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Thread: Why No Trust in the Israel Identity Movement

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    Default he above-ground DSCI Church is nothing but wall-to-wall jews and mamzers playing at being something that they are not

    The above-ground DSCI Church is nothing but wall-to-wall jews and mamzers playing at being something that they are not


    Quote Originally Posted by RD Bradshaw

    Satan’s Efforts to Destroy Israel

    Previous writings at www.age-end.com have repeatedly addressed the Satanic work to destroy Israel. . . .

    . . . . But more often, the Satanic line has used sexual miscegenation as its primary tool to destroy not only Israel, but indeed the whole line of people from Adam. This combination of murder/war and miscegenation has been the tale for the past 6,000 years since the creation of Adam and Eve and their presence in the garden. It plagued the line of Adam and intensified and grew serious when the nation of Israel surfaced in Palestine with the Israelite exodus from Egypt and entrance into the promise land. It’s still the same story today.

    The Currant Satanic Focus on Dual Seedline Believers

    Despite the sin and problems with Christianity, as it developed and matured over the centuries, YHWH has chosen to bring forth a particular people here to serve Him in the age-end within the Christian definition. He is doing this in the sense of the modern Dual Seedline entity of believers. While this motion has much sin still present in it, there are Scriptural reasons to believe that some of the people in the motion will clean their lives up and be of service to YHWH.

    With this backdrop on the Dual Seedline people and definition, it must be said that of all of the different Christian groups, sub-groups and classifications today, the Satanic efforts of destruction of Israel are concentrating primarily on the Dual Seedline people the most of all. The reason for this is that Satan has successfully used his Khazar Jew descendants to take over the education and teaching of the people of Israel (with the power and influence of the media, entertainment/Hollywood and educational structures to lead Israel into continuous wars and massive miscegenation with people of other races and kinds).

    Therefore, most modern Israelites are completely brainwashed/brain dead from the powers of Satan and his primary line of evil as found among the modern Khazar Jew category of people. It has been the Israelite right wing (so called White Nationalists) and especially the current Dual Seedline people (with their knowledge of the Satanic seedline) which are acting to oppose Satan’s work for destruction. Hence, Satan is giving the right wing much attention right now.

    Since the Satanic push is successfully already on continuous wars to destroy Israel, he has chosen to also concentrate on sexual miscegenation to destroy collective Israel and particularly with the so called White Nationalists and particularly the Dual Seedline people. But if these people are so informed to be adamantly opposed to race mixing, how can Satan bring it about?

    Here, the evidence seems clear enough. He is accomplishing it by infiltrating and placing his own agents and descendants (from the Cain line) into positions of power and authority over the right wing/Dual Seedline believers). It is a mystery to this writer why the idiots out in wonder land cannot see what Satan is doing. He has and is putting his own genetic children (in the form of the Khazar Jews) into the leadership and management of all or almost all functions and activities going on in the Israel nations. The White Nationalist and Dual Seedline religious people are his number one priority on this motion.

    And once the Satanic line assumes power, influence and authority over these segments of Israel, it immediately introduces hate (to murder Israelites) and racial amalgamation to destroy Israelites. And this is what is going on today in the Israel nations, the White Nationalist movement and the Dual Seedline entity.

    We see this very phenomenon going on in the Dual Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) as this writer has previously described. Slowly, Satan has introduced and promoted into leadership his own very genetic people (Khazar Jews) to take over DSCI people and introduce racial mixing of White Israelites with the colored peoples of the world.

    The End Result

    Consequently, Satan is placing and has placed some of his leading children into positions of leadership within the contemporary DSCI motion. We see this manifestly present with Eli James/Joseph Kutz and Shirlene Goldblatt who have assumed leadership over the DSCI people. There could be others involved as well with people like William Finck (if he is of the Satanic line as claimed by Martin Lindstedt).

    Inevitably, it is always the same story. These workers for Satan bring into the congregation of Israel colored/mamzer/mongrel peoples and teach the dumb Israelites that these aliens are proper people to integrate and mix with. In time, the dummies in Israel will begin intermarrying with these aliens and sexually reproduce to destroy themselves. And that’s why we have the likes of Bryan Reo and probably Lenio C. Barcelos. Satan’s children (Khazar Jews) have introduced and promoted these people in Israel as fellow Israelites. And tragically, many Israelites stupidly accept them as religious brethren.

    The Bottom Line

    While it is true that the Israelites must wake up from their imposed Satanic sleep and evict these racially mixed aliens from their midst, there is a bigger problem. The first corrective action is to divest from and remove Satan’s children/Khazar Jews from leadership and positions of power within the DSCI. To get rid of Reo alone would not solve the problem as long as James/Kutz remains in power as a so called pastor or leader within the movement. The believers in DSCI must act to repudiate James-Kutz as their leader.

    Another big leader is the Khazar Jew Goldblatt with its CI forum. Of course, Goldblatt has consistently advocated the Satanic agenda with promotion of James and Reo (and Finck, Barcelos and other questionable persons as well). All true or suspected Khazar Jews and alien mamzers must be removed from power over the movement. Yet, instead of divesting from Goldblatt, James, Reo, etc, there are idiots out in wonder land who stupidly still follow and support them down the primrose lane of death and destruction.

    DSCI people need to wake up from their Satanic sleep and reject these children of Satan and the aliens that they are promoting within the DSCI motion. If the idiots out in wonder land don’t get off their bottoms and do something positive about the works of evil going on around them, they will be destroyed. It is inevitable.

    Hello, RD Bradshaw, let me answer you directly as to the current state of White Nationalism in general and Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) specifically:

    As Pastor John Britton said recently, "The above-ground DSCI Church is nothing but wall-to-wall jews and mamzers playing at being something that they are not."

    Which is exactly what has happened, and which gives me grist for my The Mivement Turd Internet podcast concerning the persons and personalities of the wonderful Bowel Movement. But insofar as what can be done about this dismal reality, the answer is simple: nothing much.

    Now Eli James, formerly Joseph November and before that Joseph Kutz, is pretty much outed as a Chicago jew pretty much not only by myself and others, especially because of its relationship with a known shitskin mamzer named Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren. Rabbi Eli's past and present doctrinal changes being outed means nothing to the newbies however, and ZOG still is trying to use this long-time infiltrator of long standing on the odious and idiotic Republic Radio.

