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Thread: Hi! I'm Eli[ar] James and I'm a jew mamzer ZOGbot pretending to be a CI pastor

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    Default Eliar's Council of jewboy & mamzer baal-priests vs Wickstrom

    Eliar's Council of jewboy & mamzer baal-priests vs Wickstrom


    Quote Originally Posted by ZOGling whigger twat-clown View Post
    Do you think this old barren whiggress coosh could borrow a tablespoon of ZOGling whigger ZOGbot cum?


    On Friday, October 19, 2012 12:04 PM, Lily <pureli1y@yahoo.com> wrote:


    As an extremely silly old skank that has never had any whigger pecker and thus squeezed out any whiggerlet through my barren coosh, yet wanting to poke my whiggress snout in Congregation of Israel bizness even though commanded by Paul to shut the fuck up, I don't know why this email CC'd me or the others but I don't see where the email sent to James Wickstrom by Eli James is in any way threatening. perhaps I missing something. Like the fact that Eli James is a Chicago sephardic jewboy. Me and MauiPatricia Akin used to love trolling for virtual whigger meercat pecker in the safety of Rabbi Eliar's Talksjew chatroom up until the time that MauiPatty got sum and I didn't.

    while it seems at this point this is a private matter between James and Eli, and should not have been sent out to numerous people unless the matter could not be resolved amicably between the 2 parties, then I could understand taking it to 1 or 2 others that in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses every word may be established and only then take it to the church. See Mat 18:15-17. Couldn't we hold it in muh Kingdumb Identity Kunt Kort?

    with all due respect James Wickstrom I don't see where Eli James was being disrespectful to you in the email below but it sure seems like your response was extremely disrespectful. you are a white man who has never evidenced the slightest interest in muh well-aged unused whiggress pussy and between that and that Eli is a jewboy I am poking muh skankazoid snout in this matter. perhaps I don't have or really want to hear the full story here but all the more reason why an attempt to settle the matter privately should be done first. otherwise it appears your intentions are not to resolve the matter but to further the dissention between whigger ZOGbot and dirty Chicago Sephardic jew mamzer ZOGbot.

    be that as it may, I pray that you will resolve your differences so that you may gain a brother and cease to further injure the sheep, particularly an old ewe that wishes that she had been a condom-ewe who got plenty of ramming-speed whigger pecker.


    Oct 19 (2 days ago)

    to Lily, Shane, michimac, buddy, cvaught, Hank, Jean-claude, me, Minerva24, YHWHpeople, Judy

    Purelilly -- Wickstrom and Eli have had a long animonsity towards each other. Apparently about 5 years ago Eli conveined a so called "Council of Elders". I was not there but I believe that several Identity pastors including Dan Johns were in attendance and they de-pastored Wickstrom or something like that because Wickstrom was involved with another man's wife. While the underlying facts are certainly in dispute, Wickstrom hates Eli for this and possibly other things. Frankly I believe that Lindstedt, James, Wickstrom etc. should all devote themselves exclusively to spreading the Identity message and forget the internecine wars. russ

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Russ Walker View Post
    ...forget the internecine wars.
    No, no, no. When you have jews that have infiltrated CI, like Jew Joseph Kutz, you DON'T break bread with them. This is a COMPLETELY milquetoast stance.

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default Stormfront Poll Indicates White Racialists Have More Issues Against Race Traitors Than Non-Whites

    Stormfront Poll Indicates White Racialists Have More Issues Against Race Traitors Than Non-Whites


    The antiracist cartel continues to spew the popular misconception that White racialists literally thirst for non-White blood. Both the SPLC and the ADL regal us with lurid tales about how we secretly want to gas all the Jews and tie all the blacks to the back of pickup trucks, using the worst examples of dysfunctional white hooligans to try to typecast the entire White racialist community.

    But a Stormfront poll currently in progress indicates a completely different story. The poll currently shows that, by an overwhelming margin. White racialists have many more issues with "race traitors" than with non-Whites. Here's a screenshot as of October 22nd:


    Click image to enlarge or view original HERE


    Of course, this triggered a debate about the definition of "race traitor". Oliver1986 put forth this definition: "A race traitor is someone who puts personal interest before the race. They have no loyalty or self respect. They are the weak part of our race that nature will kill off". This seems like a good conceptual starting point. Another poster, Phoenix, sees an advantage to this poll: "The results of this poll will be useful when responding to our opponents in the open forums. They are constantly going on about how we are 'racists' and 'haters'. Now I'll be able to link them to this poll and show them that we do NOT hate other races". Non-whites, even the much-derided "Jew", are viewed primarily as acting in their own racial interests.

