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Thread: Debate on the Northwest Imperative

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    Default Quick reply to the Bowel-Movement Monkeyboys

    Quick reply to the Bowel-Movement Monkeyboys


    Okay, I see that the cyber-stalkers have already appeared, and of course if I am present contributing to the discussion this comments section will quickly assume a remarkable resemblance to the monkey house in a zoo, at feeding time. So I will make the following remarks and no more.

    First off, thank you for the review, Tom. I will be interested in seeing how long it stays up. I suspect Dr. McDonald is already experiencing some cyber-pressure to yank the article.

    Secondly, to “Martin” and all the other objectors, at the risk of sounding like an author shilling for readers, please, READ THE NOVELS before you comment. They are specifically designed to answer questions and deal with most of the objections people raise to the Northwest plan.

    Thirdly, I will be happy to discuss “the other stuff” with anyone who is legitimately concerned or simply curious, but privately and out of public view and without all the “noise” created by the denizens of That Nineties Show. I have in fact discussed these things in public before, in my published writings and on Radio Free Northwest–for all the good it does. My address is nwnet@earthlink.net and if all the bells and whistles and pratfalls and clowns with red rubber noses fascinate you and you want a guided tour of the circus, shoot me an e-mail.

    Thanks again, Tom.


    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    I will say this whole thing sure got Hadding bent the hell out of shape.
    Last edited by WilliamB; 04-25-2012 at 05:42 AM.

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default Tubby, Tubby, Tubbeeeeeeeee!!! D-g, us Piercite CreaTarded Fuktards still haet Tubby!!!

    Tubby, Tubby, Tubbeeeeeeeee!!! D-g, us Piercite CreaTarded Fuktards still haet Tubby!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Farnhan O'Reilly

    “I hope it does not devolve into a bitter free-for-all with all the anti-Covington sentiment we saw with Edmund Connelly’s March 30 2011 article.

    “OK, we are being a second chance here to be good revolutionaries and remember that we attack our enemies before the victory, and fight with our friends after we win.

    “Dear God, I hope we can get it right this time.”

    Hope and pray all you want to your god, Farnham, but it won’t change reality. Our Klassenite self-hating jew D-g [d]rules and he wants lots of ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-pussy from Itz followers!!! Covington is no “friend.” He’s the enemy that fiction lovers like you and Connelly, Sunic, Greg Johnson and his Covingtonistas, et al, keep insisting on promoting as legitimate despite his well-documented history as a smear artist and political saboteur telling 'lies' against the CreaTard d-gs Klassen and Pierce..

    Quote Originally Posted by ATBOL/Coongenitally CreaTarded

    ATBOTL “Covington is a textbook-type psychopath con artist type. It is an absolute disgrace that he is not a complete persona non grata in the ‘movement.’ I can’t think of any other political grouping besides white nationalists who are so tolerant of defective people.”

    “It’s like racially aware whites are so desperate for friends and have so low standards that’s it’s impossible for anyone to be shunned. This needs to change if whites are going to build any kind of real world movement in this country.”

    Amen, Brother Mamzer-d-g! Covington — the so-called new Homer, the new Solzhenitsyn, the new Lovecraft or Huxley or Tolstoy, the new George Orwell, “2012′s Dr. William Pierce (as he’s pegged himself at his own internet site)” — can’t get his self-published, print-on-demand fantasy fiction marketed because he owes me $200,000+ from an adverse libel judgment given to me by Moreass-the-Sleezster, a ZOG jewdge, and my own sense of entitlement and has to hide himself and any assets from me. I’m his chief “cyber-stalker” and will show up anywhere this fraud is being promoted as legitimate and shit on His Rotundity's doorstep.. He has been in hiding now for 14 years, yet is still fooling the fools. Tubby, Tubby, Tubbeeeeeeeee!!! D-g, us Piercite CreaTarded Fuktards still haet Tubby!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by arthurdecco

    To Hadding Scott: “You are a narcissistic boor, sir. That much is obvious to anyone who carefully reads your posts.”

    I read Hadding’s/Baby KAS's posts carefully and I don’t find him to be a boor at all. Just a fellow anglo-mestizo faggot meercat of the Piercite/Klassenite persuation. He does the job that others won’t do: tell the whole truth as us ZOGbot meercunts see it about the slippery enemy and keep those claiming to be on our Piercite/TraitorGlenn Millerite side honest. He backs up with his own delusions what he says. You just don’t want to believe him as a loveless mattoid meercunt..

