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Thread: The New Movement Turd

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    Default The New Movement Turd

    The New Movement Turd


    When Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren took down my web page in Quebec on iweb, I almost immediately bought a new web hosting page upon which to place my v-bulletin forum. This time with the understanding that this secret forum would remain just that -- a secret known only to myself wherein I would post my own observations and that of sundry sockpuppet accounts that I made up until such time as I got an injunction against Bryan Reo taking down my web pages, forums and blogs.

    Pretty much every day, myself as "PastorLindstedt" and "Librarian" would make placeholder posts in order to time-stamp entries which later we could flesh out. Some days would be pretty busy and I'd have a number of entries, some days would have nothing but I'd make an entry anyway in order to insert what I missed later.

    In the case of The Movement Turd, on a chat session just before I was to be kicked off of Talksjew by Bryan Reo and Eli James, some character named INTJlogic introduced himself and said that he would be willing to give me a place to store my archived Movement Turds. They could be stored on Hostgator, which had no Terms of Service against Bryan Reo cumplaints of racism, etc., and would demand to see a kort order if Bryan Reo or Eli James or LiarBill DeCluele(less) whined about defamation and slander. I looked at the Hostgator TOS/AUP and when INTJ said that he would pay for the first month's use and I'd take over the account by reimbursing him, I agreed. I never did trust INTJ and thought that he might be a ZOGbot wanting to make sure about what was said on The Movement Turd, but the NSA (National Security Agency) knows all, spies on all, anyway.

    So the agreement with INTJ fell apart because INTJ, like most ZOGlings, can't keep an agreement that they make but seek always to change it to suit theysselfs. And so the spacemirror.net/lindstedt mirror site has been taken down.

    So now that I got Whitenationalist.org back upm can I reveal all these hidden archives? The answer is no. The secret forum shall remain secret and be upgraded every day, just as the whitenationalist.org/forum is upgraded and posted to every day. Foe every new post on this forum, a post is made to the secret forum. This way when there is a hiccup, like happened the other day, there is a backup.

    So I have been going over the archives, changing the hyperlinks some before revealing the old posts. Every day more and more is revealed. But for programs like The Movement Turd, I'll be first revealing the new shows in the "Today's Fresh Fish" sub-forum first.

    Now what is going to have to be done is to archive the entire "The Movement Turd" program series on the Library of Congress Archive.org site. But in the meantime The Movement Turd will have the new shows placed in the following place for a week or so:


    Where people are encouraged to download them for their own use and to then send them out to others everywhere.

    Since my server space is limited, these shows won't be up there forever, but rather placed on a rotating basis and then with a link to the Library of Congress Archive page.

    The entire White Nationalist Movement in general and the above-ground Christian Identity Church in particular has always had thieves, criminals and ZOGboits infesting it, but the past few years the Movement and CI now is nothing but ZOGbot mamzers like Bryan Reo and Commandork McFagg/Steve Elder and jews like Mike the Kike Delaney, Eli[ar] James/jewseph November-Kutz, and Rabbi Bill Finck-el-sheenie. They whine about the jews taking over while these jews take over.

    The Movement Turd is the gossip and Movement news as to what is happening in the bowel Movement by a genuine activist of long experience. Nobody covers it better and under constant ZOGbot attack.

    So tune in, turn on and what the heck, stay tuned for this installment of "The Movement Turd."

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default TMT -- Episode #73 -- The VNNF Cum-Swallowers Cum Back to VNNF Caponstranus -- 5 June 11

    The Movement Turd

    12 June, 2011
    The Word as Heard on the Turd

    TMT -- Episode #73 -- The VNNF Cum-Swallowers Cum Back to VNNF Caponstranus -- 5 June 11
    Time: June 5, 2011 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST


    TMT -- Episode #73 -- The Cum-Swallowers Cum Back to VNNF Caponstranus -- 5 June 11

    Episode Notes:

    Russ Walker is a short-time guest. In this Turd is discussed the Return of Vincent Bertollini/Bert who is trying to restore an Aryan Nations faction after getting out of prison for drunk driving. It is indeed dishonest that FiBbIes have to get involved in a "drunk-driving" coonviction and extradition from Ireland over a mere state-kort case, but such is life when ZOG claims that you are a potential domestic terrorist. After a short pause, Russifer begs off from speaking more.

    Then covered is how Alex Linder, the fut-sick kiken-weasel with jew ass-GAIDS/Crohns has all of a sudden allowed Hadding the Loveless Gay Mattoid Meercat/Scott David Spiedel to appear back on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF so soon now that pore Edgar Steele/Whigger-Whimperer has been coonvicted by a jewry of ZOGling whigger ass-clown tards and him and Don Pauley the ZOG-Parrot are lying about how a political show-trial means that pore Edgar IS guilty. After all, Rabbi LinderMillerwitz kicked Hadding off of VNNF last year for lying that Edgar Steele urged Cyndi Steele to lie for him. But now itz time for the ZOGbot fuktard cum-swallowers to cum back to VNNF Capistranus and lick off the Linderwitz colostomy bags.



    Well, neither pisser-possums, Eliars, or finckelsheenies can be invited to The Secret Turd because of mamzer & jew persecution by Talksjew. Thus this episode is on TeamSpeak. And now finished and loaded up to www.Mamzers.org

    Start Time (EDT): 12/06/11 9:00 PM EDT/8:00 PM CST
    Duration (minutes): 120+

    Download link:
    http://whitenationalist.org/useful/audio/TMT/ Archive Directory
    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/TMT/ Archive Directory

    Provisional Download Link @ 16kps

    Chat Transcript:

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Uploading The Movement Turd

    Uploading The Movement Turd



    Lindstedt can you upload any raw audio you got here???

    Take the temporary audio files over at


    and upload them to a file-sharing host.

    Don't put them all in one place because then Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren/SoredMamzer will beg and plead and niggerfy to get them all taken down like it did earlier this year.

    The Movement Turd's mission is to tell the underground White Resistance that there is no political solution and no leaders to follow. Rather you are to get close to YHWH and work on saving yourself, your family, and the worthwhile members of your community, and then, if you survive and prosper, to become one of the Ten Thousand Warlords.

    I'll be uploading TMT #80, the initial chat on Talksjew tonight. Soon.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Quick, download TMT #46, before Bryan Reo shows up on Newsgoy's Radio Free NimBusters!!!

    Quick, download TMT #46, before Bryan Reo shows up on Newsgoy's Radio Free NimBusters!!!


    Hey Martin,

    wanted to get this out there before Bryan appears on newsguys


    I had a few episodes on disc that I had to rummage through.

    Doing another Secret Turd tonight?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Lindstedt Lemming 12/12


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default TMT -- Episode #81 - The Return of The Secret Moverment Turd 31July11

    The Movement Turd

    July 31, 2011

    The Word as Heard on the Turd

    TMT -- Episode #81 - The Return of The Secret Moverment Turd
    Time: July 31, 2011 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST


    TMT -- Episode #81 - The Return of The Secret Moverment Turd

    Episode Notes:

    0:00 Super Fickin'

    0:32 Intro

    3:09 Whigger Problem

    6:08 Section 1.

    1:03:00 Blow the Horn, Let Zion Hear! (Joel 2)

    1:05:37 Section 2.

    2:00:57 Ballad of Bryan & Dickie

    2:05:35 Section 3.

    3:07:41 Florian Geyer

    3:11:03 End



    Well, neither pisser-possums, Eliars, or finckelsheenies can be invited to The Secret Turd because of mamzer & jew persecution by Talksjew.

    Start Time (EDT): 07/31/11 9:00 PM EDT/8:00 PM CST
    Duration (minutes): 120+

    Download link:
    http://whitenationalist.org/useful/audio/TMT/ Archive Directory
    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/TMT/ Archive Directory

    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/TMT/81_31July11.mp3 Download File

    Chat Transcript:

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Listen 'N' Post: Pro-White Radio Weekly Update

    Listen 'N' Post: Pro-White Radio Weekly Update


    Listen 'N' Post: Pro-White Radio Weekly Update - Thursday, August 18, 2011

    I was too busy to post an update last week so this'll be for the last two weeks.

    I posted 49 fresh episodes over the last two weeks for a total of 74 hours of programming.

    I also added 3 new programs to the lineup:

    1. The Movement Turd with host Martin Lindstedt

    Martin Lindstedt gives his original take on the White Nationalist movement. Reverend Lindstedt is a pastor in the Christian Identity faith, and his is a fresh, irreverent, no-holds-barred view (based on a life-time fighting for the cause) of the people, events, and ideas central to White Nationalism.

    2. Aryan News Network Radio Show

    Aryan News Network's Radio Show is a weekly podcast that brings you national news, views, and analysis from a pro-White perspective.