    Some people in comments to various posts on this blog have proposed other examples. Some insist NSM Commander Jeff Schoep is a race traitor because he married a woman who proved to be non-White, even though she concealed her Arab identity from him. Others suggest Hal Turner is a race traitor because he proved to be a Federal informant. Still others suggest former NSM "Presidential candidate" Brian Holland is a race traitor because he proved to be a snitch, although he has not turned anti-racist.

    But all of these variables actually cast too wide of a net and muddy up the definition. A traitor is someone who publicly turns against a cause and publicly advocates for the new cause. Consequently, for a White to be considered a race traitor, the person must meet all three of the following criteria.

    (1). Have a public record of pro-White activism.
    (2). Publicly renounce the pro-White cause.
    (3). Publicly campaign against White racialism.

    Neither Jeff Schoep nor Hal Turner meet all three of those criteria; consequently, although their actions may have been unhelpful at best and disingenuous at worst, it would be imprecise to characterize them as race traitors. Hal Turner has NOT become anti-racist. Here are the names of those who I suggest better meet all three of the criteria:

    (1). Johnny Lee Clary: Former racialist who turned against White nationalism and publicly started campaigning against it. Even suggested that April Gaede should have her kids taken away from her by the government simply because of her politics. Spends considerable time in Australia now, although his advertised home port is Baton Rouge, LA.

    (2). T.J. Leyden: Another skinhead who turned against White nationalism and started a public anti-racist campaign. A resident of Utah who makes a comfortable living lecturing on the anti-racist circuit in the United States.

    (3). Joe Bednarsky: A former Klansman who renounced racism and launched a public anti-racism campaign, using Jesus as his new crutch. Bednarsky now calls himself a "chaplain".

    (4). Floyd Cochran: Turned anti-racist when the Aryan Nations allegedly told him he should have aborted his retarded kid Corky. Joined Nicole Nichols' Citizens Against Hate and launched a public anti-racist campaign for a while, but appears to be currently inactive.

    (5). Michael Burks: Once a member of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), turned against Bill White and allegedly gave a statement against him, although Burks denies becoming an informant. Started a website called Jewish and Christian Holy Alliance, but not a particularly active anti-racist at present. One of the most hated posters in the history of the Vanguard News Network Forum.

    (6). Tom Martinez: A member of the Order who turned government witness to save his own hide. Became a public anti-racist; debated Tom Metzger publicly at one time. Makes a comfortable living on the anti-racist circuit.

    We need to be precise about defining our terms so as to effectively counter the efforts by our adversaries to define us. We also need to use practical and attainable definitions. The same rule applies to labeling someone a "Jew". For example, many people in Christian Identity still insist that Pastor Eli James is a Jew despite his own repeated denials. As a matter of fact, Pastor James is so tired of being called a Jew that he's threatening to sue Skip Baker over his accusations. RD Bradshaw suggests that, because Eli James is a pastor, the burden of proof should be upon him to prove he's not a Jew rather than upon his accusers to prove that he is a Jew. However, I still prefer the Alex Linder Rule: If you're going to call someone a Jew, back it up -- with objective evidence.

    The same rule should apply to the term "race traitor".

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 3:32 PM Monday, October 22, 2012


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Cool Visser jumping on the Eliar bandwagon.

    He has some disparaging posts in his hidden forum sections against Finckelsheenie.

    Last edited by Librarian; 12-11-2012 at 08:55 PM.

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default jewseph Stalin Putz-November-James, jewboy, gives "Crumbs" to the Mamzer Multitudes

    jewseph Stalin Putz-November-James, jewboy, gives "Crumbs" to the Mamzer Multitudes


    jewseph Stalin Putz-November-James is back with a special guest, Buddy Dewey Tucker, who used to be a Christian Identity pastor but now believes in reincarnation, but now both of us haet the Ashkenazi murderous kike pig William Finck. Along with this shitskinned mamzer Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren, that I foolishly brought in, now both have figured out that I'm a jewboy whose Estherkikess daughter married an Egyptian sand nigger. And that I've been fooling nobody within Christian Identity for over 30 or 25 or 20 or 10 years but rather roam from town to town and group to group until the owners and members figure out that I'm a dirty jew.


