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Thread: May 10, 2005: I am targetted for a bogus child molestation charge.

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    Default May 10, 2005: I am targetted for a bogus child molestation charge.

    May 10, 2005: I am targetted for a bogus child molestation charge.


    This thread is to be used to chronicle my struggle of three and a half years against regime criminals that destroyed my family and tried to have me judicially railroaded and murdered in prison for child molestation and racism.

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    Default Police screening other boys in probe in sexual-abuse case

    Police screening other boys in probe in sexual-abuse case


    September 6, 2011
    Police screening other boys in probe in sexual-abuse case
    By Jeff Lehr

    JOPLIN, Mo. — Police are talking to other children who frequented the Joplin Boys & Girls Club in light of sexual-abuse allegations that surfaced last week against a former club employee with respect to three boys.

    Christopher A. Foley, 27, of Joplin, remained in custody Tuesday at the Jasper County Jail, charged with a single count of first-degree statutory sodomy. He is being held on $10,000 bond.

    Although Foley is charged with abusing just one victim, the allegations that surfaced last week concern three boys under the age of 12 who reportedly met Foley through their involvement with the Boys & Girls Club at 307 S. Comingo Ave.

    A probable-cause affidavit that became available for the first time Tuesday in Jasper County Circuit Court states that Foley met and befriended the boys through the club, but alleges that the abuse took place away from club environs and not in the context of any club-sanctioned activities.

    The document states that Foley bought gifts for all three boys in the past and took two of them with him on a day trip. The affidavit alleges that he molested them both on the way there and on the way back.

    The Jasper County prosecutor’s office filed a single charge against Foley after interviews of all three boys last week at the Children’s Center in Joplin.

    Cpl. Chuck Niess of the Joplin Police Department said Tuesday that investigators are speaking with other boys who frequent the club in light of the allegations. Niess said he does not believe that has led to any additional interviews of boys at the Children’s Center as yet.

    “Not to my knowledge,” Niess said.

    He said the investigation still has not turned up any reason to believe that any abuse of children took place on Boys & Girls Club property or on any club-sanctioned outings.

    “This person is no longer there,” Niess said with respect to Foley’s employment by the club. “This stuff happened outside that environment.”

    Page 4A Sept. 7, 2011


    I'm not saying Chris did or didn't do what he's accused of, but I am thoroughly shocked by the allegations. My son goes to Boys and Girls Club and was in the age group that Chris handled last year and this year. My son thinks very highly of Chris and Chris was always his favorite staff member. My son actually cried when someone told him that Chris was accused of this because he thinks there's no way this is possible. With my son having such an appeal to Chris I have talked to him on many occasions regarding different subjects and a few times outside of Boys and Girls Club and I'm really having a hard time wrapping my mind around the possibility of him doing this to those boys. I'm not saying the boys are lying, but I am severely shocked that this is even happening and I will be even more shocked if he's guilty. Wow...just wow...never saw this coming.

    September 7, 2011, 1:37 AM
    I have known Chris almost my whole adult life There is no way this is true. I have a son and i would still leave him alone with Chris. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. There has got to be something more to the story.

    September 19, 2011, 1:47 PM
    The reason that I put this story up is to show how hard the local piglice cover up for institutional misconduct. In the case above the crooked jewplin piglice are deliberately covering up the fact that the above pedophile worked for the Joplin Boys & Girls Club. The little gaywads above are in denial as well. So the jewplin piglice are running around trying to uncover just how much homosexual abuse took place but keeping a lid on it by only making one charge when it was at least three little gaywad boys who acceeded to consensual sodomy. In line with the reduced charges and number of charges, the bond is set at a measly $10,000, which means with a bail-bondsman, the customary fee of 10% means that the offender can get out and await trial for a mere $1,000.

    Now contrast that with my case. The Newton County piglice claimed on the basis of hearsay 'evidence' that my slightly retarded grandson claimed to a regime-criminal therapist, after being in regime criminal custody testified that I had allegedly kissed his penis for four or five months all the time without anyone else noticing. Then after waiting a year and a month and some days after removal of the grandchildren on April 9, 2004, they decide to go after an arrest warrant signed by the faggot judge Greggie Stremel, and on the basis of this third-hand hearsay. And in order to keep my attempts to regain custody of my grandchildren from suceeding, they simply make the bond an unaffordable $100,000 for a warrant based upon third-hand hearsay after they have 'legally' kidnapped the child in question.

    So, contrast the $10,000 bond for at least three cases of enticing gaywad whiggers into becoming a faggot and the covering up of other cases as opposed to the deliberately excessive $100,000 bond on a case which fell apart nearly four years later when my grandson refused to lie against his 'Papa', but in which I was deliberately set up for legalized murder after being railroaded and sent to the NutHouse, drugged, tortured, and had four teeth knocked out by Newton County Sheriff's Piglice.

    ZOG doesn't give a shit about child molestation if that molestation is done by regime criminals and their supporters. Rather, these bogus child molestation cases are the present tools of choice of local, state and federal regime criminals to destroy the families of their domestic enemies and to send them to prison to be murdered by criminals. As can be seen above, the jewsmedia are their willing accomplices.

    Does anyone still wonder why I keep on harping that only a Great Tribulation in which the regime criminals, all the jews and muds, and over 90% of the whigger population needs to be exterminated through the agency of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is the only hope for YHWH's Servant Nation? Why the only solution is a Ten Thousand Warlords Program in which the ancient regime is extirpated absolutely and a theocratic military dictatorship is established over the ten million or less White Aryan survivors?

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