    Rabbi Finck-el-sheenie and Capt'n Senility Clifton Emahiser also knew who Bryan Reo was and that it was a mamzer, yet as recently as three months ago Finck and Emahiser were participating on the evil mamzer's Talksjew show. So why listen to these liars and frauds yap about 'racial purity' when they too have brought in a shitskin mamzer faggot like Bryan Reo, along with Eli James?

    Now 99.9999% of Christian Identity is deep underground. So what to worry if around a dozen of what I call 'the Wandering mamzers of Wikipedia/Talksjew CI' wander one day from Rabbi Finckelsheenie to Rabbi Eliar to the Serial Polygamist jew Dan Johns, a carrier of Crohns? And then if they want to listen to the Cherokee red-nigger mamzer Jeromy Visser or to the drunken crackhead and now snitch Morris Gulett and his prison-lieutenant Anglo-Mestizo Truitt? What of it?

    Now you have detected that who you call 'Shim' or 'Shurely Goldblatt' and who I call Obie-gender-bender-pissers-poofter-possum running the so-called 'Christian Identity Forum/Two and a Half Mamzers' is a likely jew mamzer faggot with gender-identity issues. And while you don't know 'LiarBill 'MumpsNut(s?)' DeClue(less) the alleged Niglet-Niece Molester personally, or haven't watched while 'Son of Light/Lucifer Lenio C. Barcelos' wandered from the goofy retard associated with Hal Turner named Sci-Fi Faber to the red-nigger mamzer Jeromy Visser, then what of it?

    My point is rather simple: A genuine Aryan Christian Israelite will not be fooled for long, if at all, by a mamzer or jew which has wandered in from ZOG knowing nothing about Christian Identity other than what it has read off of Wikipedia or heard on Talksjew and is merely aping what it thinks is Christian Identity.

    Now when I look at your web pages, RD Bradshaw, what I see is pretty much the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Orthodoxy, although it has a bunch of Herbert Armstrongism as well. I know because from the age of 10 to around 20, I was forced to listen to 2 and a half hour sermons on the Sabbath and twice that on the Holy Days. As a result of having to sit on a steel folding chair in a rented hall, I got a pretty thorough indoctrination in British Israeliteism, like it or not. So when in my thirties I decided to go back, I found the Dual-Seedline Truth, and changed to it. I must say that I was and am not a big fan of Herbert Armstrong or the pastorial abuse which was a fixture of Herbert's Hollow Men.

    Let's understand something. ZOG/Babylon is a supporter of Eli James and Bill Finck and Bryan Reo and Jeromy Visser and MoGulett. They are jews and mamzers and caught criminals and snitches. As such, they are easy to detect once you have learned the lines between them, as I have done so, and blown the whistle on them.

    The first thing these jews and mamzers and snitches do, and have done, is to practice censorship and to expel the genuine Christian Israelites. So what to do?

    What I have done is to make these jews and mamzers hole up in their new ghettos. I will heckle and insult them incessantly to where they have a choice: Either they keep absolute control over their ghetto and have to stay in their ghetto, or they must try to get new members and risk infiltration. This strategy has been successful in that it makes me the antidote to all of these jews and mamzers in the public eye and forces these jews and mamzers to 'bunch up' together for mutual protection.

    Thus I am a polarizing force.

    Now I am not worried about some genuine Israelite being led astray by these jews and mamzers and ZOGbots. Why should I? Anyone who supports this vermin and spawn of Satan is diseased or misbegotten. They instinctively are on the side of Satan and thus hate me with a Genesis 3:15 enmity, and the feeling is mutual.

    I liken myself to a 'Pastor', a shepherd, with the duty of making sure that only healthy Israelite sheep make it to the End. And thus, if I liken such to jewkals, do not these jewkals in doing their daddy Satan's work of taking down the weak and diseased sheep and in preying upon the goats, do they not do YHWH's work in weeding out the tares as well?

    Christ's sheep hear His Voice. And thus their personal relationship with Christ and YHWH cannot be tampered with by me -- or by the above jewkals. Likewise these jewkals cannot have any relationship with Christ -- they cannot choose Christ and Christ will not allow them within the Congregation.

    Now I have years of knowing these jewkals, hundreds of hours of podcast audio, thousands of written posts in which I lambaste these misbegotten bastards and Spawn of Belial. But in the end result, sides will be chosen and the goats will go with the jewkals and the healthy sheep will either go with me or, better yet, make it on their own.

    So, who are you and who am I to change which animals belong in their proper corral? Will not the sheep of YHWH know their Pastors just like the goats and jewkals of D-g know theirs?

    The answer is simple: Each animal knows its Master and Father. The Christian Israelite knows His Master and Father. The jew and mamzer and diseased whigger knows its master and its father. And the Christian, when pressed, will come to the same conclusion as did Christ in John 8:44.

    I do not worry about the health of the Remnant, RD. For is it not written that Christ will Return and save the Remnant, the Elect? And thus why should you worry about this matter. Your job as a Christian Israelite is not to worry, but to fight Satan and Satan's spawn, both biological and adoptive, and to never count the cost or falter in your duty.

    Insofar as removing these jews and mamzers from preaching to their fellow jews and mamzers playing at being DSCI, how is that to be done? It cannot be done. And thus let every tard seek its own tard corral.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Can We Trust the Heroes of Our Faith?

    Can We Trust the Heroes of Our Faith?


    In the tyrannical, oppressive and dictatorial state we now live in today, under the control of diabolically evil and depraved Amalekite Khazar Jew masters, we must be an innocent as doves and wise as serpents in our dealings with other people; and this tragically must include members of our own household as well as the so called religious brethren of our faith system (as discussed at www.analysis-news.com and www.age-end.com).

    In the vein of the Dual Seedline Israel Identity motion, it is a fact that the Big Brother Federal state, under Khazar Jew direction, has made a particular effort to arrest, try, convict and send to prison many of our right wing brethren though sometimes for their own stupid blunders, mistakes and/or shortcomings, but also more often for no fault of their own. In any case, once the Federal state gets these people in its hands in a Federal penal institution, there is no telling what they might do to them.

