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Thread: Trying to ID Someone

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    Default Trying to ID Someone

    Trying to ID Someone


    All you guys who used to listen to National Alliance podcasts back in the thrilling days of yesteryear, say seven or eight years ago–can any of you clarify something for me? Is the Induhvidual using the name “Hadding Scott” an actual person, or is he simply a pseudonym for the convicted and self-confessed paedophile Kevin Alfred Strom?

    I notice that “Hadding” and Strom were thick as thieves Google-wise for several years doing Pierce’s podcasts for him, usually being listed as co-producers, but do any of you NA-exers out there remember if Strom ever used “Hadding Scott” as a pseudonym? Was it Strom speaking on the casts or “Scott?”

    Has anyone ever met “Hadding Scott” in person? Is a verifiable photograph of “Hadding Scott” available anywhere?

    I know Strom was always too hoity-toity to actually move to Hillsboro where he might have to rub shoulders with the clerical drones and other peasantry, and where Doc Pierce would be able to keep an eye on him, and of course Strom could never live in a place where there was a shortage of little girls for him to stalk. Strom basically ran his own little clique down in Charlottesville with no supervision, and only a monthly paycheck from Dr. Pierce.

    En passant, in view of our own failure to establish a GHQ, and our own problems which have arisen from relying on internet whizz kids who volunteer to help sight unseen, I can hardly criticize Pierce for the same. I am simply making an observation, not “attacking” Pierce. It is what it is, and it was what it was.

    I’m guessing that “Hadding,” if he exists, would have been part of Kevin and Elisha’s Charlottesville scene, whatever exactly that entailed, and I gather it entailed some pretty weird stuff.

    I never listened to any of Strom’s podcasts, because as a matter of personal policy I avoid having anything to do with men who stalk itty bitty titty, get caught, confess and plead guilty, and who then make mysterious plea bargain deals which result in their release after a few months in local jail protected custody, with not one single day in prison. I avoid such people. What can I tell you? I’m funny like that.

    That plea bargain deal, and the quid pro quo demanded in exchange for Strom avoiding the Great Big Barry Place, might explain the sudden appearance on the internet of the cyber-stalker version of “Hadding Scott” about a year ago. If “Hadding Scott” is not in fact a real person, that is.

    Obviously, what I am attempting to figure out here is whether or not I am being cyber-stalked by the paedophile Kevin Alfred Strom, or by one of Strom’s former (or present) votaries.

    In either case, I think we can assume that “Hadding Scott” is a bogus name, but who is the man behind the curtain? Is it Strom himself, fresh from chasing Alice down the rabbit hole? Is “Hadding Scott” some Smeagol-like hanger-on to Strom or Willard from back in the glory days? Is he one of Cass Sunstein’s Cognitive Dissonance ops for real? Is “Hadding Scott” really the holy rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple Schmuck-El? Inquiring minds want to know!

    I’m making this appeal publicly because it’s the best way to reach the people who might actually know something. If anyone has ever met the Induhvidual using the name “Hadding Scott” personally, if anyone knows anything about him, or alternatively if you know for certain that “Hadding Scott” is in fact a pseudonym for the paedophile Strom, please e-mail me directly at nwnet@earthlink.net.

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    Default Hadding Scott is a Deranged Piercite Mattoid Meercat

    Hadding Scott is a Deranged Piercite Mattoid Meercat


    Actually, Door #2 is correct -- Is “Hadding Scott” some Smeagol-like hanger-on to Strom or Willard from back in the glory days?

    Hadding roams from blog to blog peddling itz version of Saint Benny Klassen and Cosmotologist guru Dr. William Pierce. You have also been very very mean to TraitorGlenn Miller and of course WhiggerSwill. Hadding 'thinks' itzself is Hawg the Pounty Cunter and is offering 400 ZOGbux for anyone who can and will put the finger on you and make you pay up 200,000+ ZOGbux so that WhiggerSwill can live forever on a Jim Beam IV drip and have hawtt live-in philipinas like Rabanger Miller-Dogget give him high colonic enemas for life.

    Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat is some whigger in itz forties who doesn't dare go open homo and which hasn't had pussy since pussy had it. He is all pissy about your writing an update which I call the 'Covington Report' of 2004, which in turn was taken from the Cooper Report of 1986 (and NOT from 2004 or 1996) and even portions of the 1976 Deguello Report. From what I've heard Hadding lives somewhere in Southern California with a senile chihuahau, his mother having croaked off some time ago and left baby meercat all alone.

