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Thread: Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


    What I've been struck by in the Butlerian successor churches and by the imposter jew sin-o-gog of Satan aboveground pretend Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Churches is both the lack of a real congregation and thus the lack of hymns sung by the non-existent non-Internut coongregation. This is NOT the way it was when from the age of ten until I got away from home to go to college in far-away Rolla Missouri, that it was within a real family-based Church of Identity believers, even if they were British Israelite believers of Herbert Armstrong's World Wide Church of God (WWCG). Why is that?

    Well, the primary reason is because when Pastor Richard Butler took over as Wesley Swift's successor when Connie Lynch was murdered by a heart attack in a ZOG/Babylonian jail on trumped-up charges, then Butler wanted a Revolution before YHWH's Time. Butler wanted to advance the Great Tribulation on his terms, not YHWH's Terms. So Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian was turned into the Aryan Nations, skinheads, bikers, 'ex'-criminals, and drug-users and paranoid maniacs of all kinds, as long as they were White or sorta white-looking, were allowed into the Congregation of the House of Found Israel. The end result is that most family men got tired of sharing church services with tattooed freaks, criminals, dopers, maniacs, didn't want their sons to be fighting with these clowns, and certainly didn't want them around their litte ewe daughters.

    The end result of Butler's foolish policies: The shrinkage of Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian from four to five thousand listeners and hangers-on with a core group of a few thousand to Butler's several hundred, then less of followers. And as with Herbert the Pervert's WWCG's likewise splintering after Herbert died, the vast majority of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) believers went underground and fractured into numerous one and two and three-maximum family congregations, without services and what services there are are without hymnals or music altogether. Butler's foolish policies was actually for the best because it took the Church safely underground and let ZOG/Babylon cooncentrate on the distractions provided by clowns at what becum largely a circus of ass-clowns.

    So now Butler's ministerial line is dead. The criminals all died of drug overdoses or shootouts with ZOG piglice or in jails and prisons where they belonged or becum ZOGbot rats and snitches which is what they are.

    Today the pretend DSCI aboveground Church consists of sephardic jews from Chicago like Eli[ar] James/jewseph November-Kutz, or Ashkenazi Jersey City jewboys like MildBill Finck-el-Sheenie or jewromy Visser-Pisser or Serial Mamzer Polygamist Dan Johns. They and their collection of deranged whiggers and delusional mamzers listen in on a Talksjew show while being lectured on 'papist preterism' about how the Millennium has already cum and gone, about how Hitler was the ArchAngel Michael, and how there just has to be 100% purity of race by obvious nigger-gook-beaner faggots like Bryan Reo/SoredMamzer/SwordBrethren. Since these delusional mamzers and whiggers are huddled together in theyz' stinking unclean wretched gatherings like the beast-of-the-field 'men' on the Island of Dokturd Pissereau moaning, "Are we NOT men? Are we NOT hue-men?" there is precious little time for learning about the Word of YHWH to the FOUND Sheep of the House of Israel, directly from YHWH's Jeremiah 3:15 pastors.

    Surveying the pretend DSCI aboveground scene, the only rivals are those who, like Mike Hallimore are repackaging and selling Pastors Swift and Comparet. And Mike Hallimore is a book-seller, not a working pastor.

    Like Pastor John Britton, I had the advantage of being taught the Christian Israelite Identity message at an early age, from ten to twenty years of age. Granted, I hardly appreciated learning this at that age, having to sit down in a folding steel chair for two hours and listen to one of Herbert the Pervert's yapping baal-priests yap on and on about shit I didn't have much interest in listening to. And even at an early age, I knew that much of Herbert's Holey Horseshit was just that, shit. Like sending 30% or more of your income to Herbert so that Herbert could jet-set to the Beast nations' leaders and collect autographs, or pay for a bunch of hollow men of Herbert's shitheadtariate, or anointing cloths in lieu of simple dollar-a-shot cow penicillin like my dad used on his cows and kids. But I loved the times when we as a congregation got to sing unto YHWH. First at the start of services, a song or two. Then a hymn after the sermonette by a local elder. Then two hymns after the main sermon. There was Congregation interaction at Herbert Armstrong's WWCG. Which is why at one time there was 156,000 attendees in the US for one of Herbert's Feasts of Tabernacles sometime in the 1970s.

