Now that Passtard Swill-in-Booze went back to prison this mumps-nutted niglet-niece molester wants to sneak back in like a pisser-possum in good standing.

I'm trying to get 'tips' from the Sven Pakishanks / ZOGbot Silly / Alferd Currycoon Bitchcuck Paki-Pedos on how to get young coontang, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

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Yes, I'll take sloppy seconds as a Pedo-Paki Bull atop Bridget Da Idjit but would prefer to mount Pisser-Possumette.

Us Pisser's & Roper's Raping Pedo-Paki Possums prefer to cum-cum, cum-cum in herds !!!

Lindstedt, I've now come to the conclusion that you're not just socially inept; not just suffering from a bad case of Tourettes'; I think you are what we call here in Britain "a bit thick".

You can read words, but you can't put them together. There is just no understanding in your Mongoloid skull for what is real, and what is in your head. How many times have you been told that Billy Roper, who we don't even know, Joey November, who we believe is a Polish yid, and Pastor Visser, who I have made my opinion about clear in above posts; none of them are involved with us. Back in August, Shane Davis (who is actually of Maranno stock) was sent an email with the names of the people involved with taking you down. I believe there were about 18 at the time. My name was somehow added twice, despite the fact that I played no part in taking you down, either then or now. I believe Pompey (Adamic Ponderings) would attest to that as well. However, he never wrote that email, which is why there would have been confusion.

I was never against you Lindstedt; my fight was with Davis and his pet hog, Laforge. However, I put my hands up and admit that I was wrong about you. I thought that underneath your immature personality and lack of class, there was some kind of untapped intellect under the crud soaked surface of that broken cistern that you call a body. You deserve what you get, and this time you can't threaten to sue anyone. You certainly couldn't skin any of us alive, so you resort to calling them mamzers. You've seen what they look like, so you should know that they are nothing more than directionless kids, who see you as bad-mouthing people they look up to. Than again, you wouldn't understand the concept of loyalty, despite the fact that even the most base creature has a notion of it. I loved how to told Bill Finck that Pastor John Brittain was your "best friend", except you never met him in your worthless existence. Now you call him an Injun. So much for loyalty.

Pompey, Bryn Jones (who isn't on this forum, but is BI-R) and myself all spent our 20th birthdays 3000 miles from home in Iraq. Despite what we may make of our actions now, we understand the concept of loyalty. I think it would be great if you met up with Pompey in July. It would solve everything. Then we can let all this be a thing of the past. Maybe arrange for Davis and Laforge to join you. I promise you one thing though. If I was a betting man, I wouldn't be betting on you. So try to be a man, and let's do this.

Actually , Marty is what we in America call "batcrap" crazy. His entire premise is that he has the right to spew whatever vile and twisted slander that he can pull from his rectum and that is totally legal but to file a Tos complaint against him is somehow a serious crime, punishable by ten years in prison. Now he has dragged Visser down with him by tarding this forum up with his imbecilic rantings. He is unemployed, living on federal assistance and has nothing to do all day but tard up the web with his cowardly slander.