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Thread: Roxie Fausnaught for Presiding Commissioner in Newton County

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    Default Roxie Fausnaught for Presiding Commissioner in Newton County

    Roxie Fausnaught gets 3.35% /597 votes for Presiding Commissioner in Newton County

    Newton County: Ruestman wins commissioner seat

    By Wes Franklin
    Neosho Daily News
    Posted Nov 03, 2010 @ 01:37 AM

    Neosho, Mo. — Republican Marilyn Ruestman will be Newton County’s next presiding commissioner after easily defeating her two opponents Tuesday.

    Ruestman won with 13,378 votes, or 75.11 percent of the 17,811 total ballots cast in the race. Democrat Robert Brumback came in second with 21.45 percent (3,820 votes) and Libertarian Roxie Fausnaught garnered 3.35 percent (597 votes.)

    Ruestman, who currently serves as state representative for the 131st District, will fill the chair of retiring Presiding Commissioner Jerry Carter, also a Republican. She will officially be sworn in this January.

    “I’m pleased and excited,” Ruestman said on election night. “It’s a new job and a big change for me. I’m anxious to get on the learning curve. I appreciate all the people who voted for me and had the confidence that I could do it. I believe that me being a fiscal conservative had a lot to do with people deciding to vote for me, especially during these times. I think I have a reputation for being almost too ‘stingy’. Particularly right now, that’s not a bad reputation to have.”

    Ruestman said her big priority is keeping the county’s budget in the black. However, she said she is also toying with a couple of new ideas. One is to gauge public interest in forming a special road district coalition committee made up of citizens who live in each of Newton County’s eight special road districts.

    “I’m always amazed how citizens who are not involved in the political realm sometimes come up with the greatest ideas that you don’t always see even when you’re sitting right on top of them,” Ruestman said.

    Another idea is to host some listening posts in outlying areas of the county, so as to give all the citizens equal opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns even if they don’t want to make the trip to the county seat.

    “I want them to feel like they’re being listened to,” she said.

    Having been a public supporter of term limits — even though they are now the reason she must leave her present elected post — Ruestman said she didn’t know how long she would want to stay on as presiding commissioner after her upcoming four-year-term is up in 2014. She said she doesn’t begrudge getting new blood into office.

    “I’m not going to be real covetous of this position,” Ruestman said. “I’ll do the best I can. I think four years is a good time to see where this economy is going. I think it’s going to be a slim four years, but if we see a lot of (revenue) moving upward, I think it will be a good time for us to prepare for the county to grow.”

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