    Does anyone other than Occam know why I look like a Chicago jew???
    ZOGbotting and Baal-Priesting on CI since 1979 . . .
    You'll never get DNA testing on me or Sored-Mamzer, Lindstedt, Russ Walker!!!

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    Default Shalt Thou Use an Alias? Especially if not a Finckelsheenieite and if a Eliarbot?

    Shalt Thou Use an Alias?

    . . . Especially if not a Finckelsheenieite and if a Eliarbot?


    This is a rough draft of my opening remarks for my program tonight:

    As a murderous jew pig with really no problem with mamzers and ZOGbots I have recently witnessed an email exchange in which a certain so-called pastor says “And where is the law that says 'Thou shalt not use an alias'?” Here is my self-serving and dishonest answer.

    The Gibeonites were a portion of the accursed Canaanites who came to Joshua and the children of Israel under an alias, pretending to be someone whom they were not. Using this alias, they pretended to be from another place, far away from the land of Canaan. Sorta the sme way in which a nigger-lipped, slant-eyed, shitskinned guido mongrel named Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren pretends to be white while being a Mamzer from Mentor. They agreed with the children of Israel concerning all which Yahweh their God had done for them, and His great favor for them. As the apostle James tells us, the devils also believe that there is one God, and they tremble. With this pretense the Gibeonites deceived the children of Israel into making a league with them, promising never to harm them. The Israelites did not enquire of Yahweh their God before making such a league, but they swore an oath to these men anyway. When they later found out the truth of the matter, when the true identity of these men from Gibeon had been exposed, the children of Israel upheld the notion that they had to keep their agreement, which was to their own detriment. These Gibeonites were Hivites of the town of Gibeon (cf. Joshua 9:7), and the Hivites not being destroyed as Yahweh had commanded, later they are a part of those who were left to punish Israel (cf. Judges 3:3).

    Today we have a man pretending to be a teacher of Christian Identity, and he comes to us under an alias, just like the Gibeonites. I'm talking about Eli James / jewseph Stalin Kutz-Putz-November, not Ol' Niggerlips Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren. Just like the Gibeonites, he pretends to be from a far-away place, namely Bavaria, when he is really a Jew from Chicago as opposed to being a Mamzer from Mentor. And now this man teaches that Canaanites can be blessed by God and shall survive in the last days. He has undertaken a large effort which he entitles “crumbs” in order to somehow prove his assumption, an effort to have the children of Israel once again accept the Canaanites among them. Just like the Gibeonites, it is the survival of the accursed Canaanite peoples that this man seeks. Now that this man's alias is discovered, and his true nature revealed, he is crying “foul” and pretending to be an injured party. Just as I pretend not to be a lying jew pig who used Eli James or whatever his name was at the moment in order to get into Christian Identity back when I was released from prison for a murder of a helpless prisoner I committed as a jail pig.

    The singular lesson from Scripture is that we should not accept anyone under an alias if they are a jew imposter different than myself. An alias is a lie, and no lie is the truth. I can get by with this lie because I absolutely cuntrol my own tard corral. But more importantly, the children of Israel are admonished by the apostle John, where in his epistle he says “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” Therefore Christians not only have a right, but an obligation, to know from exactly where their teachings are coming. But not if these lies cum from a murderous lying jew pig and a shitskinned mongrel who itzself uses an alias in order to commit criminal activity. The singular example in Scripture as to why the children of Israel should not accept anyone under an alias, is that of the Gibeonites in Joshua chapter 9.

    Did I neglect to point out that this rule applies only to Eli James / jewseph Stalin Mordacai Kutz-Putz-November and not us Finckelsheenieites?