    3. Aryan News Network Weekly Roundup



    Talesen TV YouTube Channel

    Listen 'N' Post: Pro-White Radio

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    I am The Librarian

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    Default The Poofter- Possum Report -- TMT #85-5 - The Mad Marty That Shot Liberty Mamzer's Shemale

    The Poofter-Possum Report --
    TMT #84.5 - The Mad Marty That Shot Liberty Mamzer's Shemale


    Pastor John Britton beats up a couple of hulking louts with a pool cue in a bar in this no-guts-no-glory edition of The Movement Turd. Reports of this legendary ass-whupping was enough to send Cryin' Lyin' Bryan Reo and Cousin Ray the Sicilian guido-jew ambulance-chaser from jew Jersey into a tizzy and bogus demands that Tonto Johnny's case be dismissed in between bouts of snitching to the Lake County Ohio Sheriff's Department. Witnesses at the scene said the two louts were actually wanting to cornhole a lone midget in a wheelchair named jewrel Mosely who came in to use the bathroom, to get a hi-colonic and some glory-hole action from Bryan Reo but take it from a Foster's poofter, after 10 beers who's counting? Marty thrills his listeners with stories of how he bravely infiltrates Internet chat rooms and calls people names; Pastor Dan Johns is still receiving medical treatment trying to remove his head out of Bryan Reo's mangina and having to pump his mo-gullet of a quart of mamzer slime from the last time. Care to challenge Marty to a fight? It'll be on his terms. These are you must be morally blind, act like LiarBill 'MumpsNuts DeClue(less) pretending to suffer from cerebral palsy in order to stand up Banjo Billy, and be trapped in a mine shaft cave-in with no hope of being rescued, and wanting gelded. I'd volunteer but my organs were removed and stored in a jar for medical science until a dingo at the Alice Springs lorry lot made off with them. Perhaps you seen the movie with Meryl Creep, "A Moan In The Dark!!!"?. So cowards need not apply. But could you expect anything less from the fearless warrior who's run more jew and mamzer and faggot people out of Christian Identity than a joint FBI/ATF Transgendered Gay & Bi-sexshul task force headed by Janet Nappylanho? I sure wish I was hung like Janet Reno, MumpsNuts and Bryan Reo!!!

    The man who shot Liberty Valance's transgendered mother.


    Now appearing on a domain name that honors us: www.mamzers.org

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    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default TMT -- Episode #86 -- For that woman you gave me hast fried it up and I did eat --4Sept11

    The Movement Turd

    September 4, 2011

    The Word as Heard on the Turd

    TMT -- Episode #86 -- For that woman you gave me hast fried it up and I did eat
    4 Sept 2011

    Time: September 4, 2011 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST


    TMT -- Episode #86 -- For that woman you gave me hast fried it up and I did eat

    Episode Notes:

    Actually a pretty lackluster episode of The Movement Turd. Russ called in to bitch me out for letting my 'inner Swede' get the better of me every so often and eating bacon or sausage and biscuit gravy every so often whenever Roxie fries it up. Regrettably I didn't record that section, but Russifer did chew my ass out in the chat. What to say? At least I can whup the Chicago sephardic jew Eliar James/jewseph Kutz-November and the Ashkenazi Jersey City jewboy Rabbi Finckelsheenie at a bacon-cheezeburger eating contest and don't have to maintain two sets of plates either!!! I also gained some insight as to why YHWH blamed Adam for letting the woman YHWH had given him for eating of some mighty strange 'jewccy fruit' and being in effect a cuckold. When you are supposed to be the one in charge, making an excuse for your underlings when you shared in the sin don't cut it. Genesis 3:12.

    That said, the bacon cheeseburger and the sausage biscuits in gravy, that too shall pass, but being a jew or a mamzer or a ZOGling snitch lasts forever, even unto the tenth [de]generation. Eli James and Rabbi Finckelsheenie still are jews, and Bryan Reo and Commandork McFagg/Steve Elder and most of these jews' Talksjew followers are forever mamzers, not to mention fuktarded.

    So this was a shorter Movement Turd. But hopefully relevant because we still have the jews and mamzers and ZOGbots amongst us.

    0:00 Super Fickin'

    0:32 Intro.

    Whigger Problem

    Section 1-5.

    Florian Geyer




    Well, neither pisser-possums, Eliars, or finckelsheenies can be invited to The Secret Turd because of mamzer & jew persecution by Talksjew. However, if you are one of my sheep who hears my voice, you know where I can be found tonight in the secret Talksjew bat-cave.


    Start Time (EDT): 09/04/11 9:00 PM EDT/8:00 PM CST
    Duration (minutes): 120+

    Download link:
    http://whitenationalist.org/useful/audio/TMT/ Archive File Directory
    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/TMT/86_4Sep11.mp3 Temporary Download Link

    Chat Transcript:

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default TMT #86 Chat 4 Sept 2011

    TMT #86 Chat 4 Sept 2011


    Guest 5 is logged into the chat
    [7:58:30 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [7:58:30 PM] TrashCanMan72 is logged into the chat
    [7:58:30 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [7:58:42 PM] <Guest 5> OK Running late.
    [7:59:20 PM] <TrashCanMan72> Didn't see one either. The one I got said 9 CST instead of EDT, but I'm ASSUMING that was a mistake....
    [7:59:29 PM] Frankenwhigger is logged into the chat
    [7:59:54 PM] <nwfcomrade> Call time is 8 CDT. Also, if it were scheduled to start at 9, Reltney wouldn't be here (well, likely wouldn't be here...)
    [8:00:20 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The Email said the Show will start @9:00 PM Central Time ! We have an Hour to Kill!
    [8:00:40 PM] <Guest 5> OK, I was wrong.
    [8:00:40 PM] <Guest 5> It's now.
    [8:00:40 PM] <TrashCanMan72> Yeah, he usually runs a little late.
    [8:00:59 PM] <nwfcomrade> Well dang. I likely won't be here much past that. I need to make sure everything tomorrow falls into place so my flight on Tuesday isn't in trouble.
    [8:01:03 PM] <Guest 5> I'm rebooting Toshiba #1
    [8:01:15 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat
    [8:01:22 PM] <Guest 6> hi
    [8:01:30 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat
    [8:01:36 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hello Mass!
    [8:02:03 PM] <TrashCanMan72> Oh, OK. Guest 5 is Martin.
    [8:02:06 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
    [8:02:06 PM] <Guest 7> hi
    [8:02:16 PM] <Guest 7> no lindstedt?
    [8:02:27 PM] <Guest 7> he get taken into captivity?
    [8:02:35 PM] <nwfcomrade> 7 - he's on #5 right now.
    [8:02:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> haha martin is kinda time and clock challenged
    [8:02:41 PM] <nwfcomrade> Just a little late, that's all.
    [8:02:52 PM] <Guest 7> he is trying to confuse the spys
    [8:03:15 PM] <Guest 5> Not that. Just a bit sick today.
    [8:03:29 PM] <Guest 7> maybe cancel the show
    [8:03:34 PM] <Guest 7> play a re run
    [8:03:39 PM] <Poopy Dawg> he forgets that nobody really pays attention to CST but people who live there
    [8:03:40 PM] <Guest 7> dont injure yourself
    [8:04:44 PM] <Guest 7> hmmm
    [8:04:50 PM] <Guest 7> so what has happened since last Thursday
    [8:06:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> Yeah, that and mountain time. When I lived in mountain time, even the central time people had forgotten we were over there.
    [8:06:56 PM] <Guest 7> could Martin take a photo of the room in which he does the show out of and post it?
    [8:07:05 PM] <Guest 7> Just take it with the built in web cam on the tOSHIBA
    [8:07:45 PM] <Guest 5> Martin Could -- Martin won't.
    [8:07:47 PM] <Guest 7> is it a office? or just a den with a few PC's strewn all over the desk and counch?
    [8:08:05 PM] <Guest 5> A mess.
    [8:08:25 PM] <Guest 7> hmph. we need to buy you equipment
    [8:08:37 PM] <Guest 7> a executive office chair
    [8:08:46 PM] PastorLindstedt is logged into the chat
    [8:08:48 PM] <Guest 7> professional recording mics
    [8:08:58 PM] PastorLindstedt has left the chat
    [8:08:58 PM] PastorLindstedt is logged into the chat
    [8:09:22 PM] <Guest 7> will you ever be doing video shows?
    [8:09:24 PM] <PastorLindstedt> OK.
    [8:09:31 PM] <Guest 7> CI deprograms?
    [8:09:38 PM] <PastorLindstedt> Maybe. Outside.
    [8:09:46 PM] <Guest 7> that would be cool


