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Thread: A Contribution to a Glossary of Lindstedtisms

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    Default A Contribution to a Glossary of Lindstedtisms

    A Contribution to a Glossary of Lindstedtisms


    At the request of Cyborg and Leopoldbloom I'm re-posting my compiled list of Lindstedtisms from Speakeasy. Though many of these can be found in the Phora dictionary thread, I feel it is important to have a stand-alone catalogue of St. Martin's terms.

    A Contribution to a Glossary of Lindstedtisms

    Administraturd: Administrator.

    Amerikwa: ZOG dominated America.

    Ass-clown: 1.) A male homosexual. 2.) Any other man unworthy of being a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Activist.

    Avaturd: One's avatar on an internet forum. Used especially when a poster refuses to show a photograph of himself.

    Baal-Priest: A Jew.

    Bill of Goods, the: The US Bill of Rights.

    Blight-wing: Right-wing.

    (Bowel) Movement, the: The assembled ranks and activities of the Whigger Nutzionalists. "The bowel Movement is filled with paytriots, jews, mamzers, rats, faggots, shitheads, and most of all, ZOGling whigger ass-clowns, absolutely without any discipline or good sense or even the survival instinct of a cockroach."

    Burrocracy: Bureaucracy.

    CONgress: The US Congress.

    CONgress-Kapital: The US Capitol building.

    CONstitution: The US Constitution.

    Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Activist: 1.) A militant resister of ZOG who is a member of a church which subscribes to British Israelism and the belief that the Jews are descendants of Satan. 2.) The baddest motherfucker a bad motherfucker can possibly be.

    Edjewcation: The twelve year indoctrination process by which a child is turned into a ZOGling.

    Femnishevik: Feminist. "Jailer Shafer--a smarmy self-righteous fat femnishevik ZOG-whore."

    Gliberal: Liberal.

    Immigrunt: Immigrant.

    jew: You. Other forms include "jewr." Never capitalized. NOTE: "jew" does not always have to mean "you." It is occasionally used as a mere substitute syllable as in the case of edjewcation.

    jewlag: 1.) A subforum to which disruptive or ideologically undesirable posters are confined, such the "Opposing Views" subforum on Stormfront. 2.) ZOG's system of prisons, bootcamps, mental hospitals, etc. Never capitalized.

    jewniversal: Universal. Never capitalized.

    Kook Kluck Klows, the: The Ku Klux Klan.

    Kort: A court of law. Generally accompanied by "ZOG" as "ZOG kort."

    Kritter: An elected representative. Always used after a the body on which the individual serves. "CONgress-kritter" and "council-kritter" are examples.

    Libbertoon: Libertarian. Sometimes written "Libbertoonian."

    Mamzer: 1.) Hebrew for "bastard." 2.) A racially impure person.

    Modturdation: Moderation. A modturdator is one who modturdates.

    New Dark Age, a: A set of conditions under which "any form of government other than a theocratic state at the county level ruled by warlords and Christian Identity pastors is impossible." This is the goal of the Resistance.

    Nutsionalist: A nationalist. Petty nationalism runs counter to the aims of the Resistance.

    Nutzi: A national socialist. By any objective standard, national socialists are less sane than Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Activists.

    Oafishul: Official.

    Osama Bin Contractor: The only fighter outside of the Resistance whose activities are looked upon with favor by that group. He is not a member of any organized force, but is instead a lone wolf who has been kicked around by ZOG one too many times. It has been said that OBC will be the first man to resort to prion poisoning.

    Paytriot: A person involved in either the (bowel) Movement or other blight-wing politics who primarily seeks to turn his activities into profit sources. Willis Carto and David Duke are prime examples.

    Phorafags/feebs: The Phora. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    Piglice: Police.

    Piss-froth: 1.) The foam that collects on top of toilet water during longer urinations--especially those taken first thing in the morning. NOTE: piss-froth is to be avoided when urinating in jugs as it wastes space and thus creates less fertilizer for the asparagus patch. 2.) Alex Linder.

    Polytricks: Politics.

    Poop: Pope.

    Poop Jewn Paul2: The late Pope John Paul II.

    Prion poisoning: A method whereby deer carcases infected with Chronic Wasting Disease are artificially intoduced into the food chain, with the eventual goal being the tainting of the Amerikwan meat supply causing outbreaks of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

    Regime criminal: Any person currently serving in any fashion at any level of the Amerikwan government/ZOG. Come the revolution, regime criminals will be forced to watch as their women and children are raped to death by Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Activists before being executed themselves.

    Resistance, the: The assembled ranks and activities of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Activists.

    Shitty: City.

    Skrule: School.

    Suckcess: Success.

    Suckcessfool: Successful.

    TalmudVision: Television.

    TGM: Fraizer Glenn Miller's name altered to "Traitor Glenn Miller" and subsequently abbreviated. AKA "Sgt. Snitch"

    TGMNN: The Vanguard News Network Forum.

    Triple Spam Mamzer: A Jew. "jews are triple-mamzers, since they have whigger, nigger and gook blood in them. Thus the ultimate mamzer, trying to destroy Whites and White civilization."

    Turd-Whirled, the: The developing world.

    TWW: Talking While Whigger. The act of saying something stupid or embarassing due to one's being a whigger.

    Under Satan's Administration: The USA.

    Whirrld: The globalized, racially mixed world we know today.

    Whigger: A white nigger. NOTE: One does not have to wear baggy clothing or enjoy rap music to be a whigger. Not being a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Activist is enough to qualify. 2.) "The other non-white meat."

    Whiggerdumb: The state of being a Whigger.

    Whigger Fuktard Party, the: The White Freedom Party--an abortive attempt by TGMNN at political organizing.

    Whigger Nutzionalist: A white nationalist who by clinging to such a facile non-ideology has obviously failed to see that he is a ZOGling whigger ass-clown.

    Whiggertariat: The toiling masses of Amerikwan ZOGlings.

    Wonderfool: Wonderful.

    ZOG: Zionist Occupied Government.

    ZOGbux: Legal tender.

    ZOGling: One raised within Amerikwa and thus destroyed by ZOG. This includes all Whigger Nutzionalists. Often combined with other pejoratives.

    *Any italicized text was taken directly from the writings of Pastor Martin Lindstedt, Archbishop of Missouri.

    Thank you to 88mmFlak and everyone else from Phorafeebs/fags who aided in this project.
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    Default St Martin of Granby

    St. Martin of Granby


    That picture of Lindstedt, with those calm, upturned eyes has always reminded me of how monks and saints are depicted in religious artworks.

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