    Anty Ep put it best here so far and it made me like to shit after I finished off the fifth of my distinguished Welas squawmamzer ancestor's product: “Dr Sunic has well aquainted himself with our circles for many years now. And so he should know by now that HAC is a liar and a slanderer, proven so again and again, and he has severely harmed the WN ‘movement’ such as it is…the titanic lies are where HAC has really hurt efforts to build momentum. He has also slandered numerous devoted activists and continues to do so. That HAC is a decades long slanderer of people who make sincere and lifelong contributions to the pro white cause immediately impeaches all his work and it is really foolish to pretend that one could separate the debatable values of his fantastic fiction from all his hurtful lies.

    “Tomislav Sunic, why do you continue to promote the fictions of a proven slanderer who has been a mischief maker hurting whites for decades?”

    Yeah, why? And please don’t trot out Chechar’s lame Isaac “Bad Boy” Newton defense. You need to explain jewrself, you Croat mackeral-snapper to drunken anglo-mestizo ZOGbots supporting TraitorGlenn Miller.

    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!

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    jewst another Turkey in the 'Kwa

    Default I'm a lit'rary critic

    I'm a lit'rary critic


    Freedumb Cobra:

    Currently I’m in the middle of “Hill of the Ravens.” It isn’t terribly wretched by any stretch. Neither is it terribly grand.

    Like most nationalist fiction the dialogue is transparently didactic. Covington certainly does not destroy wishful thinking with prose. He overestimates the System’s flabbiness and stupidity. The novel I’m reading assumes the reader has a grasp of intra-WN politics (read back biting). Overall not very subversive.

    What does HOTR have going for it? Well the setting itself is enthralling. Good sci-fi/alt-history creates a grand stage via allusion. Small tidbits offer hints at fantastic vistas of the possible. Ever see the film “Blade Runner” ? Near the end Rutger Hauer mentions “C-Beams glittering off of Tanhauser gates.” I have no idea what those are. But throw in Vangelis and it must be beautiful.

    How useful will this quartet be? Time shall tell. Dr. Pierce’s “Turner Diaries” were extremely successful from a sales point of view given the genre. Before Amazon.com no less. Americans in general aren’t the most literate bunch. Straining such short attention spans with four (soon to be more) novels will probably end like any attempt to herd cats.

    Subverting the System’s narrative isn’t possible with a series. Keep it short and sweet. Tone down the plasma weapons and insurrection. Just show the struggle of a White family in 2060 Amerikwa. Tell the truth about judaics, negros, etc. Play upon healthy maternal instincts. Keep out the useless acronyms (really, we shouldn’t need a glossary).

    If anyone with a literary bent wants to borrow this concept, just credit me somewhere. Keep the money.

    You Nazis may be insane . . . .
    . . . . but us whiggers are typpycull!!!

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    Default Some of us didn’t much like ‘That Nineties Show” when it premiered in the Nineties.

    Some of us didn’t much like ‘That Nineties Show” when it premiered in the Nineties.


    Hadding and Will Williams are what Covington calls “That Nineties Show.” Every single time someone rates Covington’s fictional and/or political writings highly, these dwarfs will immediately proceed to whine about what a liar Covington is according to their own Movement history written on their ridiculous blogs wherein they tell lies even bigger than Covington’s most over the top fictions.

    I myself have been censored off upon the whinings of these clowns on sundry forums for the mere suggestion that readers judge for themselves what they like and appreciate. The secret to overcoming such censorship is simply to spy for information and to have your own little sandbox where you rule. Since Dr. Kevin McDonald and his writers rule here and they decided to judge Covington’s work on the merits, neither should they be bothered by the carping of those whose useful Movement lives, if any, ended along with their Master a decade ago. Hadding claimed that his friend was the Truth. Really? Does the Truth need the help of censorship? With Hadding and That Nineties Show it obviously does. Censorship by jews is replaced by censorship by whiggers and anglo-mestizos claiming that they and they alone know what needs to be read and said. Such a deal.