    PastorLindstedt is logged into the chat
    [8:09:00 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [8:09:00 PM] TrashCanMan72 is logged into the chat
    [8:09:00 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [8:09:00 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
    [8:09:00 PM] Frankenwhigger is logged into the chat
    [8:09:01 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
    [8:09:24 PM] <Guest 7> will you ever be doing video shows?
    [8:09:26 PM] <PastorLindstedt> OK.
    [8:09:33 PM] <Guest 7> CI deprograms?
    [8:09:40 PM] <PastorLindstedt> Maybe. Outside.
    [8:09:49 PM] <Guest 7> that would be cool
    [8:10:14 PM] <Guest 7> you are sort of on a hill and could have the sunset over the field as a backdrop as you sit and talk on your patio
    [8:10:30 PM] <Guest 7> so whats going on in the right wing!
    [8:10:48 PM] <Guest 7> im just keeping afloat
    [8:10:54 PM] <Guest 7> less than part time work
    [8:11:17 PM] <nwfcomrade> Aren't you in school yet?
    [8:11:20 PM] <Guest 7> was
    [8:11:39 PM] <nwfcomrade> Has the next year not started for you yet?
    [8:11:42 PM] <Guest 7> got hired after working some weeks for free as a field placement
    [8:11:51 PM] <Guest 7> not sure if I want to continue on the next year
    [8:12:02 PM] <Poopy Dawg> When do we get our hour back? In November sometime?
    [8:12:13 PM] <Guest 7> hour of great tribulation?
    [8:12:31 PM] <Guest 7> has Lindstedt given you a link to that yet?
    [8:12:34 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol I hope we get HOGT sooner - no the time change
    [8:12:40 PM] <Guest 7> oh heheh
    [8:12:47 PM] <nwfcomrade> Assuming you mean switching off of DST, yes.
    [8:13:04 PM] <Poopy Dawg> I HATE it when they steal that hour and now they make us wait longer to get it back
    [8:13:08 PM] <nwfcomrade> I keep hoping my interview in Seattle on Wednesday goes well. I'll get several hours back then.
    [8:13:15 PM] PastorLindstedt is on the call
    [8:13:32 PM] <Poopy Dawg> we'll keep you in prayer on that one NWF, hope it goes well
    [8:13:37 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat
    [8:13:42 PM] <Guest 7> HI LINDSTEDT
    [8:13:53 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hello Martin!!! Happy Communist Labor Day!
    [8:13:53 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat
    [8:13:55 PM] <nwfcomrade> I've done nothing but study for it for a while now, and I was in really dang good shape before that.
    [8:14:00 PM] <Guest 7> bad voice quality cant hear anything
    [8:14:06 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat
    [8:14:07 PM] <Guest 9> oi
    [8:14:10 PM] <Guest 9> skinheads
    [8:14:20 PM] <Guest 9> 14/88 SKINHEAD GANGz
    [8:14:21 PM] <nwfcomrade> Oh dang - 7, I thought you were Mass1488.
    [8:14:26 PM] <Guest 9> lol
    [8:14:28 PM] PastorLindstedt is on the call
    [8:14:30 PM] <Guest 7> you guys see that Tom Scabdates on VNNF?
    [8:14:40 PM] PastorLindstedt has hung up
    [8:14:43 PM] <nwfcomrade> I think I owe you both an apology
    [8:14:53 PM] <Guest 7> this is what he wrote:
    [8:14:56 PM] <Guest 7> Even the most so-called "extreme" christ-insaners are complete idiots. Some examples:

    * James Wickstrom - Stole somebodys wife as I recall.
    * Bill Fi
    [8:15:04 PM] <Guest 7> ill Finck - An excon that murdered an inmate. Did 14 years for it.
    * Mike Delaney - An excon grand theft auto dolt.
    * Eli James - A sephardic jew.
    * L
    [8:15:10 PM] <Guest 7> Lindstedt - I'm not even going to go there.
    * Pastor "Pothead" Visser - nuff said.
    * Michael Burks - We all know what happened to him.
    * Morris Gullet
    [8:15:16 PM] <Guest 7> - Just got out of federal prison after 6 years. FBI cocaine sting related.
    * Dan Johns - Serial polygamist.
    * Karl Gharst - Raving lunatic.