    Around June 2010 Hadding and Moaner Mount-cum-cummery joined the Roid Rage Retard Jim Giles in wanting to crap all over the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steel. Jim Giles was all mad that Edgar Steele scorned him, twice, and had a big head thinking, correctly, that he was smarter than Triple-R. So Jim Giles was running around trying to prove the Whigger Whimperer guilty. It didn't matter that Covington told Giles twice that Steele was innocent, April Gaede said it three times, and that I myself told him that while the Whigger-Whimperer wasn't Aryan Nations or a cold-blooded killer, but rather yet another 'intellectshul' who wrote books about how to becum yet another Whigger Supremacist chasing itz shit-encrusted tail in teef, to me I really didn't care if Edgar Steele was guilty -- which he wasn't -- ZOG/Babylon is ALWAYS wrong. You never side with ZOG.

    In any case, I got tired of Jim Giles ragging on the Whigger Whimperer twice a day for three weeks in a row, even though Jim Giles did finally interview me twice. So I deliberately goaded Jim Giles to yell and scream his hatred of Edgar Steele and how he could snap the Whigger Whimperer's pencil neck. Then when he got tired of screaming, I got him to scream at me some more by telling him that everyone thought he was an informant because Giles admitted to snitching on some doofus whigger named Dan Jones who had something to do with Commandork Bitch-Tits Bill White/Weiss.

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    Default Hadding and Kevin A. Strom

    Hadding and Kevin A. Strom


    Well, no, but what Strom IS, is a convicted and self-confessed paedophile and registered sex offender who never had any business anywhere near White Nationalism, whose proclivities were known for a long time and yet tolerated and treated with a nudge-nudge wink-wink. I was shouting a warning about Kevin Alfred Strom as early as the year 2000, when I saw his web site with the pictures of all the little girls (many of them children of NA members posted without their knowledge or permission) as well as Strom doing “beefcake” muscle-man poses in his underwear.

    You want to know why “everybody hates Harold?” This is why. I refuse to look the other way when hideous GUBU like this occurs in the Movement. I will not tolerate sleaze, perversion, treachery and dishonesty in our so-called “leadership.” I do not engage in such practices myself, and I demand the same thing from anyone else who speaks in the name of our race. The characters that I “assassinate” eminently deserve it.

    I find “Hadding Scott’s” association with Strom to be significant as a means of deducing his true agenda and his motives for his current behavior. People bitch and moan because I was with Frank Collin for a while, always forgetting to mention the fact that I was the one who was responsible for sending Collin to prison for seven years for paedophilia and child molestation. “Hadding Scott” should have done the same to Strom. Then he would have the right to speak.

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    Default We'z All Secret Squirrels

    We'z All Secret Squirrels



    Greetings from behind the bushes, comrades,

    I don’t know who Hadding Scott is, but from what I’ve read of his postings, he seems to be insane.


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default Hadding = Scott David Spiedel

    Hadding = Scott David Spiedel


    [I apologize for interpolating in this post, which is something I normally don't do, but you will see the reason for it. - HAC]

    Very surprised no one has figured this out. Gotta be the worst kept secret in the movement. When “Hadding” was using this name on VNN to slander the National Alliance leadership a few years ago he was quickly publicly identified. Simply being outed with his real name encouraged him to stop.

    Lot’s of people know Hadding is Scott David Speidel. He lives at [redacted, so this idiot cannot possibly claim in any way that we are "threatening" him. Besides, my name isn't Tom Metzger. Harold don't play dat. - HAC]

    County property records show he is the owner of this residence. This may be an old phone number: 904-[redacted.]

    You may remember him. While in college in the 90’s, Scott wrote for the NA under his own name. Speidel only started using the name “Hadding” on VNN a few years ago. He was removed from the NA roles because he seemed to be a bit of a “drama queen” online, engaging in running flame wars with activists over the most trivial points. He was again publicly identified with the publication of his real name on VNN a few years ago after a dust-up over Bill White or Kevin Strom, I think. Linder removed Speidel’s personal information within a few days but eventually banned him from VNN forum for his constant bickering with solid activists.

    The guy may have some kind of personality problem. A fairly good researcher, Scott Speidel wrote under his own name on National Vanguard and still has some articles published on pedophile Strom’s site, I think. Scott was on the NA staff for a while, writing and researching for Strom and also did a bit of research work years ago for Dr. Pierce.

    These days, Hadding is basically a mouthpiece for Will Williams. This is mostly due to the fact that Williams is banned on Stormfront, VNN and elsewhere for his insane rants. Since Will lacks the technical ability to create a simple blog of his own, he basically uses Speidel as his proxy Webmaster. Most of the documentation you see on Speidel’s site comes from Will Williams’ dusty old boxes of movement fame and greatness.

    Randolph Dilloway, who goes by “SmokyMtn” on VNN Forum, is another Williams mouthpiece. He and Scott Speidel seem to be the only two people left in the movement who still have any contact with Will and are about the only way Williams can get any attention online.

