I'm on a $permFart Bowel-Mission from D-g/ZOG, Toe-Nail.


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I also think the intra-fighting and the promotion of intra-fighting needs to stop -- if we want to survive, that is.
There you go again
Makin' mein mangina bleed again.
Yappin' down da avenue,
666 ZOGbux and I'll be through.
Tubby'll be glad and so will jew.

with that "we" business. And this term of yours, "intra-fighting" -- what's with that? Are you seriously suggesting that I and your nutcase, lying Leader are within the same movement? I'm a delusional CreaTard ZOGbot and jew're not.

That's funny. Muh mangina is about to bust a gut.

You could use further study and thought, Tenniel, starting here

It seems clear to me that Covington is an enemy agent. We need to expose him as such to all of those who may come into contact with him. He is a dangerous man because he is such an effective liar. He must be Jewish, because he is as effective a liar as any Jew that I ever saw. If he had not done this to me, I might not have ever been totally sure that some of what he said about patriot leaders wasn't true.
[Gerald Sprouse, letter to John McLaughlin, 23 September 1997]

That was written 15 years ago by a publisher who became righteously alarmed to learn that your "only hope for our survival" was writing phony letters to his sucker list over his real name to attack me, the <ahem!> "assassin" who was going to kill him. Instead, all I ever found courage to do was to put some of muh shit in a box and sneak it onto Tubby's doorstep. Real brave of me, huh? You'll like this episode since you're such a big fan of Covington's other intriguing fictions.

John McLaughlin, famous for once breaking pushy Geraldo Rivera's big Jew nose, did what responsible men going ass-to-mouth with ZOG in my movement do: he alerted Mr. Sprouse to your migrant leader's malicious deception and let the chips fall where they would.

Was Covington lying then? Is he still lying now? Will he lie to you? Does it matter?

I'm an anglo-mestizo ZOGbot tard here on $permFront and I am on a mission from D-g. jew're not, Toe-nail.