    It goes o
    [8:15:25 PM] <Guest 7> on and on and on...
    [8:15:54 PM] <Guest 9> whats the CI view of cutting your hair?
    [8:16:03 PM] <Guest 9> are you allowed to cut your hair in CI?
    [8:16:15 PM] <nwfcomrade> Don't do it if you're named Samson.
    [8:16:26 PM] <nwfcomrade> Why wouldn't you be?
    [8:16:34 PM] <Frankenwhigger> A Lot of People Have a "Hard on" for CI!! Look at who's the Self Appointed Leaders are!! Just like #7 posted.
    [8:16:49 PM] <Guest 9> doesnt it say in levicticus you cannot cut your hair?
    [8:17:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> Post a specific verse and we'll deal with it.
    [8:17:15 PM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo Neo Nazi Christelijke Orthodoxy van de Identiteit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgtMTU9CMWs
    [8:17:28 PM] <Guest 7> FRANKEN WHIGGERS YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!
    [8:17:41 PM] <nwfcomrade> OH YES.
    [8:18:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> LOL Anders...
    [8:18:05 PM] <Guest 9> Levicticus 19:27
    [8:18:06 PM] <Guest 7> or is it a fake franken whig?
    [8:18:06 PM] <Guest 7> frank you there?
    [8:18:08 PM] <Guest 7> is that your account?
    [8:18:56 PM] <Guest 9> so am i allowed to cut off the hair on my head
    [8:19:17 PM] <Guest 9> cause its starting to get hot?
    [8:19:23 PM] <nwfcomrade> http://bible.cc/leviticus/19-27.htm
    [8:19:50 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm not sure if this is an accurate source, but the commentary on the page is interesting.
    [8:19:59 PM] <Guest 9> so is it like a yes or a no?
    [8:20:09 PM] <Guest 9> am i like forbbiden to get a haircut?
    [8:20:19 PM] <nwfcomrade> Many of the practicies forbidden in the Bible aren't generic "hair-cutting" or anything else. They're usually things that pagans do.
    [8:20:19 PM] <Guest 7> starting? summers over buddy
    [8:20:35 PM] <Guest 9> well its still hot
    [8:20:48 PM] <Guest 7> huhhhhuhhhuuuuuu HUUuuuuuueeehuuuu
    [8:20:58 PM] <nwfcomrade> Mass, when someone writes something like the Bible or reads something like that, they need to understand who would read it and why it would...
    [8:21:01 PM] <nwfcomrade> ... say what it says.
    [8:21:02 PM] <Guest 7> HAHAHAHAHA HAHA---HAHAHAH!!!!
    [8:21:18 PM] <Guest 7> MUAHhhh--hhhahahaha --MUhahhah-aaa--haahah!!!!
    [8:21:20 PM] <Guest 7> MUhahahhhahaha!!!!
    [8:21:25 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am Glad that You all approve!!
    [8:21:25 PM] <Guest 9> so is leviticus 19-27 still relevent today?
    [8:21:54 PM] <nwfcomrade> Lots of the scriptural passages prohibiting alcolhol consumption actually talk about specific things the mediteranian societies used...
    [8:22:07 PM] <nwfcomrade> ...alcohol for. They didn't actually forbid wine and such.
    [8:22:29 PM] <Guest 9> ah so no henessee but beer is fair game?
    [8:22:32 PM] <Guest 9> would that be the modern version
    [8:22:33 PM] <nwfcomrade> If it isn't, get a haircut. If it is, don't get the haircut Leviticus talks about.
    [8:22:48 PM] <nwfcomrade> No, all alcohol is fair game.
    [8:23:00 PM] <Guest 9> so no alcohol in CI?
    [8:23:04 PM] <nwfcomrade> Just not in excess or in absurd concentrations.
    [8:23:09 PM] <Guest 9> ah
    [8:23:29 PM] <Guest 9> so in CI you cannot cut your sideburns
    [8:23:48 PM] <Guest 7> The German comment says: "God and the world" about the coming-out gay teenager from the perspective of young people
    [8:23:50 PM] <nwfcomrade> Mass, you're not so infantile you can't reason this on your own.
    [8:23:58 PM] <Guest 9> i know i know
    [8:24:19 PM] <Guest 9> dont be a drunkard and do not shave your head like mexicans do
    [8:24:30 PM] <nwfcomrade> The haircut being discussed in the Bible refers to cutting the hair on your temples for use in pagan ceremonies.
    [8:24:35 PM] <Guest 9> ah
    [8:24:36 PM] <nwfcomrade> Yes, that's it.
    [8:24:54 PM] <Guest 9> o so do not do it for cult
    [8:25:06 PM] <nwfcomrade> Right. Same with tatoos, etc.
    [8:25:21 PM] <Guest 9> so know skinhead tatoos or head shaving
    [8:25:26 PM] <Guest 7> able to partly hold your bowel movement in and make it to the tiolet without having
    [8:25:34 PM] <Guest 9> fine by me
    [8:25:36 PM] <nwfcomrade> The way to understand this is, "What did the Bible mean when it was written?" A lot of that comes down to "Who was doing what is forbidden...
    [8:25:42 PM] <nwfcomrade> ... and why were they doing it?"
    [8:25:44 PM] <Frankenwhigger> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOWeumu6uV4
    [8:25:47 PM] <Guest 7> Shit Steaks And Turd Burgers
    [8:26:31 PM] <Guest 9> I know the whole story behind the commandment 9
    [8:26:52 PM] <Guest 9> thou shalt not bear false witness in modern context means snitching
    [8:27:03 PM] <Guest 7> Male pooping techniques (girls dont poop so they are not allowed)
    [8:27:04 PM] <Guest 7> right into the sink and then i use my hands to force it down the drain
    [8:27:06 PM] <Guest 9> but back then it meant
    [8:27:22 PM] <Guest 7> toilets are gross and they waste water i poop in the trash can
    [8:27:25 PM] <nwfcomrade> Well, no. It's actually talking about perjury. It means don't commit perjury.
    [8:27:26 PM] <Guest 9> in disputes they would know who did what based on witnesses and could usually have no physical evidence
    [8:27:35 PM] <Guest 7> i just eat a lot of spicy food, drop my pants and hand my rear end off the porch and let my explosive diorama do all the work
    [8:28:17 PM] <Guest 7> NECRO_BUTCHER is not a nimbuster quit blaming all your woes on the nims
    [8:28:36 PM] <Guest 9> and thou shalt not kill means do not kill innocent whites but everyone else is fair game!
    [8:28:46 PM] <nwfcomrade> 7, you feeling.
    [8:29:13 PM] <Guest 9> wait there was an NSM rally?
    [8:29:19 PM] <Guest 9> not those fagz again
    [8:29:22 PM] <nwfcomrade> You're right, but it's due to bad translation in the King James. It should have read "Do not murder" instead of "Do not kill"
    [8:29:45 PM] <nwfcomrade> 7, you alright?
    [8:30:05 PM] <Guest 7> I am psychotic
    [8:30:15 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
    [8:30:45 PM] <Guest 9> Mike DeLANY= Mike the Kyke!
    [8:30:49 PM] <nwfcomrade> A prostitute was added to Christ's geneology for lying to the government. But she did so righteously, so it wasn't a commandment violation.
    [8:30:56 PM] <Guest 7> I just found a fresh vein and injected 30mgs of black tar
    [8:30:59 PM] <Guest 10> sorry man. i'm late. i was watching that aliens vs. cowboys flick.
    [8:31:02 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat
    [8:31:08 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Bryan Wright and Delaney, perfect - mamzers together
    [8:31:16 PM] <Guest 10> i deleted it. it was garbage.
    [8:31:17 PM] <nwfcomrade> Generally, if the government is righteous, you're not to lie in court. Outside of that, lying isn't really all that bad.
    [8:31:51 PM] <nwfcomrade> Good to know. For a while, I couldn't decide if I wanted to see it or not. I'll avoid it.
    [8:32:07 PM] <Guest 7> HAHAHAHAHHA
    [8:32:17 PM] <Guest 10> you have a watermelon patch?
    [8:32:37 PM] <Guest 10> like a petey green style patch?
    [8:32:51 PM] <Guest 9> do anglo mestizos have curly hair or atleast sum?
    [8:32:51 PM] <Guest 7> I am on heavy butabarbitals tonight
    [8:33:07 PM] <Guest 10> did john hagee teach you how to cut watermelon?
    [8:34:30 PM] <Guest 7> me and Hagees son Matthew Hagee used to do methadone in Amarillo
    [8:34:46 PM] <Guest 10> Nice thing about teamspeak. You could ping the inmates when they rambled on...
    [8:34:49 PM] <Guest 7> this was early 00's
    [8:34:50 PM] <nwfcomrade> Sometimes.
    [8:35:44 PM] <Guest 10> it's like herding women in a shopping mall (aka cats)...I know.
    [8:36:38 PM] <Guest 9> General Nathan Forest Bedford! <33
    [8:36:45 PM] <Guest 9> my favorite one of em all
    [8:36:56 PM] <Guest 10> i gotta go man. this is retarded.
    [8:37:04 PM] <Guest 9> like your face guest 10
    [8:37:10 PM] <Guest 10> me 2
    [8:37:21 PM] <Guest 10> anyways...enjoy the punishment.
    [8:37:24 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat
    [8:37:31 PM] <Guest 7> used to lie down and waterfall the butyl nitrite straight into our mouths on top of the firehouse saloon
    [8:37:52 PM] <Guest 9> hey during the civil war 2? can we be allied with Russia Japan and the Arabs
    [8:38:06 PM] <Guest 9> against like Aztlan
    [8:38:16 PM] <Guest 9> and Brazil and ZOG
    [8:38:19 PM] <Guest 7> RUssia yes Gooks and Sand nigs no
    [8:38:44 PM] <Guest 9> Sand nigz hate jews
    [8:38:45 PM] <Guest 9> and are closer to us then nigz
    [8:38:47 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm going to go with this answer. Ultimately, the non-whites will start to get nervous and double-cross us.
    [8:39:08 PM] <nwfcomrade> Not really. They're actually quite a bit more asian than anything else.
    [8:39:23 PM] <Guest 7> If I were to make friends with every race that hates jews I would be a multiculturalist
    [8:39:33 PM] <Guest 9> I heard Arabs are classified as Caucasian
    [8:39:44 PM] <Guest 9> they are not white
    [8:39:47 PM] <Guest 7> so are most mixed races
    [8:39:59 PM] <Guest 7> bi racial gutter milk
    [8:40:06 PM] <nwfcomrade> Classified can mean a lot of things. They're certainly not Aryan.
    [8:40:39 PM] <nwfcomrade> Good point, Pastor. A second civil war along racial lines would mostly be a private party.
    [8:40:42 PM] <Guest 7> R.I.P. RUSS
    [8:41:45 PM] <Guest 9> so just North America and Europe
    [8:42:16 PM] <nwfcomrade> Not even Europe, as far as we're concerned. We're going to be too busy and they'll have to deal with their own problems.
    [8:42:38 PM] <Guest 9> yea i dont expect to get vacation in budapest
    [8:43:08 PM] <Guest 9> its gonna look like yugoslavia but no where near as organized
    [8:43:26 PM] <nwfcomrade> I can see someone marrying a former mudshark (even though it's gross), but I wouldn't even think about it if there were niglet in the picture.
    [8:43:31 PM] <Poopy Dawg> I've seen a pic of Schoep's current wife - NOT white
    [8:43:41 PM] <Guest 9> whats Scoeps wife?
    [8:44:47 PM] <Guest 9> like Steve's wife!
    [8:44:51 PM] <Poopy Dawg> she looked mongrelish, mexicanish
    [8:44:55 PM] <Guest 9> the fat native american babe!
    [8:45:20 PM] <Guest 9> steve has a squaw wife!
    [8:45:31 PM] <Guest 9> im jealous he gets to stay at home while the bills get paid for him
    [8:45:34 PM] <nwfcomrade> So, a recent discovery of mine (probably not original, but it's news to me).
    [8:46:04 PM] <nwfcomrade> We all talk about mongoloids as if they have a higher IQ than whites. They don't, actually.
    [8:46:21 PM] <Guest 7> the eyes are the first thing to go
    [8:46:30 PM] <Guest 9> Well Singapore has the highest IQ
    [8:46:32 PM] <Guest 7> I will marry a black top with blue eyes before I do a blond with browns
    [8:46:48 PM] <nwfcomrade> SOME mongoloids have a higher IQ, but that's due to some white ancestry and inbreeding to keep the intellect.