    Some history

    In the Korean war, captured US prisoners were often subjected to brainwashing to try and turn them against their own nation and people. Usually, the goal was to motivate them to not want to return to US control. Khazar Jew Hollywood took this subject and made a movie on it with Frank Sinatra called “The Manchurian Candidate.” It had a theme about a Korean POW being brainwashed to become an assassination agent to come back and kill someone on a signal. All of these people were called turncoats.

    In the Vietnam conflict, the North Vietnamese had a different tactic to make POWs talk and reveal whatever info was wanted. On imprisonment, the POW was faced with homosexual rape and other torture tactics; or alternatively, the prisoner could enjoy a nice relaxing environment at a local Hanoi hotel with good meals and a cute, foxy, little, Vietnamese girl to keep his feet warm at night. Some US prisoners chose the cute little girl in preference to being raped by Vietnamese guards. US presidential candidate John McCain was one who sold the US out for the good life. He told them whatever they wanted; and thus brought death to many of his comrades.

    The US has similar tactics to make American right wingers cooperate with the dictatorial Khazar Jew run government. Once a prisoner enters Khazar Jew/Federal control, he will be tortured till he learns to cooperate. One of the US Government /Khazar Jew tactics is to arrange homosexual rapes while the authorities film the event and later use the film as blackmail once the prisoner is freed. Sometimes, prisoners will even engage in homosexual acts with Big Brother filming the action. I won’t get into it, but it is common knowledge that the US took actions against David Duke which the Khazar Jews will be able to blackmail him with in the future.

    In the case of parolees, it is also common knowledge that they gain release with strings attached. When they walk out the door, they are not really free men after all. Under coercion or blackmail, they often become intelligence and subversion assets of the US/Khazar Jew state. And how trustworthy are they when they rejoin their religious brethren?

    The Bottom Line

    These people punished by the US/Khazar Jew power structure should be and truly are, in a sense, heroes of the Dual Seedline Israel Identity motion. And we must remember them in our prayers and hopes both in their confinements and release states. But we must use our heads on this because many Federal authorities under Khazar Jew management are so diabolically evil and depraved that they are always trying to hurt us and our religious faith.

    Simply stated, we don’t know what the Feds/Khazar Jews have done to these persons during their imprisonment and especially as a condition for their release under a parole. While my words herein are being directed at prisoners of the US run penal system, under Khazar Jew management, perhaps most American state governments have not yet reached that sorry state of affairs (of course, we can bank on it that they will in time; and probably liberal Khazar Jew run states like New York, New Jersey and most of New England are there now).

    I am not saying that we must now shun, oppose or oppress these heroes of our faith. No, not at all. Instead, we must honor them for the sacrifices that they have made. But we must use our heads and be very, very careful in our relationship and dealings with them from here on out. We just cannot accept them and treat them the same way as heretofore. We must be very, very careful--innocent as doves and wise as serpents. We must be on the alert and constantly watch their words and actions to see if they measure up to the truth and righteousness of the Scriptures. We must use our heads because they might now be our enemies.

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    Default Can we Know and Identity the Khazar Jews in our midst?

    Can we Know and Identity the Khazar Jews in our midst?


    When something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, most people would say that it must be a duck. It bewilders me why dual seedline people cannot or will not apply the same analogy to the Khazar Jews in their midst.

    There are two very clearly definable Khazar Jews— Eli James/November/Kutz or whatever his secret Khazar Jew name might be and the alleged queer or transgender fag Obadiah 1:18 who claims that its Khazar Jew name is Shirlene Goldblatt.

    Why is that the Christian Identity dual seedline people support these two recognizable Khazar Jews (although it might be that Shirlene also poses as a Negro, a Negro Jew, on occasion as a poster at this forum has suggested). Regardless, we can bank on it that both of them secretly work for/support the Anti-Defamation League to destroy their goyim supporters and the entire Dual Seedline Christian Identity movement.

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    Default DSCI Developments (Passover 2012)

    DSCI Developments (Passover 2012)


    On the whom do you trust question among modern Americans, there is something going on which is related to it and needs some attention from those that care. The subject here should be a number one issue for truly religious people and especially for the Dual Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) proponents.

    Probably, because of the secret work going on by the Khazar Jew led Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to destroy the Dual Seedline motion, some particular people and events are assuming center stage right now, today, as these remarks are being prepared at Passover 2012.

    The Most Hated Khazar Jew Opponents

    In a backdrop, perhaps the most Khazar Jew hated person of all in DSCI is likely Paul Mullet of Chillicothe, Ohio whose focus is political and not religious (thus, he is perhaps not really a leader in the DSCI religious definition; yet he seems to believe in and support the belief). But he has been having some success in organizing and creating a number of followers and a work of his political-philosophical views. My take is that the Khazar Jews will murder him first of all when they come down on the right wing in coming days. He needs our prayers.

    Assuredly, this writer is number two on the Khazar Jew hate list—not necessarily for my religious or Dual Seedline beliefs, but for my work on exposing them and their manipulations and control of the financial markets. I have been exposing them and how they control the money markets publicly since 2003 and especially since August 2008, starting on Goldseek.com, and now at my own web site of www.analysis-news.com. As others have suggested to me, they will probably murder me in the coming days (number two, following their murder of Mullet).

    I was on Goldseek for years exposing them; but the evidence is that the ADL used their letter writing people to constantly attack my articles to force me off of Goldseek. For those who don’t know, the ADL maintains a staff of people who write letters to publishers to influence public opinion. They can turn out thousands of emails/letters almost daily with different names and addresses to completely swamp most publishers and turn them to the Khazar view.

    For the Khazar Jew number three hate man and number three murder candidate, I would suggest Martin Lindstedt (at www.whitenationalist.org)--strangely enough for his DSCI beliefs and efforts. Many think Martin is secretly working for the ADL or at least for their positions on things because he is constantly and relentlessly on the attack fighting against the present leadership in the DSCI motion (which has largely been sorry, ineffective and useless in addressing the work of the Khazar Jews ruling America).

    While Lindstedt is extremely entertaining, amusing and generates frequent laughs, he is also effective in his attacks on the DSCI leaders who are mostly bums needing someone to point out their sins and failures (yes, leaders must be held to a higher standard than their followers; so if Martin doesn’t point out their wrongs—who will?). Lindstedt is intelligent and usually makes much sense (he has a very high IQ and his attacks are not the work of a moron as is common with some of the DSCI leadership).

