The War Heats Up

The War Heats Up

All of you have seen a slow but steady increase of this government's persecution of whites.
It started out subtly, but then slowly grew to the open, blatant stage we see before us today.
History records this exact type of racial persecution over and over again through the past two
thousand years and beyond, and most of the time it was carried out or sponsored by none
other than your friendly neighborhood Jews. Ever since the Jews began implementing their
white genocide campaign in the 60's by beginning to flood America with third world trash,
I knew we were in trouble. I was a really young kid back then, but when I heard the news
on the TV, I knew it was a bad thing because I knew there was nothing over in those other
countries but niggers, Hispanics, and other types of muds. And I'd already come to know
these races for the cockroaches they were because they'd already made my life a living hell
each day I went to school. Integration and bussing had started, and our nice clean, safe and
happy school was quickly transformed into a dangerous jungle where you no longer walked
certain halls or sections of playground because the niglets would stomp you and rob you of
anything in your pockets. Oh, the joys of diversity!

Through the ensuing decades the war has gathered steam as liberal\Jew propaganda conditioned
the gullible masses into accepting racial genocide as a moral imperative..a way to atone for all of
whitey's evils. Guilt for things we never did is their biggest weapon. To this day I'm flat astounded
at the idiocy of my people for accepting this lemming philosophy. And now this last decade has
become the one where our enemies have almost completely come out of the closet they've been
working from for so long, and are now openly declaring their hatred for us, and their rabid intent
to destroy us as a race. They've completely taken over our government and are now using this
power to introduce and enforce a whole range of outrages, designed with one specific purpose
in mind..our destruction...

First came integration, then bussing, then a massive immigration campaign, then affirmative
action, then persecution and bias in the courts, then massive interbreeding propaganda, then
"fair housing" laws, then anti-white organizations laws, then hate crimes laws, homosexuality
laws, and now forced neighborhood integration. And these are just some of the laws, tactics
and tricks they've used and are using to kill us off. Already we are a minority in our own country,
and muds are literally pouring into America by the millions a year. And these aren't peaceful,
productive muds either. The vast majority of them are the refuse of other nations. The criminally
insane, mentally ill, diseased, AIDS infected, radical Islamists, communists, and ever other type
of parasite and enemy of our country they can cram in here. But guess what; (and this is really
going to boil your broth) The INS refuses to deport and prosecute muds for being here illegally
or committing heinous crimes like rape and murder, but they are hunting down, arresting and
deporting all white illegals!

No joke. If you're here with an expired visa, be it a student visa, a job visa, or a tourist visa, they
will now treat you like a dangerous terrorist, and they will expend massive amounts of manpower
and resources to find you and deport you..that is..if you're white. They're doing this because they
don't want anymore whites in this country, they want less! They're trying like hell to eradicate us
from our own country, so they can have that mud slave state they've dreamed of for so long. Let
me ask you a question; What do you think our founders would do if they suddenly woke up and
climbed out of their coffins and saw the evil these bastards are perpetrating on their nation and
people? Yep, they'd be immediately organizing militias to take back this country and deport every
last invader from our shores. And they'd round up every crooked politician and every last Jew and
have them shot. No hearings, no trials..just shot..and rightly so. You can talk to any Jew on the
street, or any Jew in politics or banking, and accuse him of being part of this evil agenda, and
he'll look at you with innocent eyes and genuine shock and hurt, and deny all of it. For you see,
Jews are taught that lying to Gentiles is no sin at all! We don't count, anymore than lying to
a cow would count. To them, we are simply animals...

Just this week Obama ordered a clean, productive and safe white town to import niggers into
their community..or else. He would prosecute the lot of them for violating his integration laws.
He demands it be turned into another crime ridden toilet like the rest of America. There is no
longer any safe place for whites to live in their own country. This is what they get for electing
a nigger for president. They might as well have handed the keys of this country to Africa. Never
doubt that Obama is a stooge of the Jews. He was hand picked and groomed for the job. And
through decades of careful brainwashing, white American liberals voted that creep into office.
Every white with an ounce of sense fought it, but they crammed us in a corner by deliberately
giving us a treasonous dog for his opponent. And the muds and liberals now outnumber us to
the point that even if every one of us gets out there and votes, we no longer have enough power
to stop their insane agenda. This only leaves one option folks. Civil war...

Just look at our prisons across the country. Millions of whites are now being thrown in with the
muds, as this Jew run government goes on a campaign to rid the streets of able bodied whites.
A black will get off for the most heinous crime imaginable, or be given a bail so low that he can
pay it with his pocket change. But any white that gets grabbed up by the local goons is almost
immediately given "the ride". No bail, or a bail so high he has to put up his house. He is always
charged with as many crimes as possible, and the prosecutors do what is called "stacking".
They'll take an offense and add a ton of other charges to it by adding anything remotely related.
For example if you're charged with domestic violence, you'll also be charged with disturbing the
peace, endangering minors (if there's any kids in the house), and even assault if you grabbed
her arm to get her off of you. Statistics now prove that over half of all domestic disturbances
are either bogus calls by the angry wife, or she herself was the attacker. Yet they still arrest
the male in almost all cases. And women wonder why they can't find a husband anymore...

By the time the poor sap gets to court, he's a goner. Judges routinely give whites much longer
sentences and fewer paroles and early releases. And once they've got you on the inside, the
guards can and will trump up decades of extra prison time on you by siccing some lifer niggers
on you for a pack of smokes. And if you happen to be a white activist, God help you. The Jew
courts will inhale you. The odds of you ever getting out of prison are about as remote as winning
the Irish sweepstakes. Think of all the whites we know of that are currently rotting away in there.
And those are just the ones we know. There are whole armies of innocent men in those hellholes, surrounded by every type of lowlife and mud that Hell ever puked up on earth. And we're all in
danger of joining them at any time. Hell, even I could be grabbed up at gunpoint in the middle
of the night, never to be seen or heard of again, except for perhaps a small byline on the back
page of some the obits...

The war is here whether you want it or not. And unless you start making some real, honest
to goodness preparations to fight back, you don't have a prayer of surviving the next five to
ten years. Forget it. We didn't start this fight, and we damned sure didn't want it, but all wars
come upon people like that. Evil men with evil ambitions aggressively attack peaceful people
minding their own business. This is the same, tired old song history has played all through
recorded time. And as long as we're stupid enough to be merciful to our enemies and allow
them to live, they'll always rise again to try and kill us. For if there's one thing about evil, it
has no gratitude, only the never ending desire to try again, and again until it finally succeeds.
We have no choice this time. Perhaps this will be the time when we finally learn our lesson
and stop sparing our enemies. Don't we have enough innocent dead? Do we really need
more just to prove we're merciful? Mercy is fine..for those that you can give it to, but any
wise man will tell you that mercy is a gift that's given rarely and very judiciously in war.
We haven't learned that yet..and it's killing us...


"Our greatest and deadliest weakness when fighting evil is our never ending capacity for mercy. Evil always uses this trait as a way to come back and kill us later." --Joom