    By the way, when Hadding isn’t slandering and defaming Harold Covington, Hadding is doing the same to Edgar Steele, but in a sneaking manner. But not to worry, neither Hadding nor Will Williams can pull down big prey on their own. You finish off the big dogs under whose leg these little yappers shelter, like I did with Jim Giles on July 3, 2010, they will run off yipping and yapping into the night until they can find a blog or forum doghouse that will take them in without shots or pedigree.

    And yes, I was a friend and ally of Covington from 1998-2002, an enemy of Covington from 2002-2005, spent time as a tortured detainee in a ZOG psychiatric prison for three and a half years, and upon fighting down the bogus charges, decided to make peace with Covington in 2009 and support, with some reservations, Covington since then. Covington is the rare sort of intellectual who will act, and act with patience and determination to carry out his vision one step at a time. It is because of that steady work beginning to gain traction that we see Movement ‘intellectuals’ now talking about racial ethnostates but in putting such into practice means that they lag a decade or more behind Covington’s Northwest Imperative. My vision and Covington’s vision coincide insofar as waiting for ZOG/Babylon to fall apart, and there is no reason for us to fight.

    I myself used to correspond in the 1996-2002 years with Louis Beam and Katja and David Lane and others of the Old Resistance. Many of them didn’t especially like Harold Covington, but they all gave that devil his due by admitting, often ruefully, “Damn, that SOB sure can write.”

    I think it is up to the reader to decide what he likes and why. Anyone effective should be able to engage their critical facilities in finding how something doesn’t work. Sunic, who I don’t much like because of his observations concerning the racial religion of Christian Identity, wrote an excellent review and put into words some of why I like to read and re-read — for free — all of Harold Covington’s works, both fictional and not.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default So how many of you fuktards are still organizing "The Revolution" in your mothers’ basement?

    So how many of you fuktards are still organizing "The Revolution" in your mothers’ basement?


    After years of hearing total shit-talking about Harold Covington I stumbled on to his “novels”. After reading them, I realized they were “The Turner Diaries” on steroids. So , unlike most dips on the “internet” I actually tracked him down in person. Hummmm… what a bad case of cognitive dissonance.

    I have had the dubious distinction of meeting a number of “glorious leaders” and various “hangers on” in the “movement”.

    Sorry to say, “Harold” seems to lack most of their shortcomings. They all, sooner or later, developed feet of clay.

    Harold’s main “shortcoming”, which is really the issue that most internet commandos have with Harold, is that he points out that we have run out of options. The White Race is doomed, unless, as his NW Novels prophetically point out, some courageous White people, like Robert Matthews did, pick up the gun. Since Harold, like the rest of us internet commandos, refuse to go “postal”, which would serve no useful purpose, we all like to jump on him for pointing out that we are all useless eaters.

    And to add insult to injury, we all know that his novels will eventually fall into the hands of the capable, high functioning White People that have the skills and courage to not only pick up the gun, but to be willing to risk their own lives and fortunes to free them selves from this tyranny that we face everyday.

    And when they do, our own timidity and ineptitude will be hanging out there for all to see. So for the Gods’ sake, let’s all shout Harold down before anyone realizes that we are all still living and organizing the revolution in our mothers’

    I am The Librarian

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    Default According to you . . .

    According to you . . .


    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt

    I myself used to correspond in the 1996-2002 years with Louis Beam and Katja and David Lane and others of the Old Resistance. Many of them didn’t especially like Harold Covington
    According to you, in 1998 Katja Lane told you about Covington: “Sooner or later you will grow tired of his lies.”


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    Default Nothing wrong with reading HAC's novels.

    Nothing wrong with reading HAC's novels.


    I think some of us are missing the point here. I believe what Mr. Covington is trying to get across to us in his novels is,We need to put our differances aside and work together as a unified race of people against a unified government and race of people trying to wipe us out. Although his book are well written and entertaining, one needs to “read between the lines”, so to speak, and see what may come to pass and how we need to unify and fight against this type of opression. I have never met Mr. Covington, but have friends who have. I have asked some of the very same questions to these friends, some of you are thinking and/or suspecting of HAC. I was told he is a very educated and sincere man who believes what he is writing and saying in his pod casts.

    We need to get out from behind the key board and start meeting face to face and start talking on a one to one basis with each other. There is being cautious, and there is being paranoid. The first step in routing out the fear (paranoia) is taking that first step and meeting others of like mind. Always be cautious, never be paranoid!