    Nigger-Nosed Talmudic Ashkenazi "No-Devil" Papist-Preterist Greek-Skrewler High-Skrewl Dropout Jersey Shitty Murderous jew Pig ZOGbot


    Murderous jew ZOGpig Rabbi Finckelstein doesn't believe or teach DSCI . . .
    . . . certainly NOT as taught by true Israelites Swift or Comparet

    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/Caro...lsheenieia.mp3 Explaining purpose of Finckelgonnerrhea

    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/Caro...I-Allegory.mp3 21Jan13 26:44 - 27:13 of Carolyn Yenta Show.
    "DSCI' is an "'Allegory' used to represent a race-mixing event" -- DSCI isn't Literal!!!

    Satan's seduction of Eve is a sort of fable used to pretend that the sky is blue or moon is made out of cheese. -- Again DSCI isn't Real.

    Finck's Past as a Murderous jew Pig in Jewrsey Shitty.

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    Default Debunking Finckelsheenie-heiser with Marrano Chicago Sephardic kikeshit Part 4

    Debunking Finckelsheenie-heiser with Marrano Chicago Sephardic kikeshit Part 4


    Here is the chat-log for the 15 November 2013 Eppysode on D-g's Coonvenate Piss-Pul in which I'm bitching about Rabbi Nigger-Nosed Finck-el-sheenie and Cryin' Lyin' Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren / Ol' Niggerlips making up a different form of kikeshit claiming to be Christian Identity than what "Crumbs" I wish to feed my importunate mongrels and mamzers of WikiPedia-Talksjew Christian Identity.

    Regrettably Pastor Martin Lindstedt cum abored towards the end of my lying, and I agreed to debate him -- if he would let me try to get Talksjew to shut down his own DSCI Bible Study yet again. I'm such a censoring kike. I think I'll try to take down all of his web pages again like in November 2010 to March 2011 along with Bryan Reo with Rabbi Finckelsheenie's agreement or simply call the Chicago FBI on him like me and Bryan Reo did with the NimBusters.

    Anyways, I'm lying low again. Us jewboys shouldn't have to face crucifixion.


    Eliar hangs up the show. I unlimber another laptop to get in some last-minute trolling:

    Time using a TOR browser to hide my IP address given that the Sephardic melungeon Pisser-Possum Jeromy Visser got me IP-banned on Talksjew:

    2:22:12 AM] Pastor_M_Lindstedt is logged into the chat
    [2:22:19 AM] <PastorFisher> give it back
    [2:22:24 AM] <StephenS104> Mike's still open, Pastor.
    [2:22:29 AM] <Pastor Eli James> American Nationalist Network at 10 am CT and the Microeffect at noon
    [2:22:35 AM] <werj01> Rebekah, could we check with Eli BEFORE he leaves about having him allowing us to share contact info? Might be something 'good'...
    [2:22:36 AM] <Ethan24> Pastor Lindstein
    [2:22:38 AM] <RebekahM> I hope you are drinking fresh squeezed organic lemonade with local honey PASTOR ELI!?!?!?!
    [2:22:38 AM] Pastor Eli James has hung up
    [2:22:41 AM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat
    [2:22:51 AM] <RebekahM> OOOH! I made my own black berry wine!
    [2:22:55 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Yes, with SANGRIA!!
    [2:23:08 AM] <Pastor Eli James> FRUITY FLAVOR!!
    [2:23:14 AM] <RebekahM> Come on over Pastor! I squeeeeezed a gallon!
    [2:23:19 AM] <Guest 5> Eli, Bill denies that you were born in Deutschland
    [2:25:04 AM] <Aryanfreeman> Comet Ison: jmccanneyscience.com
    [2:25:05 AM] BARIVALLUZZO has left the chat
    [2:25:05 AM] <RebekahM> I saw that Aryan freeman
    [2:25:06 AM] <Pastor Eli James> 5: bill is a liar. I read my birth certificate on the first episode of this series
    [2:25:06 AM] <werj01> ELI, could Rebekah and I go thru your Email to aquaint ourselves for a meaningful purpose that might be extremely helpful/\?
    [2:25:06 AM] <PastorFisher> McCanney said the power was going out...Pastor Dan still luvs McCohenny
    [2:25:06 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Osterburken, Germany, Nov. 16, 1946.
    [2:25:07 AM] ShemCaucasian has left the chat
    [2:25:07 AM] ShemCaucasian is logged into the chat
    [2:25:07 AM] <ShemCaucasian> YES, FOR OVER 30 YEARS, RUSS AND IT IS FANTASTIC!!!
    [2:25:08 AM] <Guest 5> Yes, I heard it and I believe you. I don't know what makes Bill tick
    [2:25:08 AM] <RebekahM> Pastor Eli you can send werj my e-mail address IF HE STOPS SIDING WITH BRUCE! LOOK WHAT HE WROTE!!!!!!!!!!
    [2:25:08 AM] <RebekahM> http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web...=124251&cmd=tc
    [2:25:08 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Show's over. What amuses me about Eli James is how he keeps on demanding debate with those who have no intention of debating anyone.
    [2:25:09 AM] <werj01> Hello......H-E-L-L-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! any body there ?!!!
    [2:25:09 AM] <Pastor Eli James> The one who accuses must provide proof of his accusations...Finckahiser have never provided any proof of their slanders.
    [2:25:09 AM] <werj01> ELI
    [2:25:15 AM] <Pastor Eli James> So, WHY won;'t they debate me?
    [2:25:18 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> You slander all the time. Where is your proof?
    [2:25:22 AM] <RebekahM> THEY are ALL SO whacked Pastor! IT IS OBVIOUS in their spew & DEEDS!
    [2:25:41 AM] <RebekahM> WHERE IS THE PROOF! Listen to ALL these shows!
    [2:25:44 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Proof that Finckahiser are liars is provided in every wpisode of this series
    [2:25:57 AM] <werj01> Eli.....could Rebekah and I go thru your E-mail to share contact info?
    [2:25:59 AM] Ethan24 has left the chat
    [2:26:02 AM] <PastorFisher> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIbBrqvN8og
    [2:26:05 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Both you and Finck are aliens within Christian Identity. Hence you must seek out a new coongregation of mamzers.
    [2:26:11 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Emajhiser sasys that Eve was seduced by an oranguatang!!!
    [2:26:20 AM] <RebekahM> AMEN Bless you Pastor Eli you are forever in OUR PRAYERS! SEE YOU IN THE KINGDOM! NO finks allowed!
    [2:26:24 AM] <ShemCaucasian> the problem is there are so few with the truth. and that makes them "ones on shaky ground"
    [2:26:29 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Read it for yourself, it's in episode 3.
    [2:26:33 AM] <Guest 5> It looks like they have decided to ignore you, and just insult you with lies instead
    [2:26:51 AM] Guest 14 has left the chat
    [2:26:56 AM] <werj01> forget it, Rebekah, I will simply e-mail Eli and hope for the best...Yahwah's will be done..... :/
    [2:26:58 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Every single time some "Guest" makes a critical coment you figure out that it is me as opposed to one of your mongrels and you ban commentary.
    [2:27:20 AM] <Pastor Eli James> 5: Correct, they know they cannot win any debates, so they just heap insults upon an innocent Israelite. that's OK, they will pay for it at the Judgm
    [2:27:36 AM] <PastorFisher> judgejewment
    [2:27:37 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I only ban trolls like you
    [2:27:55 AM] <Pastor Eli James> But you're still here, aren't yoy?
    [2:28:00 AM] <Guest 5> II feel sorry for them -- they have been so close
    [2:28:00 AM] <werj01> seeyoulaterBYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the invisable Bear...grrr.
    [2:28:11 AM] <ShemCaucasian> invisible?
    [2:30:09 AM] The Call has ended.
    [2:30:09 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Why should I put up with trolls who only disrupt my sjhows?
    [2:30:09 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> This nonsense tonight that YHWH made a covenant with all of the non-Noahites after the Flood. That is universalism.
    [2:30:10 AM] <werj01> no one hears me..... sniff'
    [2:30:10 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Where is the law that says "trolling is free speech"?
    [2:30:10 AM] <ShemCaucasian> i hear you, werj01
    [2:30:10 AM] <ShemCaucasian> I'm a good listener
    [2:30:11 AM] <ShemCaucasian>
    [2:30:11 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I quoted the passage. DEAL WITH IT" hehe
    [2:30:11 AM] PastorFisher has left the chat
    [2:30:12 AM] <Guest 5> Good for you, EDli
    [2:30:12 AM] <StephenS104> There's such a thing as "freedom to not listen" also.
    [2:30:12 AM] <ShemCaucasian> "Behold I Will Makes All New"
    [2:30:13 AM] <Guest 5> Eli*
    [2:30:13 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Look. You don't have to debate anyone if you can't win that debate. But challenging some old senile mongrel who isn't even listening to you is patheti
    [2:30:13 AM] <ShemCaucasian> Make
    [2:30:14 AM] <Pastor Eli James> You're saying that Yahweh's words are "nonsense". Man, you will pay for that one when Judament time comes
    [2:30:14 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> pathetic.
    [2:30:14 AM] <werj01> thank you, shem...I have been asking and asking ALLL night for Eli to allow Rebekah and I to go thru him to share contact info. it is for a very GOOD
    [2:30:15 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Pathetic ' "pastor" Lindstedt
    [2:30:15 AM] <ShemCaucasian> what is your email add?
    [2:30:15 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> No. I'm saying that your nonsense claiming that you speak for YHWH is pathetic.
    [2:30:16 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK, folks, fun sjhow again. See you next time.
    [2:30:17 AM] <werj01> purpose and MIGHT just activate some much needed income into my household.
    [2:30:19 AM] <ShemCaucasian> Ok see you all later
    [2:30:21 AM] WRon has left the chat
    [2:30:22 AM] WarriorSonOfDavid has left the chat
    [2:30:24 AM] Troublemaker has left the chat
    [2:32:32 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I quote Scripture and you say that Scripture is nonsensde
    [2:32:33 AM] <RebekahM> AMEN Pastor they speak in circles and dont SEE THE LOGIC OR TRUTH!
    [2:32:33 AM] <Guest 5> Martin insults with increasing ferocity until he gets attention
    [2:32:33 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> YHWH has no covenant with non-Israel.
    [2:32:34 AM] RebekahM has left the chat
    [2:32:34 AM] <ShemCaucasian> what is your email add (: ?
    [2:32:34 AM] <Pastor Eli James> The Rainbow covenant was "made with all flesh" that's what Gen. 6 says. Read it an weep
    [2:32:35 AM] <Pastor Eli James> As I say in my book, that's the ONLY covenant that includes non-Israelites.

