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League of the South National Conference 2019


Once again, my wife and I very much enjoyed our attendance at the League of the South's National Conference this past weekend. There is nothing better for us to do than to spend a couple of days with many dozens of like-minded men and women, some whom we have seen many times before and some whom we had previously known only from social media, or not at all. After the weekend, during the drive home, we always regret having not been able to spend more time with one friend or another.

Anyone who read my post on last year's Conference knows how I feel about my attendance in spite of the fact that Identity Christians cannot agree fully with some of the speakers. As I wrote last year, our friends and listeners should, I hope, already know our position in regards to some of the speakers and the issues which we have with them. Those positions have still not changed. I pray they never change, I pray I have the strength to never compromise, because they certainly are grounded in what we all know to be truth.

Sadly, not all men, not even all League of the South members, have fully grasped that truth. Many of them do not even know that they should grasp it, and we do not expect them to come to a full understanding of what we profess here without much tugging and pushing. But we ourselves cannot do that tugging and pushing, which is only within the Provenance of God. We cannot make people be Identity Christians, even if they have enough of a degree of awakening to be LS members. We can only make a profession and seek to set an example. Nevertheless, we did not meet any LS members whom we thought poorly of, whether or not they were Identity Christians.

By this we are encouraged: every time Melissa and I attend a League of the South conference or event, we meet people who have been recently introduced to Christogenea and who tell us that they are learning about Christian Identity, and this year there were several. Soon I hope to do a podcast with Michael Hill, and I will attempt to describe what a church should be, to LS members especially but to anyone else who still attends mainstream denominational churches.

So back to the Conference. League officers Ike Baker, Brad Griffin and Michael Hill were among the speakers. All three did well, each of them was inspiring in his own way, and mostly importantly to us, they each expressed and upheld the concept of blood & soil Southern Nationalism. Hopefully recordings of their speeches will be available soon. Rick Tyler served as "Master of Ceremonies", and was also a speaker. He revealed a few things which showed me that he was closer to our position on a lot of subjects than I had thought from previous impressions. Later, in an hour-long conversation we had in a hotel lobby, I learned that he was not quite all the way there. I might do a podcast with Tyler, however. He has been around Christian Identity circles for a long time, and he is the same Tyler who has been running for Congress from Tennessee on the slogan "make America White again". Of course, he has not yet won election.

One serious disagreement I had with Tyler's speech was his promotion of the idea that LS members should all go buy land and move to Polk Co. Tennessee. While we love East Tennessee, which is also Melissa's home, making such a community of nationalists concentrated in one area has never been a good idea. The place would be crawling with feds and infiltrators looking to make trouble, and elevating every little transgression into a capital offense. Elohim City, Hayden Lake, the recipe is always a failure, so why try cooking it again? Anyway, Tyler's concept is not LS policy. Now this I must say, because I know that some of my readers may take issue. Tyler has a past that not many of us would find to be ideal, as he has practiced polygamy. But he has 19 children, most of which were there with him at the Conference, and they are remarkably well-behaved, attentive, courteous and kind, even through sitting and listening to two days of speakers. They also all cared for and after one another. So while I do not agree with polygamy, it is not prohibited in the law, and I could not criticize a man who has such a family. Some of the older children said they remembered me from visits to the restaurant they had in Tennessee.

Kevin McDonald was another speaker. He gave a lecture based on a recent book (?), about individualism and altruism. He was difficult to hear, so I did not grasp the entire concept of what he had said. However I did get the chance to speak with him a couple of times. He did not remember the podcast we did together in December, 2010, and I did not really expect him to remember it. I told him I would like to do another, and he agreed, but I want to look over his book first. Of course, McDonald believes in evolutionary biology, and that the Jews are the people of the Old Testament. But I can say that he is a humble man, and willing at least to listen to our positions. That was the impression I had of him in 2010, and that impression was strengthened as I spoke to him this past weekend. So in spite of our many differences, I like Kevin McDonald.

Our friend and Florida LS chairman, Michael Tubbs was scheduled to speak, but circumstances caused by the recent hurricane on the east coast prevented him from attending. On Saturday James Edwards spoke, and one thing that impressed me was his account of how the church where he was a life-long member had to expel him. The church itself had been disfellowshipped by its Baptist association because the pastor initially refused to expel him. Of course, that is exactly why I have been professing among LS members for a long time that they must come out of their churches, that the churches will not agree with or accept any form of nationalism, and that nationalism cannot coexist with any modern mainstream church. So I hope to develop this theme into a podcast soon. It is also possible that I may do a podcast with Edwards, as we spoke for a few minutes and exchanged contact info on Saturday evening.

David Duke spoke twice. The first talk was an hour on nutrition and exercise. As you all may know, I have often commented negatively on Duke's vanity, and while I will not elaborate on what he did or said, he certain did exacerbate my reasons for considering him to be a vain man. His second talk was on his usual topics, the subversion of the West, Jewish supremacy, etc. I did not hear it all, because when he began to quote Scripture - or at least, as he was attempting to quote Scripture - I walked out. He had already spoke for an hour, and I thought that if he quit there, it would have been a good speech. But he has a propensity to ramble, he spoke an hour over his allotted time (it was two hours over last year), and I was not going to suffer his bullshit because he does not know anything about the Bible no matter how many times he quotes it. Over all, however, it was a good weekend in spite of my differences with Duke.

Saturday evening I had another chance to talk to several of these men, and Melissa took the picture below, of Edwards, Duke, Hill, McDonald and myself. We were all together with a handful of others for about an hour, or maybe it was two... I forget. There I had some conversation with both Edwards and McDonald, but never spoke to Duke. Just listening, I got the impression that Duke would probably not stop talking long enough to ever learn anything, and while I would not have passed up my opportunity to address him, it never came. Perhaps it never came because I may well be the only LS member who has not stopped to greet Duke at a Conference for two years running. Perhaps it was the atmosphere, as there were more than a few people around and the time was relatively short. Maybe next year...

On our way out of the hotel where most of the speakers were staying around midnight, we met Rick Tyler in the lobby and spoke to him for an hour. We agree on many things, and I learned that he has some very interesting background on some old-time CI people that I would one day love to hear. But there was one major thing we disagreed on, but which I did not argue, since sometimes it is better just to listen. Although he is a Southern Nationalist as well as an old-school CI pastor, Rick squeezes other races into God's plan for men by something which he calls "God consciousness", even tying it to his own emotions and life experience, as we have seen happen here in our Forum on so many occasions. Of course, he will never convince me of that scheme, and one day I do hope to discuss it with him in greater depth.

Melissa and I left the hotel, and went to meet some LS brethren from South Carolina, where we stayed and chatted about the weekend until nearly 5 AM. When you can only see such people once or twice a year, you have to make the most of it.

Below, left-to-right: James Edwards, David Duke, Michael Hill, Kevin McDonald, and myself.