    Though being unnecessarily vulgar in his language, the big fault Martin has had in his zeal is in trying to make DSCI leader Jeromy Visser out to be an incestuous pedophile. It is just as absurd to accuse Visser of pedophilia/incest with his daughter as it was to accuse Lindstedt of pedophilia/incest with his grandchildren some years ago by Missouri authorities. Both accusations have had no merit and don’t deserve comment by honest and intelligent people. Visser has problems of his own worth addressing without bringing that innocent little girl into the limelight.

    While only a fool would trust some of the important Christian Identity (CI) leaders with their wives, daughters, children, property or anything else (as will be shown below with wise Solomon), the trust issue does deserve some focus in DSCI.

    Admittedly, in our sick world today (as run by the Khazar Jew masters running things), the possibilities of pedophilia from others should always be in the minds of people with small children. But I cannot see any reason presently why this pedophile or incest stuff should be attached without cause or evidence to Visser any more than it was wrongly attached to Lindstedt some years ago by Missouri authorities.

    The DSCI Leadership Issue

    In any case, some believe that Martin Lindstedt works for the ADL to destroy DSCI with his attacks upon the leaders. I disagree with this assertion. I think it is ludicrous to believe that the ADL/Khazar Jew masters running the US would use Lindstedt as an agent to work for them in their efforts to destroy DSCI. Lindstedt is too intelligent, vocal, active, tenacious, tough, impulsive and uncontrollable with his views to serve them (the Khazars mainly use goy puppets and morons whom they can control, and certainly do not want their agents to publicly use profane/vulgar language in the controlled Christian society, as Lindstedt does; Lindstedt does not meet the ADL profile).

    Presently, the Khazar Jews and their philosophy of rule over America already prevail to make most Americans braindead or at least brainwashed. Sadly, this indictment applies equally as well to the DSCI people, many of whom are also braindead or brainwashed from the Khazar Jew manipulations of truth and righteousness. Since Lindstedt is intelligent, vocal, active, vulgar, impulsive and opinionated, and has much initiative, he is a lightning rod of opposition to everything the Khazar Jews stand far (they want dumb, stupid, passive, braindead followers).

    Lindstedt simply does not fit into the Khazar Jew mold. The ADL wants and needs people who propagate the proper Khazar Jew approach of passively letting them secretly run things in the world with no opposition or outcry from the braindead and/or brainwashed individuals. As this writer has repeatedly warned DSCI people, Obadiah 1:18 (at www.thechristianidentityfourm.net, to be addressed below) is manifestly a Khazar Jew and ADL agent who talks the Khazar Jew spin of nothing for the House of Israel except more of the same; but certainly not Lindstedt.

    There are idiots out in wonder land who think that the biggest enemy of the Khazar Jews today is Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Khazar Jews control and run Christianity today just like they run and control almost everything else in our world. They are getting ready for world government under their management. Christendom is a part presently of the Khazar Jew plans for their coming world government. Why can’t the DSCI people wake up and understand what is happening around them daily.

    While there has been some minor Christian opposition to the Khazar Jew plans for world rule, there is little of it in today’s contemporary world. Christianity, like the rest of the House of Israel, is largely brainwashed/braindead in addressing the Khazars.

    It’s too bad; but too many DSCI people love and cherish the sweet nonsense of nothing being dispensed by Christian leaders (too bad, but the Christian pap today is focused on race mixing, pagan sun worship theology and sweet Gee-Zeus loves you while you continue to roll in your sins). Tragically, it’s even worse, but many DSCI leaders are of the same mold—Dispensers of nothing.

    Obadiah 1:18/Obie is of this caliber, not Martin Lindstedt. Since Lindstedt is not of this make-up, the ADL would never want to use him because he is not in their mold of emitting nothing but passive sleep for Israel.

    Instead, their agent Obie has come on full blast to paint a picture that Lindstedt is a loon or nut case trying to prove that he is contrary to modern America and traditional Christianity (well, he is contrary to both modern America and traditional Christianity; and as Obie ridicules him, he does have an avatar of him with a half beard—but a half beard is as good as or better than shaved men with no beards; shaving is blatantly contrary to the Scriptures which demand that Israelite men have beards).

    Well, for my part, I don’t want modern America or traditional Christianity (by the way, don’t complain over me, I am a descendant of Roger Williams who founded the Baptist Church in America; and my people have been Baptists for generations. But I don’t ascribe to their beliefs as I have found them to be basically pagan sun worship). No, there is no way that the Khazar Jews would use Lindstedt for their purposes of keeping modern America asleep in braindead and/or brainwashed Christianity.

    By the way, it is on the Khazar agenda to one day destroy Christianity along with Judaism and other religions (the reason is because the Khazars are Luciferians and Satanists and worldly religions do not fit into their plans). But the Khazar timing is not set for right now. It is coming later.

    As proof of who is an ADL agent, the Khazar Jew media picked upon, publicized and used the Obie definition to say that Lindstedt is a loon/nutcase. This is proof positive that Lindstedt is no ADL asset (actually, it is Obie who is one of the Khazar Jew manipulators and not Lindstedt).

    The Khazar Jew controlled media almost always reveals who its people are and who are not. Lindstedt is not their agent while Obie is. If you doubt it, go to a Google search engine and see who the Khazars support and who they oppose and attack (if you don’t know what to check for, send me an email [at rd.idaho@gmail.com] and I will give you some tips). The Khazar Jew rulers and their controlled media are no fans of Lindstedt.

    Too, if the problems are going to be cleaned up in DSCI, then DSCI believers must start with the leaders and not the sheep. Lindstedt is doing the right thing by focusing on the works of the leaders. But in pointing out the wrongs of the leaders, the leaders are constantly ganging up on Lindstedt to try to make out that he is the problem in the movement when the opposite is true. They are the problem since they are emitters-dispensers of almost nothing constructive and beneficial.

    The problem is that the present leadership of the DSCI motion is extremely shallow, lacking theologically and filled with gross sins and problems. It should not take a genius to see that if the motion is truly of The MOST HIGH, Lindstedt, alone, without money or support, could not logically destroy it. If he destroys it, with his limitations, DSCI might just be the work of a man. Despite his limitations and lack of support, he stays after the current leadership for their sins and shortcomings with a vengeance. To the extent that he may be bringing some change for good to the movement, his work is needed.