    Since I became racially aware 15 years ago (I’m 47 now), I have looked at everything from the Clan to Neo-Natzies for some type of answer to our racial problems. I have found all of these lacking in some form or another.

    Is HAC’s plan fool proof, no. Will it come to pass that something like this happens? Who knows. But these novels do get you thinking and more importantly, watching what is going on in this country today so we all can make our decisions based on fact, rather than some dream someone may have. As far as HAC working for the FBI or some other alphabet soup agency, I highly doubt it. But if he is, there should be a poetic justice metted out to him. All in all, The novels make you think. And that is what we Aryans need most of all, to stop thinking like sheep and to start thinking like the wolves we are.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default Bowel Movement History Revisionism

    Bowel Movement History Revisionism


    Every decade or so, since the 1976 DeGuello Report, has someone in the bowel Movement looking at what is going on within the [bowel] Movement in order to ascertain for the newbies what is going on. Rick Cooper, a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity National Socialist came up with what was called 'The Cooper Report' for the benefit of the Aryan Nations under Pastor Richard Butler in 1986. Harold Covington has taken bits and pieces of these previous reports and came up with what I call "The Covington Report" of the 1990s and early 2000's. And because Covington named names and places and figures there are a lot of Great Bowel Movement Leaders and their fluffer & bottom meercats who are all mightily pissed off.

    What this Tom Sunic, an intellectual on an intellectual's blog has started as a sort of review of racialist fiction with a message -- Harold Covington's NorthWest Republic -- to where allied racialist movement people fight a colonial revolutionary war against a decaying and dying ZOG/Babylon and by virtue of incessant constant violence make the accountants rein in the generals, like happened in Iraq and now Afghanistan. Sunic states the obvious -- Covington is the best writer in the Movement bar none.

    But none of that matters because what has happened this time, as last time, is that the same old Piercite/CreaTarded Axis of ZOGbots is whining "How dare you read Covington's books for free!!! He was so mean to dead Fearless Leader. I even had to run whining to ZOG and say how much hurt he did to my reputation as a . . . . well, nevermind, he wrote my name in one of his books. Tubby, Tubby, Tubbeeeeeeeee!!!!"

    Like everyone else here I was at odds with Covington over what he wrote -- not about me, but about Christian Identity in the first and worst of his novels, "[S]Will of the Ravings." So was everyone else within Christian Identity. How dare Covington use us as shock troops and then give us 'Class-C shitizenship, will he. Well, we'll see about that!

    So I fought with Covington and he fought back. He booted me off of his 'Truth Commission" yahoogroups. I formed a "CovingtonCommission" jewhoogroup. Covington created a "Martin Lindstedt" sockpuppet, and had 'Martin Lindstedt' profess undying homoerotic love for "George, George, George of the Jungle." I likewise got in my licks as well.

    But I was reading Covington's second novel, "A Distant Thunder" in which a young whigger turns White because of the horrors visited upon him by ZOG/Babylon while the Revolution starts with ZOG doing some baby-stealing in Northern Idaho. I began to forgive Covington for the first book in the series. Having my little grandchildren stolen and sold because of my racial and religious beliefs, then three and a half years of getting my front teeth knocked out by a pig, being doped up and tortured in a psychiatric prison for the 'crime' of wanting to defend myself against bogus child molestation charges, and a lot of other indignities which make you intellectuals pissy-ass cumplaints seem like puling idiocy has turned what was a promising religious maniac wanting the Great Tribulation to a full-fledged sociopath wanting to personally dish out some genocide to whiggers, mamzers and jews bigtime.

    So upon these bogus charges having to be dismissed, I decided, on the basis of Covington's works, to make peace with Covington insofar as possible. And I have done so.

    I don't think that Covington's future history will take place. As exhibit one, I point out the comments section on this blog. Every psuedo-intellectual on this blog has the notion that whatever he wants he should get. Hadding and WhiggerSwill Welas seem to 'think' that they get to tell newbies what to think, that their 'Revisionist' History of the [bowel] Movement means something even though mostly lies and evasions, and that because Covington plays mean that this means that they get to whine like babies while pretending to be dangerous.

