade when the natives get tired, as Edmund Burke said, of 'an oligarchy of the debased.' Xenophon had a similar problem 2400 years ago, of retreating with a mercenary army of 10,000 Greeks through now hostile territory to get home. The story, Xenophin's Anabasis, is one of heroism and fortitude in which free men managed to fight their way home, to survive and prosper.

Not to simply let these jew and whigger vermin have what they want -- a victory without casualties. Living, not only living well, is the best revenge.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri