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Thread: How long until Bryan Reo/SoredMamzer gets Marty banned from Paltalk?

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    Default How long until Bryan Reo/SoredMamzer gets Marty banned from Paltalk?

    How long until Bryan Reo/SoredMamzer gets Marty banned from Paltalk?


    Anybody want to venture some guesses?

    Does anyone doubt that I'll suck off the entire Board of Directors to get that waycist ass-hole booted? You see, us mamzer-faggots pretending the be White Supremacists and Christian Identity have far more 'rights' than the genuine article, because we can snitch them out as 'waycist' and 'homo&Reotard-phobic while being immune as niggers, gooks, faggots and other protected feces from being kicked out ourselfs for Terms of Service violations.

    I'm sure glad that I'm a blubber-lipped, slant-eyed, shitskin nigger-gook-beaner faggot!!!

    Here are part of Pal-Talks TERMS OF SERVICE...

    TERMS OF USE. You, and anyone you authorize to use your Account, may not engage in conduct which is unlawful or which inhibits another user from enjoying Paltalk or which Paltalk in its sole discretion determines to be unacceptable. Even if you have paid to subscribe to any of the Paltalk services, Paltalk reserves the right to terminate ALL of your Accounts if, in its sole discretion, it determines that through ANY of your accounts or nicknames, whether paid or free, you have engaged in any prohibited or unacceptable conduct. Please be advised that if you have paid to subscribe to any of the Paltalk services, your subscription fee WILL NOT be refunded (either in whole or in part) if your accounts is, or your accounts are, terminated or suspended, even if the termination is a result of unacceptable conduct through a free account or nickname. Fuck you waycist whigger hetero fuktards stupid enough to give us ZOGbux 4 Service. Without assuming the responsibility therefore, and even though this shit probably won't hold up in kort Paltalk reserves the right to restrict conduct and/or take measures against conduct, which Paltalk deems in its sole discretion to be harmful or offensive to other users is unacceptable for any reason or no reason whatsoever or because Bryan Reo really polished our knobs with its wettt wett wildd mangina and tonsils and has the best swinging 3-inch ladystick in the bizness or otherwise detracts from the Paltalk service or adversely affects Paltalk, its business or software or mamzer catamites in any manner whatsoever. Without limiting the foregoing, beyond good sense or reason, examples of unacceptable conduct include: (a) threatening, harassing, or intimidating another user by insinuating that Bryan Reo ain't white, or that Eli James is a sephardic jew from Chicago who used to be known as jewseph November and before that as jewseph Kutz, (b) transmitting any unlawful, threatening, abusive, profane, offensive, defamatory, or hateful text or voice communicationespecially if true or Images or other material that might tend to show that Bryan Reo is a mamzer faggot or that Eli James is a jew, or any racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material, or any material that violates or infringes the intellectual property or privacy or publicity or other rights of any other party especially if they are willing to swear out a bogus Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) under penalties of perjury and wanting to whine like a mamzer faggot about supposed Terms of Service violations; (c) using any obscene or offensive alias; impersonating another user, including, without limitation, a Paltalk employee, administrator or representative or sodomite; (d) disparaging the Paltalk service, Paltalk or its representatives, administrators or employees or solicitation for being a pack of censoring coclsuckers; (e) posting or transmitting any advertising, promotional materials or other forms of solicitation to other users of rubber goods for the weekend; (f) permitting language, text or images that are inappropriate to the room you host or abusing your right to take action against participants in your room by kicking out real or supposed mamzer faggots or jews or (g) disrupting the normal operation of any chat room or otherwise acting in a manner that negatively impacts other users or is inconsistent with the rating of a room or attempting, soliciting or abetting another to do of any of the above trying to get some payback. In addition, examples of unacceptable conduct include, but not be limited to, hacking the Software, stealing the account or nickname of another user, sending a Trojan, worm, time bomb, cancelbot, or other disabling device or other harmful component intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information or attempting, soliciting or abetting any of the above. Failure by Paltalk to address unacceptable or otherwise prohibited behavior on any occasion shall not constitute a waiver by Paltalk with respect to any similar behavior in the future. We get to do whatever the fuck we want -- especially if you'll take it up the ass Without assuming the responsibility therefore, Paltalk also reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict the group activity of known or suspected hate group or other similar organization. Whether or not a federal civil rights lawsuit will uphold all this Politically Correct kikeshit remains to be seen.
    Time to tun squealing over to Paltalk and do some serious snitching and bitching and knob polishing, Pope Marty. Fuck you, fuck free speech, and fuck anyone not wanting some mamzer faggot pretending to be a White Supremacist or Christian Identity and working for the Anti-Racist Action.
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    Broke-Back [Sored] Mamzer's my name,
    ZOGbot Baal-Priest Faggotry's my Game!!!

    Bryan Reo 2004 Mentor High School

    Dickie's & Eliar's & Finckelsteinian Man-Jewce -- Breakfast of Champeen Mamzer Faggots!!!

    Sored-Mamzer's Blog on Finck-El-Steinian Gonnerrhia-Degeneria

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    Default Not me, Not me, I love freedumb of speech nearly as much as I love my mangina porked!!!

    Bogus Copyright Concern Offer


    From: Bryan <bryanreo@sbcglobal.net>
    Subject: Copyright Concern Offer
    To: info@CrisisHost.com
    Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 1:32 AM


    I am sorry you are being dragged into the ongoing dispute I have with Mr. Lindstedt. He has spent the last ten months going from server to server, continually libelling me, posting my full address, posting my pictures, calling on people to harm me, harassing me, impersonating me, etc, and he is repeatedly banned from server after server for TOS violations. He simply will not abide by rules in regards to the posting of private/personal information, defamatory comments, and the improper use of material he is not legally entitled to reproduce (copyrighted material).

    I have no desire to cause you or your server business any problems, but I cannot tolerate the sheer vulgarity, the libel, and the improper use of my pictures that Mr. Lindstedt is habitually engaged in. If you require I will itemize a list of Mr. Lindstedt's various offenses, providing screen-captures, links, audio clips/files, and I even have a sworn notarized statement, a legal document, that he filled out and signed, wherein he declares that he and his followers are intent on torturing to death every non-white in the USA, in addition to all police, judges, congressmen, etc. If you wish to look over such things to gain a better understanding of who Mr. Lindstedt is and the sort of person you're dealing with, I will gladly provide all of the information.

    Contrary to what Mr. Lindstedt says, I am not an enemy of free speech, I do not make it a habit of complaining about sites that merely offend me or that have content that I find objectionable. However, as a private citizen I believe I am entitled to enjoy a reasonable amount of privacy and that I am entitled to be free from career damaging remarks. Mr. Lindstedt, without offering any evidence, has at various times, accused me of being a child molester, a rapist, an insurance fraudster, a con-artist, a drug dealer, a drug user, a murderer, a homosexual, a bisexual, a mobster, etc ... He even declared that I murdered a woman in South Carolina based on nothing more than the fact that somebody with a similar name (but 15 years my senior) was involved in a fatal accident in South Carolina. I don't mind somebody voicing political opinions or their personal views, but Martin Lindstedt does not do that, he makes very bold libelous statements that are absolutely false but also have the potential to be very damaging . . . It is one thing to articulate views that others disagree with, it is an entirely different matter to invent stories about people and publish lies about them. Apparently Martin Lindstedt does not realize there is a difference. Lies meant to damage somebody should never be considered protected speech.

    At any rate, I will wait several days for your response before I finalize and submit my DMCA complaint to Softlayer because as I said, I have no desire to cause any problems for your business. I hope that we can work this out between us.

    Kind regards,

    Bryan Reo

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    Broke-Back [Sored] Mamzer's my name,
    ZOGbot Baal-Priest Faggotry's my Game!!!

    Bryan Reo 2004 Mentor High School

    Dickie's & Eliar's & Finckelsteinian Man-Jewce -- Breakfast of Champeen Mamzer Faggots!!!