    [8:47:30 PM] <Guest 9> exactly nwf while the Chinese may have IQs they just dont have the creative genes that allow them to produce the western civilization
    [8:47:36 PM] <nwfcomrade> A typical mongoloid has an IQ around that of an American nigger. They're actually quite dumb. Some eastern asians have high IQ and that's it.
    [8:47:42 PM] <Guest 7> Guest 9 wants to breed a HAPA
    [8:48:06 PM] <nwfcomrade> Not even that, they only get it from some white ancestry. They're the exception that proves the rule.
    [8:48:08 PM] <Guest 9> guest 7 whats a HAPA?
    [8:48:30 PM] <Guest 7> aisan and caucasian bi racial
    [8:48:38 PM] <Guest 9> well the North Koreans probably have a good amount of fino and hungarian in them
    [8:48:46 PM] <Guest 9> 3rd highest IQ country
    [8:48:53 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Asaitics are NOT More Intelligent than whites. We in the West only see the Smart Orientals. They are the ones smart enough to live in the
    [8:48:54 PM] <Guest 7> IQ idnt everything
    [8:48:59 PM] <Frankenwhigger> white man's world!
    [8:49:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> So when did we figure out McFagg has a red nigger wife? I'd love to have this in my bag of tricks...
    [8:49:21 PM] <Guest 9> true, im saying while some asiatics may have IQ
    [8:49:26 PM] <nwfcomrade> That, and the oriental leadership doesn't let the dumb ones out (usually).
    [8:49:29 PM] <Guest 9> they dod not posses the creative genes
    [8:49:45 PM] <Guest 9> hillga!
    [8:49:47 PM] <Guest 9> lol
    [8:49:48 PM] <Guest 7> Asians have no personality
    [8:50:26 PM] <Guest 9> i know a chinaman that got to go into North Korea!
    [8:50:32 PM] <Guest 7> shallow personality traits
    [8:50:53 PM] <Guest 9> I plan to visit north Korea they have now tours I would like to see the last country to refuse submit capitalism embraces Juche!
    [8:50:55 PM] <Guest 7> thinking your future lies with an Asian woman...?
    [8:51:27 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yeah, Maui Patricia was Being sarcastic!!
    [8:51:35 PM] <nwfcomrade> Pastor, recall HAC claims to have seen McFagg and his wife a few times. I'd love to know what the story is.
    [8:51:47 PM] <nwfcomrade> I may just have to bring it up if I move to Seattle in the next month.
    [8:51:48 PM] <Guest 9> Juche means self relliance is consistent with the principles of NazBol!
    [8:51:54 PM] <Guest 9> Whose heard of NazBol?
    [8:52:00 PM] <Guest 7> All Caucasians are white but not all whites are Caucasian
    [8:52:16 PM] <Guest 9> its the other way aroun guest 7
    [8:52:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> April Gaede is My FB Friend!
    [8:52:35 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Covington spams on FB!
    [8:52:39 PM] <nwfcomrade> Who isn't your Facebook friend?
    [8:52:44 PM] <Guest 9> Lindstedt whats your view of Socialism in one country?
    [8:53:08 PM] <nwfcomrade> Pastor, I managed to figure out what upset CI with the first Northwest novel!
    [8:53:15 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Bryan Reo isn't my FB friend!!
    [8:53:17 PM] <Guest 9> what did nwf?
    [8:53:24 PM] <Guest 9> i did not see that when i read it
    [8:53:32 PM] <nwfcomrade> It's not the content, it's the description of CI in the "vocabulary" section of the book.
    [8:53:50 PM] <Guest 9> ah yes that
    [8:54:00 PM] <nwfcomrade> That was my initial reaction, too. The text itself is quite favorable to CI.
    [8:54:24 PM] <Guest 9> nwf have you heard of Nazbol?
    [8:54:32 PM] <Guest 9> newest Racial tendency
    [8:54:39 PM] <Guest 7> did Martin call newsguy tongiht?
    [8:54:59 PM] <nwfcomrade> Only from you. And it's a bit of a contradiction since Bolshevism (Communism) doesn't recognize individual nations (i.e. it's worldwide).
    [8:55:09 PM] <Poopy Dawg> You sound like zog: <Guest 7> All Caucasians are white but not all whites are Caucasian
    [8:55:29 PM] <Guest 7> Ive seen a bunch of nationalist commies
    [8:55:35 PM] <Guest 9> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ft-P...eature=related
    [8:55:38 PM] <Guest 9> Nazbol
    [8:55:47 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [8:55:48 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [8:55:49 PM] <nwfcomrade> Oh sure. But it's a contradiction.
    [8:55:52 PM] <Guest 7> zog corp?
    [8:55:54 PM] <Guest 9> yes true
    [8:56:09 PM] <Guest 9> I like Marx for his analysis of capitalism
    [8:56:25 PM] <Guest 7> ethnic whites is better descript
    [8:56:40 PM] <Guest 7> the term white doesn't mean anything in white monocultures
    [8:56:51 PM] <Guest 7> only in diversity
    [8:56:52 PM] <nwfcomrade> I like to think so. I don't want to get into it here, but I'm pretty sure I've studied enough material to 1) keep out the tards and 2) actually ...
    [8:56:55 PM] <Guest 7> DIE
    [8:56:57 PM] <Poopy Dawg> other than caucasians, what race would qualify as white?
    [8:56:59 PM] <nwfcomrade> ... do the revolution.
    [8:57:11 PM] <nwfcomrade> A lot of what I've done this last year is picking up material and studying how to pull this off.
    [8:57:18 PM] <Guest 7> nice
    [8:57:27 PM] <Guest 7> I hope you call in one night and spend some hours laying it ouy
    [8:57:30 PM] <Guest 7> out*
    [8:58:03 PM] <nwfcomrade> I wouldn't do it here. It's not something that would be done over the open air or over a phone.
    [8:58:16 PM] <nwfcomrade> Even in a private environment. I wouldn't take it public.
    [8:58:43 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yahweh hangs out at My House!
    [8:58:57 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am Right with Yah!!
    [8:59:40 PM] <nwfcomrade> Strangely, I believe you.
    [8:59:42 PM] <Guest 7> hehhe
    [8:59:43 PM] <Guest 7> he nwf
    [8:59:45 PM] <Guest 7> yunno what I been doing lately?
    [8:59:56 PM] <Guest 7> reading allot of crap on my e reader
    [8:59:57 PM] <nwfcomrade> Dare I ask?
    [9:00:04 PM] <Guest 7> currently:
    [9:00:08 PM] <Guest 7> kill the best gentiles
    [9:00:12 PM] <nwfcomrade> Do you like e-readers? I don't think I would ever use one.
    [9:00:19 PM] <Guest 7> I like em
    [9:00:27 PM] <Guest 7> im trying to stay off any LCD screen
    [9:00:42 PM] <Guest 9> I have shit load of nazi books
    [9:00:43 PM] <Guest 9> in my house
    [9:00:43 PM] <Guest 7> I copy paste entire forums to the thing
    [9:00:44 PM] <Guest 7> and read em off there
    [9:00:52 PM] <Guest 9> i have covington stuff turner diaries
    [9:00:57 PM] <Guest 9> the iron dream
    [9:01:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> I really ought to, but I program for a living. I wish I could do Northwest Front work full-time, but I don't have a pile of money lying around.
    [9:01:10 PM] <Guest 7> almost all nationalist /racial books are not to be had in bookstores libraries anywhere near me
    [9:01:19 PM] <nwfcomrade> alibris.com
    [9:01:20 PM] <Guest 9> same here guest 7
    [9:01:22 PM] <Guest 7> and I dont have a C card
    [9:01:34 PM] <Guest 9> really
    [9:01:34 PM] <Frankenwhigger> It is worth that in Internet Dollars!
    [9:01:45 PM] <Guest 9> i just have debit
    [9:01:46 PM] <Guest 7> so I cannot possibly read all the PDFs on an LCD backlit screen
    [9:01:49 PM] <nwfcomrade> Is that a SOuth Park reference?
    [9:01:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I have Billions of Internet Dollars!
    [9:01:59 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat
    [9:02:07 PM] <Guest 7> What I sincerely find is that I am learning way more getting through these full books than I did wasting time on forums and youtube all day
    [9:02:09 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yeah!!
    [9:02:32 PM] <Guest 7> would never get through more than 10 or 15 pages of these rare PDFs till I got the reader
    [9:02:48 PM] <nwfcomrade> Yes, I've read a TON of books in the last year, mostly things related to actually pulling off the NAR.
    [9:02:56 PM] <Guest 9> Whats the CI view of Europe in the race war?
    [9:03:01 PM] <Guest 7> James VOn Brunn was a hardcore author
    [9:03:17 PM] <nwfcomrade> I've got some european culture stuff in reserve if I ever get the time and a lot of racial theory that is secondary to what i need to do in the future
    [9:03:26 PM] <Guest 7> totally anti christ tho
    [9:03:35 PM] <Frankenwhigger> http://aprilgaedesblog.blogspot.com/...is-she-so.html
    [9:03:39 PM] <nwfcomrade> They're white too.
    [9:03:41 PM] <Guest 9> are the sides gonna be the Arrow Cross Skinheads, Strasserist vs muslims
    [9:04:00 PM] <Guest 12> i don't even know where to start on this one.
    [9:04:11 PM] <Guest 12> This is like a jewish nightmare.
    [9:04:21 PM] <Guest 12> Jesus.
    [9:04:45 PM] <Guest 9> whats Croatia's Borders gonna look like after the tribulation?
    [9:05:02 PM] <Guest 7>
    will we still be able to party in Havar?
    [9:05:19 PM] <Guest 7> | /
    [9:05:23 PM] <Guest 12> are Bosnians white?
    [9:05:28 PM] <Guest 7> Bosniaks?
    [9:05:32 PM] <Guest 7> no way
    [9:05:44 PM] <Guest 12> bosnians
    [9:06:12 PM] <Guest 7> Christian ones (if there are any) would make them partially right? hehehe
    [9:06:15 PM] <Guest 12> I would assert that bosnians, sicilians and portuguese are white!!!!
    [9:06:16 PM] <Guest 7> The West, War and Islam by Zundel addresses this I think
    [9:06:30 PM] <Guest 9> I got an idea for Europe after the race war
    [9:06:42 PM] <Guest 7> I find off whites are more hardcore right than the waspy anglos
    [9:06:47 PM] <Guest 9> Croatia and Serbia divide Bosnia
    [9:06:58 PM] <Guest 9> and Serbia annexs montegro
    [9:06:58 PM] <Guest 12> they are sure as hell not subsaharan negros
    [9:07:15 PM] <Guest 9> Hungary gets translyvania
    [9:07:22 PM] <nwfcomrade> If they're not mixed, I'm right there with you.
    [9:07:25 PM] <Guest 12> you people need to get your heads straight.
    [9:07:27 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Pork!!! It Tastes Like People!!
    [9:07:31 PM] <Guest 7> Croats or Serbs are hardcore
    [9:07:37 PM] <nwfcomrade> The only reason this comes up is they're in areas that have suffered mixing.
    [9:07:43 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Eat Your Neighbor!
    [9:07:55 PM] <nwfcomrade> Funny, I always thought it tasted like SOylent Green...
    [9:07:57 PM] <Guest 12> croats, serbs, bosnians, whatever. They are not negros.
    [9:08:02 PM] <Guest 12> Are you retarded?
    [9:08:05 PM] <Guest 9> Sieg heil Ustase!
    [9:08:09 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Break Time!
    [9:08:26 PM] <Guest 9> Sieg Heil Chetniks
    [9:08:59 PM] <Guest 9> will Israel be destroyed by the arabs
    [9:09:03 PM] <Guest 9> during the race war?
    [9:09:05 PM] <Guest 7> Slavs will be the last ones standing maybe a orthodox maybe a catholic traditionalist
    [9:09:18 PM] <Guest 12> sunday! sunday! sunday! = I remember when kike kaplan came up with that title. Trying to salvage his lost "reputation".
    [9:09:27 PM] <nwfcomrade> As far as a race war goes, I'd rather right the trash we have in america than the trash in europe. The trash in europe is a little smarter.
