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Thread: One-Seedliners Are Welcum-cum Here!!!

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    Default One-Seedliners Are Welcum-cum Here!!!

    No One Knows I'm A Lesbian!!!

    One-Seedliners Are Welcum-cum Here!

    Extending the Rainb[l]ow Ladystick & Purple Mangina of F[r]iendship!!!


    Pastor Peter Peters' death made me realize that I don't have any major beef with followers of the One-Seedline doctrine. So I am extending the Rainb[l]ow ladystick & purple mangina of f[r]iendsheep to you fucked-up OSLers who don't know that I'm an anonymous Aussie poofter with gender-identity issues. Talk about piss between fucked-up critters with Identity issues!!! I used to be a One-Seedline kind of a guy myself back in the day when I thought a penis and nutsack were enough, not that long ago. Basically, where we differ is that I as one of the innumerable mamzer faggots infesting Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pretend to believe that Jews are the literal children of the Devil, and that Yahweh is the scripturally preferred name for God. To me the Dual Seedline doctrine is a thoroughly dangerous refinement of the single seedline doctrine, and that's why all of us ZOGling critters are infesting it, trying like Eli James to make it jew-friendly or like Rabbi Bill Finckelsheenie and Capt'n Senility Clifton Emahiser to make it incomprehensible and like Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren into something into which a whole whorde of us mamzer faggots can pour into as long as we claim to be White. My pretense at being a Dual Seedline Christian Identist doesn't make me better than a One-Seedliner in Yahweh's estimation. Just easier for me to infiltrate given that a bunch of you stupid anglo-mestizo and whigger fuktards will eat most any kikeshit as long as you are able to pretend that an anonymous faggot with some gender-identity issues is the genuine article It just enables me to see through the dark glass a little more clearly as well as collect semen like an Esther-kikess gulping it down using a silk handkerchief more efficiently at the local lorrie stop..

    If you're a One-Seedliner who identifies the House of Israel with the Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples, and the people who claim to be Jews with the Synagogue of Satan, you are most welcome in this forum. I'm opening up a big huge Rainblow Coalition Christian Identity Circus Tent in which any and all mamzers and shitheads can play at being Christian Identity. You are not going to be abused, demeaned, or looked down on in any way if like myself, LiarBill MumpsNuts DeClue(less) and Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren, Eli[ar] James/jewseph November-Kutz, Rabbi Finck-el-Sheenie and the rest of the baal-priests and poseurs you are faking it as well. Standing on opposite sides of a not so broad doctrinal divide doesn't mean we have to be enemies or hurl insults at each other, especially when we can be exchanging diseased bodily fluids. I can't promise we won't attempt to convert you to the Dual Seedline doctrine, because us ZOGbot mamzers and faggots trying to infiltrate for ZOG cannot understand that our kind can't ever get into the body of Christ, there is that Deuteronomy 23:2 thang standing in the way as well, but I can promise we'll be very civil about it as we collect jewr IP and coontact information to turn over to ZOG. Naturally, you'll be free to defend what you believe. BUT NO LINDSTEDT OR BRITTON MATERIAL HERE!!! I'm like Klunt Downey over on $permFront and the gut-sick guido-kiken-weasel with jew ass-cancer over on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF on that shit. I'm extending the hand and ladystick of friendship, not compromise. Of course if you were smart, you'd not want to take it knowing where that hand -- and ladystick -- has been. You don't have to change your beliefs to be a member here and we don't have to change ours to welcome you. This is a free-range ZOGling tard corral paid for by the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity.

    Now, there are sure to be a few individuals, especially Pope Marty Lindstedt and Johnny Tonto Britton and everyone who is racially and religiously the genuine article who will regard this as an insidious scheme by yours truly -- an anonymous someone of dubious racial and gender identity who is allied with those who want to censor the real DSCI message who for some reason is not subject to the same Terms of Service conditions that genuine DSCI activists run afoul of when Bryan Reo and LiarBill MumpsNuts DeClue(less) start whining -- to corrupt the DSCI message. So, in order to head their suspicions off at the pass, so that I can rope in 666 delusional anglo-mestizos trying to gull just one genuinely racially righteous Christian Israelite, I shall state my (non-negotiable) professed beliefs for the record. I believe that Satan sired Cain through Eve. I believe that Christ came to redeem no race but the white race. I believe that a single drop of non-white blood makes you non-white. Unless, of course, if you are Bryan Reo, who everyone, even that Welas mamzer Whiney Dave from pUK[e] knows is a mamzer or LiarBill 'MumpsNuts' DeClue(less) who is suffering from inverse quasi-male telegony from all that coontang jewce dripping from its 3-inch hangdown. I believe that good Jews are as numerous as heterosexual members of The Village People. I always wanted to be in the Village People but only was able to be a poofter groupie when they toured Sydney. And I believe that men, not women, ought to do all of the preaching in a church. That's why my ladystick is swinging and the mangina is discreetly covered in the pulpit.


    You can cum-cum and go like jewromy Visser, Cherokee/Hacksaw/Shit-Ass from the No Wipe 'Em Tribe. Become the THIRD, and Fourth, and 666th Mamzer!!!

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