    Sored-Mamzer's Blog on Finck-El-Steinian Gonnerrhia-Degeneria

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    Default Bryan Reo probably won't file another bogus DMCA cumplaint

    Bryan Reo probably won't file another bogus DMCA cumplaint


    Hello Admin @ CrisisHost.com

    Btyan Reo's address hasn't been posted directly. I did have the address of this clown who begged me to ordain him then turned on me and claims that I'm a domestic terrorist. So I went and deleted LiarBill 'MumpsNuts' DeClue(less)' address from his profile. MumpsNuts won't be making any cumplaints to you but MumpsNuts acts as Bryan Reo's spotter and I'll be suing the worthless fat delusional bastard.

    I did receive a bogus police report from the Lake County Ohio Sheriff's Department yesterday and I intend to post it to show this evil critter's maliciousness. But since this is a public record, he has no legal right to bitch about me posting it online.His address is a matter of public record When I file the lawsuit against him, this too will be a public record. I have never asked anyone to hurt the perverted little critter although I have pointed out that when you take down third-party websites no telling how many people will be angered by it. Even before I ever knew who the critter was, I am told that he slept with a gun and a bullet-proof vest. There is in any case no direct incitement or threats made against the perverted little critter.

    What is funny is that Sunday the web page hiccupped and whitenationalist.org went down. I immediately bitched about how that evil little mamzer faggot Bryan Reo had taken down whitenationalist.org and everyone was telling me it served me right for bringing it back up without a court injunction and the rest were all pissed off at Bryan Reo. So the little chickenshit cancelled his two Talkshoe shows and went into hiding. You see, Bryan Reo knows that it ain't white and knows that there are a lot of people who listen to me, and so he went into hiding. Later, around 10:00 pm my time whitenationalist.org went back up. Why does this page do this? Overhead? Security attacks?

    He interfered with a federal lawsuit involving a director of my Church, him and his 'Cousin Ray the Lawyer' Mariani. The case is awaiting settlement but there is to be no protection for those two in interfering in this litigation because the federal judge was angered at them bringing up irrelevant shit and tampering with the jury pool and possibly causing a mistrial. Bryan Reo doesn't have any money but Cousin Ray and the law firm of Nixon Peabody does. What is funny that one of the bogus interferences was me calling 'Cousin Ray the Lawyer' Mariani a "Sicilian guido-jew ambulance-chaser from South Jersey" and thanks to the fact that it turns out Mariani is a Sicilian jew name and the fact that the case has been settled, between the lawyers and the NimBusters the phrase is going viral and they all are bitching about that even though it doesn't show up on my web page yet. I used to like chicken mariani but now that I found it is a kosher dish I probably won't like it as much. I also found out that Vin Mariani is a papal wine with dissolved cocaine in it that was the inspiration for Coca-Cola. Now all the NimBusters are yapping about how Roman Catholic homosexual pedophile priests are eating chicken mariani, guzzling Vin Mariani, and chewing on alter-boy, goat and Bryan Reo pizzle.

    The Facebook profile picture which I found and is the basis of his bogus DMCA cumplaints is hidden so that guests cannot see it. Looking at the cpanel Bryan Reo is the fourth most common ISP looking in on the site. I've been stripping the links to my secret forum and making them available to the general public on the Whitenationalist.org.forum.

    Bryan Reo did post to Xuqa.com but the pictures, like all pictures of him, made him look racially mixed and they have a Xuqa.com logo on them. Bryan Reo is whining that this one is called "Broke Back Mamzer" but doesn't directly name him. So he has no copyright claim to these photos, but if he does make any such claim, well, I'll either delete them as a flat file and hide them if a forum file in an admin-eyes section and file a counter-notice and when he doesn't file, then put them back up. Since he filed two bogus DMCA cumplaints at 1and1.com and hostmonster and refused to act on them when I filed my counter-notice, I'm not sure that he even gets to file any more valid DMCA cumplaints. I have him on record as saying that he was told by 1and1.com that he had six months 'at his leisure" but that isn't the case.