    [2:32:35 AM] <ShemCaucasian> you can tell me next time, begin. of shoe, ok?
    [2:32:35 AM] ShemCaucasian has left the chat
    [2:32:35 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> If you wish to claim that somehow YHWH made a Covenant to not flood out non-Adamites after the Flood, you are going contrary to accepted DSCI.
    [2:32:36 AM] <Pastor Eli James> That is accurate. Finckahiser lies when they say it was made only with Adamites.

    [2:32:36 AM] <werj01> Bye, shem...not on THIS chat, shem...tooo many non-isralites present...the DANGER b REAL, Will Robinson..... :0
    [2:32:36 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Negative. finckahiser is contrary to accepted 2SL. They're alos going contrary to Scripture.
    [2:32:48 AM] <Guest 5> Thank you so much, Eli, for your excellent studies! You don't show up "cold".
    [2:32:51 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Why would it even be a covenant with non-Israelites? If the flood was local to drown miscegenating Adamites, then why would there be any need for
    [2:32:56 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> such a Covenant?
    [2:33:34 AM] <Pastor Eli James> If you don't like what Scripture says, you know what you can do with your opinion.

    [2:33:40 AM] <werj01> might we wait a bit, OR go theu someone who already has you contact info and can B a go-between...us lil' ladies MUST be vewy, vewy, KareFULL !!! :0
    [2:33:52 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> No. You need to go after Finck for what Finck has said this year. Not over what some old senile guido said about your silly book years ago.
    [2:34:23 AM] <werj01> Eli has ignored my request ALL night...and tomorrow is his B-day...
    [2:34:42 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> You wrap yourself in pretense and say that it is of YHWH, Eli James. You can't stand open honest debate.
    [2:34:56 AM] <Pastor Eli James> If finck has a different opinion, he should call out the other half of the two-headed monster.
    [2:35:10 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Would you care to debate me?
    [2:35:12 AM] <werj01> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSHADAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [2:35:23 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Any time, any place.
    [2:35:30 AM] <Pastor Eli James> First of all, you will hage to identify yourself.