    [9:09:48 PM] <Frankenwhigger> North Dakota is having a Job Boom!!
    [9:09:55 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Gas Fracking!
    [9:10:02 PM] <Guest 12> Pastor, you see that Delaney went ahead and was at this NSM gathering?
    [9:10:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> True story.
    [9:10:06 PM] <Guest 9> will the entire planet be white?
    [9:10:08 PM] <Guest 9> after it all
    [9:10:40 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yeah, Delaney was there and was that Chris Drake in the Front with Schoep?
    [9:10:41 PM] <nwfcomrade> Hard to say. If Yahweh decides to keep the non-white races, then he decides to keep them. They're not mine to kill off.
    [9:10:42 PM] <Guest 7> sometimes I think the term white means nothing outside of a southeners lips
    [9:10:50 PM] <nwfcomrade> If Yahweh gives a choice, I've had enough of them and would like to see them go.
    [9:10:52 PM] <Guest 7> its a modern day invention
    [9:10:54 PM] <Guest 12> Now, Eliar was at that NSM event. You weren't. He was doing something.
    [9:10:54 PM] <Guest 9> I dont really have a problem with Japanese if they stay west of hawaii and I support North Korea
    [9:11:00 PM] <Guest 9> and Socialism in one country
    [9:11:16 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Eli James was at it too?
    [9:11:32 PM] <Guest 12> I'd have to look at it again. I didn't notice Drake.
    [9:11:49 PM] <nwfcomrade> Again, Pastor. The text if HotR doesn't knock CI. THe description at the beginning is another matter and I'm actually mad at HAC for what it says.
    [9:11:56 PM] <nwfcomrade> *The text of.
    [9:11:57 PM] <Guest 7> I prefer traditional Christianity whith its racialism seperate per say which it always was
    [9:12:16 PM] <Guest 7> you dont need CI to be a racial Christian
    [9:12:18 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I only watched a Couple of Minutes of the video from Delaney's FB posting.
    [9:12:21 PM] <Guest 12> yeah, Eli is speaking in the second vid: http://whitereference.blogspot.com/
    [9:12:47 PM] <Guest 12> Eli talked about it on his show today.
    [9:12:51 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I can't stand stupidity! They think they are "doing" something for the "cause"!!
    [9:12:54 PM] <nwfcomrade> Pastor - He never said that.
    [9:12:54 PM] <Guest 12> on talkshoe
    [9:12:55 PM] <Guest 7> hehehehe
    [9:13:19 PM] <Guest 9> is it possible to a CI Strasserist?
    [9:13:29 PM] <Guest 7> a dik dik is like a small gazette right?
    [9:13:31 PM] <nwfcomrade> In fact, the only time HAC knocked Christians was when he made fun of Envangelicals in HotR for wanting citizenship for doing nothing after...
    [9:13:37 PM] <nwfcomrade> ... the NAR is created.
    [9:13:48 PM] <Guest 9> Do you Consider Strassserists to be pretenders?
    [9:13:59 PM] <Guest 7> added to the Lindstedt list
    [9:14:11 PM] <Guest 7> picture of dik diks http://www.african-safari-pictures.c...es/dik-dik.jpg
    [9:14:12 PM] <Guest 7> hehehehe
    [9:14:17 PM] <Guest 9> I hate Evengelist faggotry
    [9:14:43 PM] <Guest 9> when we get the republic can we burn all the organ players
    [9:15:01 PM] <nwfcomrade> If they're upity, that might just happen.
    [9:15:20 PM] <Guest 7> ah the organ dont hear that in churches anymore
    [9:15:39 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat
    [9:15:44 PM] <Guest 9> love this quote
    [9:15:55 PM] <Guest 7> when we get the republic can I bring my accordian and invite you all to the garden or kitchen party?
    [9:17:03 PM] <Guest 9> Certain Races will Perish in Revolutionary Holocaust - Karl Marx
    [9:17:24 PM] <nwfcomrade> Interesting...
    [9:17:40 PM] <Poopy Dawg> jjj
    [9:17:41 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [9:17:49 PM] <nwfcomrade> Sure, but I'll be too damn busy to come if I'm still alive.
    [9:18:44 PM] <Guest 9> Is the book of jubilees valid
    [9:18:49 PM] <Guest 9> I ordered a copy
    [9:19:07 PM] <Guest 9> what about the book of jasper?
    [9:19:27 PM] <nwfcomrade> Pastor, it's fine if you got annoyed at the book, but no where in it does HAC says CI shouldn't get equal citizenship for equal work.
    [9:19:28 PM] <Guest 7> CI such an antiquated term
    [9:19:32 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [9:19:49 PM] <Guest 7> to a white man in a big multi cult city CI offers little solace
    [9:20:02 PM] <Guest 9> yea i didnt like the description
    [9:20:09 PM] <Frankenwhigger> CI is how the Jew Defines us! I am Just a Christian who knows the truth!
    [9:20:21 PM] <Guest 7> is everyone spending at least 3 hours a week on survival and insurgent studies?
    [9:20:39 PM] <Guest 9> I screamed out loud I hate jews when I was 7 years old
    [9:20:44 PM] <nwfcomrade> Well, survival and insurgent organization and management, yes.
    [9:20:55 PM] <nwfcomrade> Not management... what's a better word for it?
    [9:21:05 PM] <Guest 9> in after school back after 9/11
    [9:21:16 PM] <nwfcomrade> Facilitation! That's the word I wanted.
    [9:21:40 PM] <Guest 9> A distant thunder is the best one by far!
    [9:23:55 PM] <Guest 9> i gotta get going guys
    [9:23:55 PM] <Guest 9> ill be back
    [9:23:56 PM] <Guest 9> 14/88
    [9:23:56 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat
    [9:24:13 PM] <Guest 7> Video of Kevin Harpham at MLK Day Paradehttp://www.nwcn.com/home/?fId=127544648&fPath=/news/local&fDomain=10222
    [9:24:15 PM] <Guest 7> http://www.nwcn.com/home/?fId=127544...&fDomain=10222
    [9:24:25 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm getting to the good parts of "The Irish War of Independence" wherein the Brits' failure to contain the warfare is detailed.
    [9:24:43 PM] <nwfcomrade> I may keep it unread until the plane ride so I'll have something to pay attention to.
    [9:24:58 PM] <Guest 7> white civil rights how pathetic
    [9:25:50 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Activists like JtReady, Mike Delaney and Jeff Schoep are all a JOKE and are Buffoons!
    [9:26:29 PM] <Frankenwhigger> They think that agitating in Public is some how going to Bring the "Kingdom"!
    [9:26:57 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Nothing good came out of that Butler mess except driving the real CI Israelites underground
    [9:27:10 PM] <nwfcomrade> In my major metropolitan area, today is the first day where we've been able to open windows without gagging. It's about 70 degrees right now.
    [9:27:16 PM] <Guest 7> all these white activists are guilty of immanentizing the eschaton
    [9:27:27 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm loving it. It's been literally 100 degrees outside for months and I was about to lose my mind.
    [9:28:08 PM] <nwfcomrade> Yeah, it's always been the case that "bringing the Kingdom" requires cleansing impurities, not agitating them.
    [9:28:58 PM] <Guest 7> Chris Drake is ready http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-W3ATVLToZP...0715111931.jpg
    [9:29:05 PM] Troublemaker is logged into the chat
    [9:29:23 PM] <Guest 7> RUSSEL!!!!!!!!!!!
    [9:29:24 PM] <Guest 7> GOOD EVENING!!!!!!!!!!!
    [9:29:31 PM] <Guest 7> thanks for coming out!
    [9:30:05 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Russ, James Wickstrom is looking for You!!
    [9:30:22 PM] <Troublemaker> OK in 5 minutes
    [9:30:23 PM] <Frankenwhigger> So is Bob Jones!
    [9:31:02 PM] <Guest 12> yeah, and "Samuelson" is white....BS
    [9:31:05 PM] <Guest 7> Wickstrom sounds like a nerd
    [9:31:35 PM] <Guest 7> talk about a man wrapped too tight
    [9:31:38 PM] <Guest 7> wickstrom = zero sense of humor
    [9:31:51 PM] <Guest 7> robot voice
    [9:31:56 PM] <nwfcomrade> When I went to a Swedish Baptist church while growing up, all of those Samuelsons were white. What's the trouble?
    [9:32:07 PM] <Guest 12> troublemaker got his ass handed to him by Visser on Eli's today.
    [9:32:47 PM] <Troublemaker> 12 bull shit. Visser is just unhappy that he does not have certain answers. He had no response that Hitler was alligned wth japs
    [9:33:04 PM] <Guest 12> samuelsons have a long judaic heritage.
    [9:33:25 PM] <Guest 7> Hitler was such a multi cultist
    [9:33:31 PM] <Troublemaker> we are commanded to be separate. there is no choice in the matter
    [9:33:56 PM] <nwfcomrade> Then how come Jews like Eli and Finck don't get along with Lindstedt?
    [9:34:41 PM] <Guest 12> Lindstedt is preaching straight from the Scofield Bible.
    [9:36:15 PM] <Guest 12> Pork = good.
    [9:36:30 PM] <Guest 7> I eat pork because I view the OT through the prism of the NT
    [9:36:44 PM] <Troublemaker> 12 you are a liar Martin is correct except we do not have control of the army. Only Yahweh can defeat the armies of the world
    [9:36:48 PM] <Guest 12> fair enough. I'm going to lay off you then.
    [9:37:26 PM] <Troublemaker> 7 if you eat pork you will suffer for it. not just your body being poisoned by your spirit will be polluted
    [9:37:40 PM] <Guest 7> I know that
    [9:37:47 PM] <Guest 7> cant afford AAA beef
    [9:37:51 PM] <Guest 12> TM, you are a nutjob that has somehow managed to get on the federal docket to "disrupt".
    [9:38:01 PM] <Guest 7> LOLZ!!!!
    [9:38:11 PM] <Troublemaker> I disagree strongly with martin about pig. Pig is poison., it is that simple.
    [9:38:24 PM] <Guest 12> I wasn't aware that the federal dole extended beyond retirement.
    [9:38:32 PM] <nwfcomrade> I know I've benefitted from laying off it completely.
    [9:38:34 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Pork is some Bad Shit!
    [9:38:43 PM] <Guest 12> TM is on the federal dole.
    [9:38:48 PM] <Troublemaker> thank you 12. such charming comments. what is your name by the way or are you too afraid
    [9:39:16 PM] <Guest 7> how dare you call her women!
    [9:39:20 PM] <Frankenwhigger> How do I get on the "Federal Dole"?? I Need some extra earnings!
    [9:39:21 PM] <Guest 7> hahahahahaha
    [9:39:22 PM] <Guest 12> i'm just telling you the truth Pastor Lindstedt about this Russ Walker Character.
    [9:39:25 PM] <Guest 7> HAHAHHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
    [9:39:29 PM] <Troublemaker> 12 has hurt my feelings. I do receive Social Security, is that being on the FEderal Dole?
    [9:39:32 PM] <Guest 12> John Britton would tell you the same about him.
    [9:39:36 PM] <Guest 7> get out WOMEN!
    [9:40:17 PM] <Guest 12> you're playing with fire pastor.
    [9:40:19 PM] <Guest 7> Guest 12 is trying to expose Russ as a shill block him now!!!!
    [9:40:33 PM] <Guest 7> GUest 12 is trying valiantly to out Russ!
    [9:40:50 PM] Troublemaker is on the call
    [9:40:52 PM] <Guest 7> But I like Russ!
    [9:41:03 PM] <Guest 7> AHAHAHAHAH
    [9:41:04 PM] <Guest 7> RUSS IS ON THE CALL!!!
    [9:41:04 PM] <Guest 7> YEEEEEEEEES
    [9:41:27 PM] <Guest 7> Russ just woke up from his cat nap
    [9:41:40 PM] <Guest 12> this guy russ says a lot of stuff that is BS. Septer garbage and the like.
    [9:42:12 PM] <Guest 12> look, if it tastes like shit it is shit.
    [9:42:24 PM] <Guest 7> I suspect the 60GB dataset contains even more evidence of USG serving GOI and general jewish interests worldwide, long-term. I'm considering acquiring