    Actually, it is quite likely that Bryan Reo did murder one Catherine Williams in Spartanburg SC a number of years ago. It is believed that he had Cousin Ray cover it up. In any case, I did make the case that if it was one of the other few Bryan Reo's then I apologised, but I asked for an investigation in the matter because it seems that Bryan Reo lives on insurance fraud and that he 'accidently' killed this woman then claiming to be a Christian so that the family didn't sue. If you look at his blog, you read about how he rides along with an mp3 player in case he is in an accident all the time. Certainly made me wonder..

    Insofar as getting to personally kill everyone who isn't white by the hundreds of millions, well, if that was true, then I'd be doing something other than begging you to not let the little mamzer take down my web page before I can file a lawsuit. Yes, I scream and holler about how YHWH will kill about everyone in the Great Tribulation, cf. Matthew 24:21-22, but I know enough to know that I'm not Jesus Christ like all them delusional niggers who thought that they were Jesus Christ I met at the NutHouse. Actually the main topic of my The Movement Turd podcast is telling all the listeners to store up food and guns and to NOT join a militia, or bogus Aryan Nations group or that crook David Duke or any other liar and thief out for your money and support. Like I tell everyone, you don't send me $25 for membership and $10 per month in dues and I won't make you a corporal-major or sergeant-general in my faction of the Aryan Nations. I don't need or want the money of fools who should be spending it on something useful, like canned food and shotgun shells.

    Insofar as sending copies of audio files, there isn't space and bandwidth on your server for me to put them all, so I'm going to donate them to the Library of Congress Archive.org page. I'm not worried about what I say because while people might think I'm a nut, I'm not a liar and have nothing to hide.

    I got the Lake County Ohio Sheriff's Department report. I'll be putting it online to show Bryan Reo is a liar and snitch. I'm going to file for a Freedom of Information Act so that I can catch Bryan Reo and Eli James making false complaints against me to the FBI and Secret Service and put that on-line.

    I'm working on my lawsuit.

    If you see something I need to delete or hide until I can get a court injunction then you or your server tell me and into the memory hole it goes until its safe to bring back up on the server. Chances are I'll simply put it someplace else on one of my secret web pages and my friends will set it up as samizdat elsewhere.

    Insofar as this worthless bastard claiming to not be stalking me, why over on Two and a Half Mamzers the Internut Regulator is calling on me to be censored from a chatroom on Paltalk. It might take a week to get it removed there for TOS violations if Paltalk is wanting to investigate, in which case I'll use a proxy server to move to the next one I've set up. It took all of ten minutes for a friend to set me up one using a proxy and I'll simply go someplace else.


    SwordBrethren is Bryan Reo. If you wanted, I could show you how this critter has been stalking and harassing mefor months.

    As agreed before, if you see anything that you are uncomfortable with, then tell me or have the underlying server tell you and me and poof -- it is gone until such time as I get a court injunction putting it back up. Bryan Reo is frantic because he senses that everyone knows that the perverted miscegenated little beast of the field's Reign of Error is drawing to a close and all these bogus cumplaints are about to fall upon their and Cousin Ray the :Lawyer's heads' like a ton of bricks.

    There is no law enforcement interest in me, judging by the Lake County Sheriff's paperwork that I scanned. I do not expect you to 'ptotect' me from legitimate law enforcement inquiries as I have nothing to hide and while I treat them with contempt, I don't bother to lie to these minions of Satan..

    Insofar as 'libel' and slander goes, Bryan Reo still ain't white and probably ain't heterosexual.

    I'll be posting some of this on my forum later today, along with the Lake County Ohio Sheriff's cumplaint, which is idiotic. I should have sued the evil little monster six months ago but was sort of enjoying my vacation from the Internut. Duty calls.

    The case is going to last for years, but under the DMCA, 1and1.com and Hostmonster have to restore my web pages immediately and pay me damages.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I took care of it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN
    http://whitenationalist.org/forum .

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