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Thread: CornCobb Runs Amok -- In Leith as in Kalispell

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    After all the above April-Gaedesque yapping we finally cum-cum cum-cum to the truth: Either she dumped CornCobb or CornCobb dumped her. Probably both as it seems that she followed CornCobb to Sherwood North Dakota in Renville County. Somehow this dear skank is like April Gaede -- a housekeeper. She seems to have kept pore crazy CornCobb's house. Only a delusional skank past her prime somehow winds up in Sherwood North Dakota and is proudly ovulating for CornCobb. And for someone who knew CornCobb -- but not like dear Emily / Amalie in the Biblical sense -- I must agree that in real life CornCobb is nuttier than on the TalmudVision -- and Karl Gharst and everyone else agrees that CornCobb is pretty nutty. CornCobb's first DNA test revealed that CornCobb was 14 % nigger and 86 % jewboy.

    Which is why dear Amalie / Emily's story is interesting. She was trying so hard to ovulate until last year when she becum-cum, cum-cum a battered female and voracious house-keeper. I suppose that while she claims to be fertile yet is stealing Latvian children that she must maintain the appearance that she is like Ant-Artica -- everyone knows where it is but no one with a lick of sense or anything better to do goes there. So is pore CornCobb living in a hole in North Dakota thanks to the goona-goona wearing off or does CornCobb live on the first floor of the two-story shack from whence evicted for rambunctiousness by his former shack-up?

    Insofar as ZOGbot Silly Roper, he is running around Thom Robb sometimes and Uncle Tom ZOGpig Bowie as well in Mountain Home Ar-Kansas. ZOGbot Silly Roper cum-cum, cum-cums from a long line of FiBbIe Klansmen and claims to be both Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) and Evolutionists. Of course that is short for Darwinian Seedline Coonfidential Informant, as ZOGbot Billy believes in the Darwinian as opposed to Sixth-Day Beast of the Field, 8th Day Adam, 9th Day jewboy actual DSCI orthodoxy. Plus ZOGbot Silly says that Pastor Butler said that ZOGbot Silly has special dispensation to eat pork, as the Covenant doesn't apply to ZOGbot Silly. Perhaps they have evolved.

    Anyways, ZOGbot Silly maintains more ties to the ZOGbots from the National Alliance than any of the old line Wesley Swift and Bertrand Comparet followers. ZOGbot Silly gets his tards to pretend to be homosexuals with young underage mangina on Grindr, then when the homos show up like starving dogs over a bait of cheeseburgers kidnap them and beat them up and then they go to prison, as planned. ZOGbot Silly Roper is finding out who the stupidest survivalists new to the Ozarks are sure enough.

    Anyways, I did a song about April Gaede:


    "Look at Me -- I'm April Gaede" in which I criticised her for betraying The Whigger Whimperer Edgar Steele. ZOGbot Silly and April Gaede and Bryan Reo of course snitched me out to jewtube and that song was of course removed because of Haet, Haet, Haet.


    Axis Skanky / Corinna Burt also loved my song about April Gaede so I did one about her at her request when like April Gaede she betrayed Hair-old Covington:

    From the "Whigger Problem 2013 All-bum":


    Skanky didn't like it much either but unlike ZOGbot Silly and April Gaede didn't snitch me out to jewtube. Now, unlike you and April there was a messed-up meth-whore skank with a bit of class!!!

    But Amalie/Emily hath no class or couth but is a skank house-keeper who turned on pore CornCobb yet did somethang which heretofore I would have said wouldn't happen, i.e. make me feel sorry for pore 14% nigger / 86% psycho jewboy CornCobb, who isn't violent [usually] but is most certainly fucked up in the head.

    You see, the best way to deal with whores is simply to cut a deal, pay them the going rate, but never ever bring them on home where you live. Otherwise they will set up housekeeping and wind up with the house, which when you think of it might seem the most cheap way to pay for it but always winds up the most expensive. If you are going to be a whore-monger then be a good one in mongering them whores and not be like pore CornCobb and get house-kept.

    I bet jewboy Linder kicked you off its Virtual Colostomy Bag News Nutwork Forum, right, you infamous hibernigger voracious house-keeping skank? Otherwise you wouldn't be here at the end of the line on Bradifer's / Cunthair's The-Rapy Blog Accidental Dipshit, now would you?

    Thanks for the Coonfession, Am-a-lie / Emily. It sure explains a lot.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Dichter Von Frankenwhigger
    Renegade Phinehas Priester

    Post not approved by Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin / Cunthair Walrus

    Von Frankenwhigger

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