    [2:35:53 AM] <werj01> 00ps... :0
    [2:36:04 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK, next Friday. You're on!! We'll start with Gen. 6 and the Rainbow Covenant. I'd like to hear your denials of what Scripture actually says.
    [2:36:33 AM] <Pastor Eli James> My email address is elijames@att.net.
    [2:36:36 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Get in touch
    [2:36:43 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> You are mighty quick to detect me whenever I pose as a "Guest" with pointed questions. So are you going to go running back to Talksjew to have me
    [2:36:47 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> banned again?
    [2:37:12 AM] <werj01> so much for shem...and rebekah..... cest la vie...ja-ja, sosaslieben...(sp?) I may BE german but do NOT speak the language OR spell in it very well
    [2:37:17 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I couldn't care less if a troll gets banned. Stench deserves banishment for his anti-Christ behavior
    [2:37:20 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Fine by me. See you next Friday night.
    [2:37:33 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Email me first, so i know who you are.
    [2:37:47 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I'm not going to debate a sockpuppet
    [2:38:29 AM] <werj01> Eli......a very small daughter of Yahwah is waiting for you to NOTICE that she is trying to GET YOUR ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [2:38:31 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK. Good night, Saints
    [2:38:45 AM] <Pastor Eli James> who be dat?
    [2:38:53 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> So, am I Lindstedt or am I another? You seem to detect me quick enough when I ridicule your delusions as a "Guest."
    [2:38:55 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Wer, who is that?
    [2:39:02 AM] <werj01> WERJ01...
    [2:39:18 AM] <werj01> Cindi....
    [2:39:29 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK, sorry. My mistake!! LOL!
    [2:39:31 AM] <werj01> Rinck...
    [2:39:37 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I forgot your handle, Cindi!
    [2:40:21 AM] Guest 5 has left the chat
    [2:40:30 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK, you have my undivided attention, if the troll will lete us speak!!
    [2:40:34 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Well, it ain't "DickReltney" But how about unblocking me anyways?
    [2:40:46 AM] <werj01> would it be possible for Rebekah and I to share contact info thru you? I dared not give it out on this chat... if so, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!
    [2:41:00 AM] <Pastor Eli James> you ARE unblocked!!
    [2:41:12 AM] <Pastor Eli James> you wouldn't be typing!!
    [2:41:16 AM] <werj01> Duh...............
    [2:41:23 AM] <Pastor Eli James> You're as illogical as Emahiser!
    [2:41:44 AM] <werj01> snigger....guffaWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!! 'scuse me.....
    [2:41:49 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Yes, Absolutely, Cindi. Just email it to me.
    [2:41:51 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Thanks.
    [2:41:56 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Thanks to that Sephardic melungeon Visser, I have to use TOR to troll.
    [2:42:15 AM] <Pastor Eli James> What's TOR?
    [2:42:24 AM] <werj01> okie-doke...WILL do, right away...Thanks... will also EXPLAIN...
    [2:42:33 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> An IP anonymiser.
    [2:42:38 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK. Se you ther.
    [2:42:52 AM] <werj01> taa-te-taaa.....
    [2:43:05 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Them NimBuster tard trolls earlier were using TOR on you.
    [2:43:19 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Interesting. OK, email me and we'll set up a discussion about Gen. 6 for next Friday.
    [2:43:31 AM] <Pastor Eli James> Understood. Too much time on their hands
    [2:43:33 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Anyways, if you really want a debate, see you next Friday.
    [2:43:56 AM] <Pastor Eli James> But email me first. I want to verifying that you are who you say you are.
    [2:44:13 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Who do you think I am?
    [2:44:14 AM] <Pastor Eli James> OK, good night again, Saints.
    [2:44:48 AM] <Pastor Eli James> I don't care who you are, as long as I can determine whether you are Lindtedt or somenone else.
    [2:45:00 AM] Pastor Eli James has left the chat
    [2:45:54 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> I think you are full of deception, Eli James, but suffice it to say that this isn't Captn' Senility Emahiser.
    [2:46:46 AM] Aryanfreeman has left the chat
    [2:48:41 AM] <Pastor_M_Lindstedt> Hail Victory!!!

    Does anyone other than Occam know why I look like a Chicago jew???
    ZOGbotting and Baal-Priesting on CI since 1979 . . .
    You'll never get DNA testing on me or Sored-Mamzer, Lindstedt, Russ Walker!!!

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