    [9:42:32 PM] <Guest 7> and analyzing this data, but it would require a substantial investment in time and effort. Loud assertions that Wikileaks is CIA/Mossad disinformation
    [9:42:36 PM] <Troublemaker> 12 how would you know?
    [9:42:40 PM] <Guest 7> only makes such analysis seem more interesting and necessary to me.
    [9:42:51 PM] <Guest 7> we love you here Russel
    [9:42:54 PM] <Guest 12> ephraims septer crap is nonsense.
    [9:43:03 PM] <Guest 12> you damn well know it.
    [9:43:52 PM] Troublemaker has hung up
    [9:44:14 PM] <Guest 12> at least he is an honest enough man to call in. I'll give him that.
    [9:44:33 PM] <Guest 7> Russ was so clear tho on talkshoe callin
    [9:44:48 PM] <Guest 12> i'm not a troll.
    [9:45:03 PM] <Guest 12> I was just questioning him.
    [9:45:04 PM] <Guest 7> JOEY STAL OR HITLER LOLZ!
    [9:45:33 PM] <Guest 12> about Ephraims Septer
    [9:45:41 PM] <Guest 7> Russ reminds me of Frank Weltner
    [9:45:56 PM] <Guest 12> no, that is fair.
    [9:46:02 PM] <nwfcomrade> A "troll" makes comments in order to get a response or a rise out of someone and for no other reason.
    [9:47:41 PM] <Troublemaker> test
    [9:48:07 PM] <Guest 12> Pastor, now you know that Ephraims Septer is garbage.
    [9:48:15 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat
    [9:48:26 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Trolls live under Bridges and Interstate Overpasses.
    [9:48:36 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I have seen them!
    [9:48:39 PM] <Guest 13> Perseverance is an attitude, a frame of mind that can be developed with a positive approach.
    [9:51:21 PM] <Guest 11> haha
    [9:51:27 PM] <Guest 13> hhehea
    [9:51:56 PM] <Guest 13> what are your favorite pro white blogs>
    [9:51:57 PM] <Guest 13> ?
    [9:52:05 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Should I have a Beer or Glass of Burgundy? WWJD?
    [9:52:17 PM] <Guest 11> bryan reo is the biggest fag in CI
    [9:52:50 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Every group has to have one! Celebrate Diversity!
    [9:52:55 PM] <Guest 12> Lindstedt kicked his ass!!!!!
    [9:53:13 PM] <Guest 12> Lindstedt, you fucking rock!
    [9:53:29 PM] <Guest 13> frank your jokes are to smart for me to laugh at
    [9:53:31 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Martin is a ROCK STAR!!!
    [9:53:53 PM] <Guest 12> This idiot is trying to tell Pastor Lindstedt what is true scripture. LOL!
    [9:54:16 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Martin "belts out" a Great Tune too!
    [9:54:41 PM] <Frankenwhigger> No One Else on Talksjew sings!! Only Martin!
    [9:54:59 PM] <Guest 12> Pastor Lindstedt did two fantastic sermons on Judges. I still have them.
    [9:55:11 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Link?
    [9:55:25 PM] <Guest 12> Reo took them down.
    [9:55:40 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Downey wears a Phineas Priest Suit!
    [9:55:46 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He's so Manly!!
    [9:56:04 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He's too Sexy for His Clothes!
    [9:56:48 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat
    [9:57:11 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat
    [9:57:30 PM] <Guest 12> RUSS: Why were you calling Visser a Cherokee in Eli James show today?!?!
    [9:57:58 PM] <Guest 12> You said Visser had black hair. That is a LIE.
    [9:58:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He's Not a C herokee!!!!
    [9:58:07 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He's a Choctaw!!
    [9:58:24 PM] <Guest 12> come on man, that is plain bullshit.
    [9:59:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> I need to head to bed now. Later, all.
    [9:59:09 PM] nwfcomrade has left the chat
    [9:59:14 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Visser should Take Over Reo's Show!!
    [9:59:36 PM] <Guest 12> exactly franken. at least he'd have half a brain. something reo lacks.
    [9:59:59 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Reo Reads From Wikipedia, very well!
    [10:00:01 PM] <Guest 12> come on man. Visser ain't that bad of a guy.
    [10:00:09 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I Like Visser!
    [10:00:18 PM] <Guest 12> Come on man.
    [10:00:25 PM] <Frankenwhigger> His sermons on the Protovangelion are great!
    [10:00:39 PM] <Guest 12> Exactly Franken.
    [10:01:00 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I was disappointed when Visser was exposed as a Mamzer! I Liked a Lot of His Sermons!
    [10:01:13 PM] <Guest 12> Dude, come on. The guys been having problems with his family and here you are calling him a mud. WTF?
    [10:01:15 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I used to listen all the Time.
    [10:01:31 PM] <Guest 12> Leave Visser be.
    [10:01:59 PM] <Guest 12> That is RIDICULOUS. Visser is a white man.
    [10:02:11 PM] <Guest 12> You guys are making shit up...
    [10:02:35 PM] <Guest 12> Visser is harmless man...
    [10:03:44 PM] <Guest 12> That wasn't visser. That was the same idiot that was posing as "Billy Wood" on VNNF!
    [10:04:04 PM] <Guest 12> Visser IS a white man. You are completely wrong.
    [10:04:47 PM] <Guest 12> Visser even came on your show and made peace with you.
    [10:06:27 PM] <Guest 12> come on man...you know damn well Visser and his family are not "mamzers". Why are you going on about this nonsense?
    [10:06:28 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lll
    [10:07:45 PM] <Guest 12> he was. but BECAUSE of ASSOCIATIONS with HAL TURNER! WTF don't you under-fucking stand about that?
    [10:09:18 PM] <Guest 12> Sadly, the effect(s) of dealing with Gibbon Monkey, Gray matter collective....
    [10:11:12 PM] <Guest 12> Correction: A "Gibbon Monkey", "Grey matter" Collective....
    [10:12:30 PM] <Guest 12> you figure out my ip yet russ? from your old CIA buddies?
    [10:13:42 PM] <Guest 12> russ is short sheet posting!! lol!
    [10:15:34 PM] <Guest 12> short sheet FBI report
    [10:15:57 PM] <PastorLindstedt> fffff
    [10:16:21 PM] <Guest 12> I am Obadiah
    [10:16:34 PM] <Guest 12> 1:18
    [10:16:57 PM] <Guest 12> you guys are full of shit.
    [10:17:13 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat
    [10:17:34 PM] <Guest 14> anyone know where i CAN find maax acker?
    [10:17:47 PM] <Guest 12> you guys quote scripture like a pack of niggers.
    [10:18:02 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He Lurks at Nimbusters!
    [10:18:13 PM] <Guest 14> you think so frank?
    [10:18:22 PM] <Guest 14> he used to be at umunu chat
    [10:18:25 PM] <Guest 12> shush
    [10:18:30 PM] <Guest 14> hes the real life nazi
    [10:18:36 PM] <Guest 14> his youube is the lindgreens
    [10:19:36 PM] <Guest 14> know anything moreabout him frank>
    [10:19:40 PM] <Guest 14> ?
    [10:19:45 PM] <Guest 12> lol, more like an afternoon on jerry springer...
    [10:20:45 PM] <Guest 14> time to get maax acker
    [10:21:10 PM] <Guest 14> will you help franken?
    [10:21:31 PM] Troublemaker has left the chat
    [10:21:38 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He's Not CI!
    [10:21:58 PM] <Guest 14> ya i know
    [10:22:26 PM] <Guest 14> Hitler takes the place of Christ
    [10:22:39 PM] <Guest 12> Ficnk is an Ashkenazi Kike
    [10:22:43 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hitler was Santa Claus!! NOT THE ARCHANGEL!!
    [10:22:51 PM] <Frankenwhigger> GET IT RIGHT!!
    [10:23:14 PM] <Guest 14> the hitlerites want the powerful political man like the jews did the first time
    [10:23:46 PM] <Guest 12> Billy Wood was correct about a lot of these mamzers....
    [10:24:16 PM] <Guest 14> nimbusters is being flooded with poo posts right now
    [10:24:25 PM] <Frankenwhigger> There are No Political Solutions to the Problems of this Age. Only the Coming Kingdom is going to set the World Correct!
    [10:24:26 PM] <Guest 14> omg
    [10:24:29 PM] <Guest 14> its a mess
    [10:24:51 PM] <Guest 12> Hell you had to deal with Jacky Appleby...nuff said.
    [10:24:58 PM] <Guest 14> q
    [10:25:05 PM] <Guest 14> 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000
    [10:25:17 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat
    [10:25:23 PM] <Guest 12> REMEMBER JACKY APPLEBY!!!!
    [10:26:43 PM] <Guest 12> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    [10:29:51 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat
    [10:30:31 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ggg
    [10:32:54 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am Downloading Underbelly and will get the New Episode of Breaking Bad as soon as it is posted!
    [10:37:28 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Download complete!!
    [10:38:53 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat
    [10:42:27 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Well it was Fun!! Goodnight Guest 15 and TrashCan Guy!!
    [10:42:41 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hail Victoria!!!
    [10:42:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Goodbye Martin!!
    [10:43:03 PM] <Frankenwhigger> See you all Later!!
    [10:43:31 PM] <Poopy Dawg> llll
    [10:43:33 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [10:45:20 PM] Frankenwhigger has left the chat
    [10:47:09 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [10:51:38 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [10:51:41 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [10:55:11 PM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah, look at Pisser's cheekbones and look at that brother ... nuff said!
    [10:55:47 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://www.whitenationalist.org/foru...=4230#post4230
    [10:56:46 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/3...awnvisser3.jpg
    [11:08:48 PM] <PastorLindstedt> fffff
    [11:11:46 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat
    [11:12:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lklklk
    [11:12:52 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ';';';';
    [11:27:13 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat
    [11:27:21 PM] <Guest 16> somethims i juth pothie in a mug and microwave it anth then add a packeth of hot cocoa mix to it yummmm
    [11:28:00 PM] <Guest 16> 250 grain
    [11:28:02 PM] <Poopy Dawg> oh noes either the nims or frankenwhigger in disguise have arrived
    [11:29:10 PM] <Guest 16> i poop in a sock while i play my favorite MMORPG then i just keep filling them up until it strains out like im making
    [11:29:12 PM] <Guest 16> dot
    [11:29:34 PM] <Guest 16> poothie thoupies
    [11:29:40 PM] <Guest 16> thick or thin
    [11:30:31 PM] <Guest 16> i poop into a piece of flexible rubber tubing that arches into an authentic air force oxygen mask (i wear the helmit too with visor down) and pretend
    [11:30:45 PM] <Guest 16> i am a lizard biting my own tail. the only problem is that it usually takes more than one poop to get it all the way up the tube