    You might want to consider just ignoring these drama queens. As you, of all people should know, Will Williams craves attention like a drunk chick at a frat party. Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign in Tennessee sure learned a lesson about messin’ with White Will. He became a very public embarrassment to the sincere Ron Paul supporters who foolishly associated with him.

    Speidel and Dilloway will come around to the sad truth about Will soon enough. Put them on ignore and get back to writing that next novel.

    [Thanks for the info, comrade. This is what I was fishing for, somebody from the "old days" who knew the tortuous ins and outs of the NA better than I do. I just get curious every now and then about who these people are and what the hell they have against me. To the best of my knowledge I never met this Speidel character. nor did I ever say or do anything to him until he started attacking me, which begs the question of his motive. - HAC]

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    Default Who WASNíT In Hillsboro

    Who WASNíT In Hillsboro


    Dear Harold:

    With regard to the names you inquired about, I asked around with some of my old contacts from ďback in the day,Ē as you like to put it.

    No one ever heard of anyone named ďTom DavidĒ on the Hillsboro staff at any time during the 1990s. The individual may be using a pseudonym, but Iím not sure why he would do that if he wants to be accepted on the internet as a former member of Doctor Pierceís inner circle.

    I found a few people who vaguely recall Scott Speidel, but only as a hanger-on of the loathsome Kevin Alfred Strom. Speidel apparently provided some kind of tech support for some of the first podcasts Strom did years ago, but I canít find anyone who ever actually met him. I am told he lives in Florida now, an internet recluse like so many of us have become. I wonít go so far as to say that Speidel never visited Hillsboro and never met Doctor Pierce at all, but I canít find anybody who ever remembers seeing him there.

    No one in Hillsboro remembers Howard Henry at all, in any connection, much less anyone close to Doctor Pierce. This seems to be another fraudulent internet identity set up by whoever is doing this to spread disinformation about Doctor Pierce and divert attention from Willard and what was really happening up there back in the 1990s, which I can well understand. There was a lot that needed diverting attention from.

    Speidelís case is especially interesting because of his association with Strom. As you know, Strom has been attempting a comeback ever since his release from jail in Virginia on paedophile charges, for which he received the lightest of all possible taps on the wrist, a circumstance I have always found suspicious. Our memories in the RCC arenít quite that short -Ė give it a few years and heíll be out there with Glenn Miller braying to beat the band. Strom apparently hates you with a raging passion, since he largely blames your early exposure of his proclivities for his arrest, not to mention that you are now more or less on top of the ďMovementĒ heap, where he wants to be. Not that itís a very big heap.

    I think in Billy Roperís case itís plain and simple jealousy. You thought up Northwest Migration first and he didnít. I still have hopes heíll come around. Billy is not a bad guy, heís just got a bit of an ego, which has always been an occupational hazard in the Movement.

    -Brad Davis

    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    Default I live for the day we realize that we outgrow this fan club worship of a man, William Luther Pierce.

    I live for the day we realize that we outgrow this fan club worship of a man, William Luther Pierce.


    I live for the day we realize that we outgrow this fan club worship of a man, William Luther Pierce. It was he who transformed Rockwell’s National Youth Alliance, the foundation of a national political organization, into the much kinder, much gentler, “National” Alliance.

    Of all of us, only two got it right:

    One, Rockwell, because he wanted to form a national political organization to defend the Race, starting with a Youth Corps. This was one form of national political organization.

    Two, Harold Covington, who recognized the correct solution to our Racial problem was national organization, a national organization based around the idea of a national Homeland, on our own sacred soil.

    Look at America when Rockwell, lived, and you could make the argument (“Youth for Wallace!”) that The Problems could be solved in the status quo.

    Look at America today, and recognize how absolutely impossible such would be.

    That leads you to the only true national force for us, a nation-state of our own, where none may make afraid. The similarities to the situation faced by the early Mormon Church has remarkable parallels. Brigham Young realized he was not going to win in the Democracy, playing THEIR Games by THEIR Rules, with THEIR Referees.

    To do what needed to be done required a new nation, in the midst of the middle of Nowhere, the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.

    There, they became the living foundation of a new nation, based on manifesting a Destiny only they could. It has worked out well for them, and it will work out even better, for us, and our Posterity.

    Note that they were inspired in part by what they were against – an actively hostile social system – but they were much more inspired by what they were FOR.

    Consider the many efforts of the Hillsboro Alliance.

    Actively engaged in demoralization, and the subsequent ineffectiveness it engenders, they told us week after week how powerful our Adversaries were, and never once gave an intelligent suggestion as to what to DO About It.

    THAT is what terrifies the remnants of Movement Past.

    The All-Powerful “Other” provided a comfortable rationalization for doing nothing. After all, “THEY” were so powerful that we might as well crack open a couple of cold ones, while our Children were dispossessed in the land we gave them.

    Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic removes all of their excuses, and holds them up to a mirror they can not stand to look into.

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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