    To a real deep-woods Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Aryan -- not the "Wandering Mamzers & jewboys of WikiPedia/Talksjew CI" -- the solution is at hand, namely the Great Tribulation. Exterminating through civil war over 90% of the whiggers and all of the mongrels/mamzers, beasts of the field and jews and having nothing left upon Jesus Christ's Second Coming but 10 million Whites ruled over by 10 thousand Warlords. Thus I've worked on decentralizing the bowel Movement.

    I've been in the bowel Movement since Waco. I'm a former militia leader and Internut publisher in my own right. I used to correspond with Louis Beam and Katja Lane and David Lane secondhand. Katja Lane used to grouse about "phone-booth fuerher's with $400,000 in Order money and no help for David Lane." Tom Martinez, the traitor, was a National Alliance mestizo criminal who turned on Robert Matthews. I asked, and got permission from Louis Beam and the Lanes to pretend to be TraitorGlenn Miller's friend so that I could keep TGM from getting back in the bowel Movement. This, when I've had to denounce every single 'Christian Identity' traitor like Dan Gayman who got Order money and then did some snitching at Ft. Smith. And so, I've never had much respect for William Pierce as anything other than just another intellectual who took Order money and then was on the ZOG payroll, running an "Elohim City for CreaTards." (By the way, I met Dr. Pastor Robert Millar of Elohim City myself and was invited to go down to be spied upon myself.)

    The reason that the Movement has been a failure is because of the compromised and corrupt leadership and the racially mixed and deranged followership. This is as it should be just before the Apocalypse.

    Now I have a program on Talksjew about my experiences in the bowel Movement called, appropriately enough, The Movement Turd.

    Covington's project will fail because it is not YHWH's Plan that it should succeed. But for those who want to put a worldly face upon why, let's just say that Covington isn't going to get 50 Warlords working in synch, much less one-hundred or one thousand. Covington is trying to build something, like a LibberToon, when there is nobody to build anything and while ZOG is still in a position to harvest Covington's budding crop.

    But that said, Covington has the only plan within the Movement that at least has some sort of rational: Get a cadre of racial revolutionaries together and fight a limited-area civil war while ZOG falls apart. The other 'plan' is for whiggers to whine like jews and beg them to let us live and call ourselfs a 'White Snivel-Blights Group.'

    I much prefer to beg YHWH to let me kill 120 million whiggers, 170 million mamzers, beasts of the field, and jewboys, and then let Christ return to fix up what little remains. But then again, I'm a religious maniac who talks to YHWH every day.

    So what do you 'intellectuals' believe in? Nothing, but how smart you allegedly is, that's all. Of course you could always get more screwed up, itz possible. Listening to Hadding/Baby-KAS and WhiggerSwill Welass and what remains of the Piercetards will finish off scrambling what little you got insofar as brains is concerned.

    Well, thanks for providing me something for tonight's show. Sunday's show was reduced to speaking about how one of Linder's dothead trannys called the gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS a "jew" and got banned for it and how Russifer was wandering the wilds of New Zealand with his Jack LaLayne juicer and juicing a kiwi or wallaby or kangaroo or sheep or two.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 04-26-2012 at 06:20 PM.

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    Default I Stand Corrected

    I Stand Corrected



    Mr. Covington, I am happy that you noticed a discussion of your works on the Occidental Observer. And for the discussion to be led by someone as eminent as Dr. Tomas Sunic is indeed an honor.

    Still, as one of the main writers on TOO, I have to object mildly: you actually arrived last year in a long review I did. Please see:


    Incidentally, my introduction was prompted by angry outbursts from members of the group that runs TOO. I, however, personally have no grudge against you, and in fact have enjoyed listening to your broadcasts for years.

    In any case, since Kevin MacDonald edits TOO -- and since he approved my review -- your novels received good exposure on the site. And please notice the massive number of comments, which prompted Kevin to finally close the comments section.

    I've been planning to do more articles on your novels but first I'll have to take a look at Sunic's Part 2 and read the comments there. Also, I look forward to Freedom's Sons but hope to read it in book form. If you would ever like such a book proofed, I'd be happy to do it, as I've taught writing at the university level for over 15 years.

    Sorry to have to hide behind my pen name Edmund Connelly for now, but I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I hope you have a chance to mention my review either on your website or on the air.



    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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