    it is fun because i
    [11:30:57 PM] <Guest 16> derrive pleasure from knowing my digestive system is a loop
    [11:31:33 PM] <Poopy Dawg> prune juice is your friend
    [11:32:16 PM] <Guest 16> go back to taking about self defence sorry for interupting
    [11:32:35 PM] <Poopy Dawg> check boss
    [11:36:00 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat
    [11:36:15 PM] <Guest 11> that's not fair to bryan reo
    [11:36:24 PM] <Guest 11> he has rights too
    [11:37:41 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat
    [11:37:55 PM] Guest 17 has left the chat
    [11:38:21 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat
    [11:38:32 PM] <Guest 18> back guy
    [11:38:34 PM] <Guest 18> s
    [11:38:38 PM] <Guest 18> mass1488
    [11:39:06 PM] <Guest 18> i got it
    [11:39:15 PM] <Guest 18> i did with sucess
    [11:39:30 PM] <Guest 18> yea itss good
    [11:40:28 PM] <Guest 18> so no movement news?
    [11:40:32 PM] <Guest 18> no arrests
    [11:40:44 PM] <Guest 18> no Feds revealed?
    [11:41:55 PM] <Guest 18> Yea i need an avatar
    [11:42:23 PM] <Guest 18> whats the CI view of the occult?
    [11:44:45 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kkk
    [11:44:56 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat
    [11:46:02 PM] <Guest 18> yea that canadian critter
    [11:46:30 PM] <Guest 18> if steve the elder has a squaw wife then he might as well have a squaw best man!
    [11:46:39 PM] <Guest 18> like that critter
    [11:48:44 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [11:49:06 PM] <Guest 18> oi
    [11:49:14 PM] <Guest 18> time for bed
    [11:49:16 PM] <Guest 18> have history article out to write about
    [11:49:20 PM] <Guest 18> for school
    [11:49:48 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat
    [12:37:03 AM] PastorLindstedt has hung up
    [12:37:43 AM] <PastorLindstedt> Hail Victory!!!

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 09-18-2011 at 12:25 AM.
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