    Some of the Problems

    For example, we have the likes of a top leader (one of the so-called DSCI pastors) in Michigan (known as the above mentioned wise Solomon, as used in his forum postings) who came to the home of his religious brother in Oklahoma and stayed for awhile; accepted his brother’s hospitality; and then secretly--while enjoying his brother’s hospitality and while his brother was not looking--put the make on his own brother’s wife. This scoundrel then took the woman and fled with his brother following with a gun to shoot the thieving pastor.

    There are actually idiots and morons out in the DSCI movement and in wonder land who think that this conduct by wise Solomon is alright. You fools, don’t you ever wake up or are you totally brainwashed by the Khazar Jew TV and media powers about right and wrong to believe that this crap is good? By the Book, this man should be arrested, tried, convicted and stoned to death. Yet, there are DSCI idiots out there who believe that this man is a great religious leader/pastor and a wise Solomon.

    This DSCI wise Solomon leader from Michigan has unnecessarily taken shots at Lindstedt for no apparent reason and even at me without provocation for daring to support Lindstedt. While Lindstedt has generally absorbed these shots without much opposition, I began returning the shots to Michigan. There is an old saying here—people living in glass houses should not throw rocks at others. Wise Solomon lives in a glass house; yet, he likes to throw stones at others.

    It must also be said here that some months ago I offered a comment on Jeromy Visser’s Covenant People’s Ministry Forum supporting Lindstedt in his conflict with the apparent Khazar Jew Eli James/Joseph November/Joseph Kutz. Immediately, wise Solomon jumped in to take shots at both Lindstedt and myself. So I responded by noting the wife stealing episode in Oklahoma (without naming the adulterer involved; though he deserved to be named and marked as an adulterer).

    At once, Visser’s forum censored my comment and removed it. I tried several times to edit the comment and each time the forum deleted my editing. With his own problems at home, you would think that Visser would condemn adultery and adulterers and be the last person in DSCI to defend it; but not so, as it turned out. The chickens came home to roost. By the way, my take is that Visser personally is sincere, well meaning and probably trustworthy (this certainly cannot be said of the big shot from Michigan; who only idiots would trust him with their wives). Never-the-less, Visser has made some bad mistakes worthy of criticism and should not be given a pass for his wrongs.

    Yet, there is hope for Visser down the road. So he badly needs our prayers and especially with the family problems he has had at home. His publicized home problems have depressed me; and my prayer is that they can be resolved per the Word (this is just another reason why I think Visser’s little daughter faces enough problems at home and does not need more complaints. With the problems that little girl has at home, she needs prayers, support and help and not uncalled for criticism, slurs or jokes. We all need to pray for that little girl).

    By the way, this DSCI leader and so called pastor from Michigan was once one of the most visible and best opponents of the Khazar Jews; and they hated him. But this is no longer true. He has lost his appeal/credibility with his theft of his brother’s wife. I have read public ADL statements of this event in their write-ups on him at their web sites. The Khazar Jews now make fun of this DSCI leader and laugh and joke on what a clown and jerk he is. I cannot envision that he is of any threat or relevance to them today as he once was in past times. This is sad that the right wing has lost one of its best people opposing the Khazar Jew masters ruling our nation.

    Next, some of the high profile and visible DSCI leaders are manifestly queers, perverts, cross dressers and/or sexual deviants of some sort. This real world situation will be addressed further below. But if there are any honest leaders in the Christian Identity (CI) movement, they need to get off of their bottoms and take a stand against these perverts.

    There is also some presence of very mixed, mamzer-type people now emerging as leaders in the CI movement. Some see this as the big problem in CI leaders. While this trend is bad and needs condemnation, this writer does not see it as the number one problem in CI leaders. On this, see my article on Racial Mixing at www.age-end.com. The Khazar Jew infiltration and takeover of DSCI is far more serious than the generic mamzer presence.

    Though these comments are being made in the vein of Dual Seedline people and beliefs, it must be said that Lindstedt also offers much criticism on the Single Seedline people and their propagation of the no-devil theory (as put over by the former Sheldon Emry). In terms of Scripturally shallow leaders, the Sheldon Emry CI crowd is a really bad lot and needs much condemnation.

    Talk about dispensers of nothing--but outright paganism--this tells the story on the Emry followers. This is a bad crowd (Barley, Downey, Bruggerman, Weiland, the deceased Peters, etc); and DSCI people should have brains enough to stay away from them and their false teachings (Peters, though somewhat successful, especially was a moronic kook for pagan teachings of the worse kind).

    The DSCI leaders, as bad as they are, are generally miles ahead of the Emry frauds and their shallow theology. Truly, the no Satan business is bad teaching and someone needs to hit on it. Lindstedt, right or wrong, is doing the hitting right now while most of the other Dual Seedline people back off and cower in the corner.

    Too, we have outright cocaine users, pot smokers and meth cookers busy pushing their absurd and ridiculous practices on the DSCI faithful. One pot smoker has reportedly advocated pot as not being sin and as being alright and proper for DSCI people. I have not followed this man’s actual words; but this appears to be his pitch and he has not renounced it and repented of his sins in teaching this crap to his sun worship followers (yours truly once smoked cigarettes, but I quit; and I certainly don’t support cigarette smoking as it is manifestly sin).

    Whether pot or any other drug should be legalized or not is not the purpose of my comments in this article. My focus is entirely on the question of sin and people of faith using drugs. They are two different things and cannot be assessed together in one breath.

    This pot smoker uses an avatar of the long-haired, effeminate, queer Satan in his forum postings (but then, most leaders and lay people in DSCI don’t understand that it is sin for a man to have long hair—I Cor 11:14; and hence don’t understand that those pictures of a long-haired, effeminate, queer creature are actually pictures of Satan [here, please don’t confuse the Satan look with a Nazirite and his vow as they are not the same]. I prove the Satan tie at my web site at www.age-end.com for those interested).

    By the way, of all of the complaints Khazar Jew and ADL agent Obadiah 1:18 has with Lindstedt, I have never seen Khazar Jew /ADL agent Obie offer any criticism of Lindstedt’s picture with long hair. If Obie is such a teacher of DSCI, why did it by-pass Lindstedt’s long hair? Perhaps the answer here is that Obie is a queer or faggot of some sort and approves of long hair on men.