    And the best hymn composer: Dwight Armstrong, Herbert's quiet, shy, gifted younger brother. I grew up singing Dwight Armstrong's hymns, first in the brown-gray paperback hymnal, then in the purple hardcover that first appeared at the 1977(?) Feast of Tabernacles. A collection of which is available at:


    Wherefore, since I shall be starting a genuine Dual-Seedline Christian Identity service on Saturdays, the revamped "Hour of Great Tribulation" this DSCI Orthodox Comparetian service shall feature at least three hymns per service. It shall be made available for uploading for the DSCI devout and genetically pure Found Sheep of the House of Israel, and for those lost sheep seeking their way home safely to YHWH.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Blow The Horn, Let Zion Hear!

    Blow The Horn, Let Zion Hear!


    http://whitenationalist.org/useful/a...ymns/joel2.mp3 Song
    http://home.fuse.net/rust/205.html Piano

    Blow The Horn, Let Zion Hear!
    Joel 2
    Dwight Armstrong

    Blow the horn, let Zion hear, for God's day is now at hand.
    Let the people tremble in this day of clouds and gloominess.
    Troops so great and mighty strong, there has never been the like;
    Nothing shall escape as they devour the stubble on their way.

    Fire before them shall devour, flames ablaze are left behind;
    Such as Eden was shall become a wilderness that's desolate;
    Like the noise of chariots; and as horse-men do they run;
    Nothing shall escape as they devour the stubble on their way.

    People are faint at their sight, for they run like mighty men,
    Moving each on his own way they do not tangle in their paths,
    Each does follow his own line, climbing walls like men of war;
    Then they charge as warriors and advance like fighters on their way.

    They upon the city leap, break thru weapons each unharmed
    Run up on the walls and climb in houses thru the windows leap;
    Earth is quaking as they come, heaven shake, stars cease to shine;
    Then th' Eternal thunders and the sun and moon become both black!

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    Default Hark the Hovel Hymnal Sing

    Hark the Hovel Hymnal Sing


    Marty is his own Mormon Tabernacle Choir in this stirring rendition of a classic hymn. At Marty's age, back in the day, I was sucking cock, well, this age too, but one's never too old to pretend towards sanctimoniousness. There is some distortion, but it's all at his end. Isn't it always? D-g, I'se clever!!!

    And lo, the people cried, shut the hell up! Itz' making my nose and mangina wettt!!!

    http://thechristianidentityforum.net...hovel-hymn.mp3 The Pisser-Poofter-Possum's Cut
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    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default How Excellent Is Thy Name -- Psalm 8 -- Dwight Armstrong

    How Excellent Is Thy Name -- Psalm 8 -- Dwight Armstrong


    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/HOGT...ent-Psalm8.mp3 Song
    http://home.fuse.net/rust/008.html Piano

    How Excellent Is Thy Name!
    Psalm 8
    Dwight Armstrong

    How excellent in all the earth, Lord our Lord is Thy name!
    Who hast Thy glory far advanced Above the starry frame.
    From mouths of babes and infants, Lord, Strength by Thee is ordained,
    So that Thy enemies be crushed; Thy vengeful foes restrained.

    When I look up unto the heavens Which Thine own fingers framed,
    Unto the moon and to the stars, Which were by Thee ordained;
    Then say I, what is man that Thou Should be mindful of him?
    Or what, the son of man, that Thou So kind to him should be?

    For Thou has made Him little less Than the angels above;
    With glory and with dignity; With honor crowned his head.
    Appointed Lord of all Thy works, All things under His feet;
    All sheep and oxen, yes, and beasts That in the field do stray.

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    Default The Heavens God's Glory Do Declare -- Psalm 19 -- Dwight Armstrong

    The Heavens God's Glory Do Declare -- Psalm 19 -- Dwight Armstrong


    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/HOGT...e-Psalms19.mp3 Song
    http://home.fuse.net/rust/030.html Piano

    The Heavens God's Glory Do Declare
    Psalm 19
    Dwight Armstrong

    The heav'ns God's glory do declare, The skies His handiworks teach;
    Day after day their speech pours forth, and knowledge, night after night.
    There is no speech nor spoken word; their voice is never heard;
    And yet their voice spreads to all the earth, their works to the ends of the world.

    The heav'ns a tent for the sun, He made, Which comes forth like a bride groom,
    Leaving his chamber, glowing bright, to run his course with joy.
    From heaven's end its rising is, its circuit to its ends;
    And there is nothing from its heat, no, nothing is hidden thereof.

    The law of God is a perfect law, For it converts the soul;
    Sure are the sayings of our God, they make the simple wise.
    Statutes of God are right and just, and do rejoice the heart;
    The Lord's commandments are pure and clear, and light to the mind they impart.

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