    Actually, the above cited DSCI pot smoker appears to be a sincere person trying to do right (and one day could possibly do right and be a valuable asset to YHWH); but he is much misinformed on what is right and wrong right now and needs to learn something about truth and righteousness personally before he tries to a be a pastor leading other people. He is a young man and young men tend to do foolish and stupid things on occasion—as we all have gone through such foolishness, me included, as I have done stupid/wrong things before (but not pot).

    Yes, Me Too

    As I am now 77, I can look back and see that I too have had much stupidity in my theology and life and I have had to repent and change many things over the years. Some age and maturity usually changes our concepts of right and wrong with the passage of time.

    On this citation of sins among the DSCI leadership, please don’t start in on me that RD Bradshaw is guilty of sin. Yes, I have been a great sinner in my life and I still have many shortcomings that I am working on to overcome. But there is a difference here. I am not a so called pastor of anything. In fact, I do not believe men should assume religious titles without a formal commission from The HIGHEST. And besides, in the Word, pastors or shepherds are never addressed with that appellative as a title (or any other so called title for that matter). They are simply addressed as brother. True leaders don’t use titles as an appellative in the Book.

    Too, I am not a leader or spokesman for Christian Identity from any perspective; as anyone can readily see at my web site at www.age-end.com. I do subscribe to Israel Identity, but not to Christian identity. And there is a difference; as I believe in a MESSIAH named YESHUA and not a “Christ” named “Jesus/Gee-Zeus,” and I keep and support a Seventh-day Sabbath and not Sunday. I keep Passover instead of Easter, Sukkot instead of Thanksgiving, and Yom Kippur instead of Christmas. And I do know and understand from the Hebrew Scriptures the true pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton; and it isn’t Lord, God, Jehovah, Yahweh or any such similar presentations as used by the Scripturally shallow CI people.

    Since I am not a so called leader, supporter or proponent of Christian Identity, you cannot link me and what I do or have done to the contemporary CI movement. Therefore, I am totally independent and unbiased in my statements about the current CI leadership. Hence, I am not siding with Lindstedt over the others. I have no axe to grind with any of them except to condemn their public sins and shortcomings while they pretend to be religious leaders. If they were lay people, I would not address their shortcomings individually here as I am doing. But they are supposed leaders who should be setting examples for good, not bad.

    The Khazar Jew Takeover

    While mamzer leadership, homosexual fags, cross-dressing, pot smoking, cocaine sniffing and poking your brother’s wife are all bad enough, there is still more on the burner to account for the great depravity now in DSCI. Unbelievably so, the movement has allowed a number of very obvious Khazar Jews to enter the definition and become its top leaders. They have been allowed in to spread their false theology and lies around to bring some really serious problems to the motion. This is a number one problem in contrast to some of the other issues.

    Most people in the US wonder land believe that the Khazar Jews are good people, the same as supposedly other Americans and Europeans. Tragically, there are even Dual Seedline people (who should know better) close their eyes and support the Khazar Jews. Lindstedt, to his credit, is one of the few who has taken a public stand against the Khazars and their infiltration and current process of DSCI take-over. Some/many/most people in DSCI simply don’t get it; nor do they understand what is happening and how incredibly serious this process is for their own future lives and beings.

    According to the Scriptures, the Amalekite Khazar Jews are the most evil people in all of history. They are so profoundly evil and wicked that YHWH commanded Israel to kill all of them (Ex 17:14; Num 24:20; Deut 25:17-19; I Sam 15:2-3) --because they were so genetically evil and because YHWH was against them (Ex 17:14; Mal 1:1-5; Rom 9:13).

    As a matter of information, the Khazars descend from the Amalek Edomites (as proven in the Jewish Encyclopedia [1905 ed] in its article on the Chazars which defines the Khazars as historically coming from Mount Seir, the ancestral home of the Amalekites [Num 24:18-21]). There are very few people around in DSCI who understand this connection; but I read of it from a writer perhaps 40 years ago or so.

    While mamzers, pot smokers and cocaine sniffers are all bad and need to be publicly condemned (as Lindstedt is doing), their evil is small change compared to the Khazars who have completely taken over both the House of Yehudah and the House of Israel in the age-end. They are destroying us 100% because of the long ago conflict that Yakov-Israel had with Esau (for a full presentation on why the Khazars hate White Israel so much, see the Welcome column of my web site www.age-end.com).

    The Khazars have brought untold misery, suffering, poverty, sickness, death and destruction to Israel and other nations over long centuries (through their power over money and the media which buys political and government control over people). For centuries, they have caused all or almost all of our wars, economic depressions (to include the one we are in right now), poverty and suffering and have directly or indirectly poisoned us with chemicals and manmade radiation in our air, water, land, and food which is slowly killing us. They are an extremely evil people and have now infiltrated and are trying to take over the DSCI motion. Lindstedt is one of the few who has spoken out against their DSCI take-over.

    The evidence is massive that so called pastor James/November/Kutz (in Chicago) and the above cited web site publisher Obadiah 1:18 are both Khazar Jews and possibly a couple of others with Khazar Jew names. They are trying to take over DSCI and most of the so-called believers in wonder land do not understand what is happening. Sadly, many do not care one way or the other. The Khazar imposed apathy is great out there.

    And while the so-called CI pastors get credit for being leaders, Obie is turning out to be the top leader of all. After all, a so-called “pastor” with no following is of no consequence to the movement in contrast to a forum publisher getting a high volume of daily web site hits.

    Obie’s true status has largely been kept secret from the DSCI people who seem to accept such secrecy emanating from a Khazar Jew. But serious allegations have been made that he, she or it is some type of a transgender/trans-sexual person and/or an outright faggot and queer (as is very common among Khazar Jew agitators and undercover agents). As a minimum, the alleged male Obie seems to try to impersonate women.

    For months, Obie used as its avatar the picture of a Khazar Jewess at Visser’s former Covenant People’s Ministry Forums (until Lindsetedt’s forum pointed out this fact to force Obie to remove its picture of the Khazar Jewess). Also, in Visser’s forum, Obie, the it, claimed that its true name was Shirlene Goldblatt (since Visser allowed it to be one of his leaders and monitor of his forums, surely he must have known something about it).

    Yet, a poster at the Lindstedt forum says he found what might be Obie at a Facebook presentation showing it to be a Negro male. So there has to be legitimate questions about whether Obie is a male, female, Negro or what. I must say that I don’t know for sure what it is (Black, White, Pink, Green, or Purple; male, female or something in between) since it operates in secret. But the evidence is massive that it is a Khazar Jew working undercover for the ADL.

    For those who don’t understand how life works, where the Khazar Jews have stolen all of our wealth and reduced most of us to poverty levels, it takes money and certainly much time and work to successfully put out and monitor the huge daily productions on forums as Obie did at Covenant People’s Ministry Forums and now at its own ADL Christian Identity Forum. Obie has had to work a vast number of hours daily putting this stuff out and doing the resulting monitoring at the two web sites and could not logically otherwise be gainfully employed.

    Either Obie has its own money for support or it has been receiving financial support from some party like the ADL. My take and estimate is that Obie is paid by and works for the ADL to infiltrate and take over the DSCI motion and destroy DSCI from within. I can logically see no other alternative here on this question.

    I note that while Obie is far sharper than the other so called CI pastors it influences and leads, it seems to publicly bow down to them and their stupid theology and shortcomings. It always calls them “Pastor so and so” and acts like they are great leaders when most of them are scum bags and extremely shallow on the Scriptures.

    My perception is that Obie secretly detests them in fact and laughs at them behind their backs (this is the normal Khazar Jew Modus Operandi). Of course, this is Obie/Khazar Jew cleverness as it must know that many of the DSCI leaders are shallow and not worthy of any appellative or praise (meaning that Obie ridicules and patronizes them in fact).

    A perfect illustration of Obie’s attitude toward DSCI and its so called pastors and leaders surfaced some time ago when I posted some material on trust in the DSCI motion on Visser’s forum. In it, the apparent linkage that Obie has with the ADL was cited by me as a prime problem in DSCI. In a very obvious reflection on Obie’s assessment of DSCI leadership, he/she/it contemptuously ridiculed, sneered, mocked, and laughed at the DSCI leaders and made a posting in the same thread which admitted Obie’s contact with New York.

    No one in the posting and its follow-up said anything about the ADL in New York; although curiously New York is the headquarters of the ADL which was the theme of the posting and comments. The very fact that Obie admitted this contact with New York (and ADL headquarters) shows the contempt and ridicule that Obie has for the DSCI leaders. While Obie might try to claim that its words were about buying tickets for a New York Yankees game, the context was clearly on Obie and the ADL. Manifestly, Obie’s words must be interpreted to mean that Obie is an ADL agent in contact with ADL headquarters in New York.

    Except for Lindstedt, most of the other so-called DSCI pastors/leaders seem totally brainwashed by Obie and accept Obie as a fellow believer and leader all the while Obie is a paid, professional, undercover, ADL agent who hates them passionately. Whatever we may think of the alleged queer Obie, and its transgendered presentation, he, she or it is no dummy. Like most other Khazar Jews, Obie knows exactly what it is doing and it is out to destroy the Dual Seedline motion. He/she/it appears to be a very professional, expert, ADL undercover agent.

    Now the Latest

    Now the latest development in Christian Identity (and probably a key reason on why Lindstedt has to be near the top of the Khazar Jew hate list) is that Obie has assumed leadership of the anti-Lindstedt crowd to try to successfully oppose Lindstedt’s work and forum. He/she/it is right now, today, marshalling all of the Lindstedt opponents into one definition under its leadership.

    As noted above, most or all of the so-called pastors of the DSCI motion are generally pretty shallow, inadequate and lacking people filled with huge problems. Not only are they busting out with personal sins that should destroy their DSCI base and support, but they are lacking in Scriptural knowledge and some of them are much shortchanged in basic intelligence (and are no match for Lindstedt as he does have a high IQ).

    Obie’s CI forums seem to have only one major contributor—another one of the so-called pastor leaders in the CI movement. I don’t personally know the so called pastor, but his postings at Obie’s ADL forum seem limited/lacking. Lindstedt says that this one Obie supporter has an IQ of 85, which may or may not be true. But he definitely has some problems in his CI postings.

    Some months ago, I had a posting at Visser’s Covenant People’s Ministry Forums with questions about the gender/sexual orientation of Obie. Immediately, what was possibly Obie’s number one pastor-follower jumped in to comment that this transgender/trans-sexual/transvestite appearance is common in Britain and Australia and it is only Americans that have a problem with it.

    At the time, I thought to myself “what a moron you are.” I have traveled over most of the world over many years and I have never found normal, generic men who approved of cross-dressing or cross sexual appearance/behavior in any country—save queers and other sexually compromised people (as is true with many Khazar Jews, as their sexual problems go back 3,800 years ago to their origin near Sodom and Gomorrah).

    Though Obie’s apparently one supporter often misses the mark with anything worthwhile on Obie’s ADL forum, he did come through with a good piece of work with his assessment of the AN rally in Clayton, MO on St Patrick’s Day in 2012 (as put up by both Obie and Lindstedt). I therefore must applaud him in this instance. There might be other cases where he came through with some good material; although I may have missed reading it.

    But be it only one supporter or whatever for Obie, that situation is now changing. The latest development is that Obie, the apparent Khazar Jew and ADL undercover agent, has announced that its ADL CI forums will have a new addition with a secret publishing effort with a number one purpose of attacking Martin Lindstedt. Only secret participants will be allowed into the new Obie publishing operation. While the case might be made that a secret anti-Lindstedt publishing effort made by Khazar Jews and the ADL in secret will not go far, maybe Obie will get it off the ground with ADL money and backing. Money moves things in modern America.

    Early reports say that CI so-called pastors like William Finck and Jeromy Visser have both jumped on board enthusiastically and we can be sure that Obie’s number one supporter, the so-called CI pastor with the 85 IQ level, is already on board. So called pastor James Wickstrom of Michigan has been anti-Lindstedt and an open Obie supporter for some time now; so he will surely come on board soon.

    Khazar Jew so called pastor James/November/Kutz has long been a colleague of ADL worker Obie. He will be on board though the recent opposition by William Finck on the Kutz theology may have strained Obie’s open support of Kutz. So there might be some question here on how fast Kutz will come on board. Since Obie’s anti-Lindstedt work will be a secret operation, Kutz could join with his own name or with an alias as these CI forums are filled with fake names and aliases of participants, federal undercover entrappers and secret ADL people.

    I have not seen the Morris Gulett position (Gulett came into some large money from a donor; and since people, to include DSCI, flock to money instead of truth, he is on a roll now without Obie--with his new popularity, he doesn’t need Obie and may not soon follow Obie). The No-Satan Downeys are anti-Lindstedt; so they may join the Obie effort. Jerald O’Brien and Paul Mullet have not responded; so they are question marks. I know the Troutmans in Western Montana and they are intelligent and honest people; so I doubt that they will join the ADL opposition to Lindstedt.

    And last, though it has not yet publicly proclaimed itself a CI pastor, something called Sword Brethren (Lindstedt calls it Sored Mamzer) has arrived on stage to become a major player and leader of the CI movement. Though it appears to be a person with sexual orientation (its appearance and demeanor makes me think that it might be a fag or sexual deviant of some sort) and racial problems (it is very a mixed Puerto Rican), Sword Brethren or whatever has emerged as a key leader and spokesperson for the CI motion.

    It is understandable that some of the DSCI leaders with their low IQs and shallow Scriptural knowledge and understanding would love and accept this Sword Brethren. And they have done so. Too, Sword Brethren has been strongly linked to Obie, possibly from day one of its CI inception. We can anticipate that it will join with Obie and be very active in the new anti-Lindstedt secret forum operation.

    The Bottom Line

    What this amounts to is that the present anti-Lindstedt DSCI leaders are joining together under the umbrella, leadership and supervision of the apparent Khazar Jew, ADL agent Obie to oppose and fight Martin Lindstedt in secret. Thus, we will have Lindstedt in one corner fighting the leaders (working with Obie and the ADL) in the other corner in trying to wipe out Lindstedt in a secret undercover operation (the Khazars have long followed this practice of destroying their opposition through secret maneuvers; so this is nothing new).

    For my part, I don’t identify with Christian Identity; though I am a believer in Israel Identity and Dual Seedline. But I am no friend of the Khazar Jews and their work of evil on us and this nation. The Khazars should be opposed as priority one; and Lindstedt has done a plausible job of at least exposing some of them and their lackey followers rolling in personal sins and evil. It is because of him having some success that the Khazar Jews have evidently mounted this new work by Obie to oppose Lindstedt. Failing this, we can bank on it that they will murder him number three down the road following Mullet and myself (through their murder MO of suicides/accidents).

    While I don’t read the various CI web sites and forums, I do read Lindstedt’s work because he has published my material and because he has one of the better forums with some worthwhile news about the DSCI motion. Lindstedt has the pulse of the movement and you can’t say this about the other so called leaders and their forums.

    I note that Martin runs around 40 active users at his forum; and I doubt this will ever happen at the ADL/Obie anti-Lindstedt effort. In fact, my take is that the anti-Lindstedt secret forum may end up with no participants save the several so called leaders that Martin has attacked for their sins and shortcomings.

    My purpose in this presentation is not to endorse Lindstedt’s theology, beliefs and actions, many of which are contrary to mine (like the way he has handled Visser’s little girl); but I do applaud him for having the guts to stand up and take a stand against some of the really big problems in DSCI. The Khazar Jew presence and take over is a major issue that DSCI people need to urgently address. No one but Lindstedt has really spoken out on the Khazar Jew take-over, and especially in the vein of the believed Khazar Jew, ADL agent Obadiah 1:18.

    A poster called Aryan Graphics Design at Obie’s Khazar Jew/ADL forum (linked at whitenationalist.org) put the CI and WN problem in perspective on Mar 31, 2012 at Reflections on the movement. This one said: “So the misfits have a strangle hold on the movement. People in the movement rail the race traitors & the Jew and muds. But first they should clean up their OWN house…” I agree with this assessment. The clean up must start with the CI leaders—which are a pretty sorry lot as set forth herein. However bad Lindstedt may personally be, he has brains enough to know where the problem is—with the leaders.

    The bottom line is that we are ending up with two main divisions within the DSCI motion—Lindstedt and the anti-Lindstedt people led in a secret clandestine operation by the apparent Khazar Jew and ADL agent Obadiah 1:18. If the Khazar Jews mount this much of an attack on Martin Lindstedt, it is a clue that they take his opposition seriously and want him out.

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    Default My Ministries' Mission, Part One

    My Ministries' Mission, Part One


    R.D. Bradshaw, an old-time Dual-Seedline Christian Identity adherent has made an interesting, lengthy post concerning where the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (hereafter abbreviated as DSCI) aboveground Church is at here around Passover of 2012 A.D. Let me say that RD Bradshaw, a genuine Christian Israelite of long time understanding of what the Identity message is in terms of religion, seems to have limited understanding as to what the Identity message is politically in terms of who the so-called DSCI ministry and above-ground followers are. Since this concerns the past history of the DSCI Church as well as the wall-to-wall assortment of jews and mamzers/mongrel abominations which currently infest the above-ground DSCI Church, let me assure that as always YHWH and Christ knows who and whom HIS lost and found sheep are. jews and mamzers fool our God and our Savior not an iota.

    Simply put, the above-ground DSCI church is nothing but wall-to-wall jews and mamzers pretending to be what it is not. Pastor John Britton took me to task for 'wasting my time' on rebuking and ridiculing such vermin in my Movement Turd podcast and on my forum and blog writings across the Internut. I too call this the "Wandering Mamzers and jewboys of WikiPedia/Talksjew Christian Identity." So why do I do this? Why do I use my talents and energy in warning whiggers off from this collection of mamzer and jew baal-priests and ZOGbots? What is the purpose of my ministry?

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Chapter 24

    21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

    22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

    23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

    24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    25 Behold, I have told you before.

    26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

    27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

    29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

    30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

    31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

    32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

    33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

    34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

    35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

    36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

    39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    So let us understand something. YHWH's Servant Nation, the Elect, is in absolutely no danger of becoming extinct, of being destroyed. Rather, YHWH's Elect shall be saved but only after the Remnant has gone through the refiner's fire of The Great Tribulation. It is this Great Tribulation which will both define and save the Remnant. Just as in Noah's Day the pure-blooded line of Adam was in danger of being bred out because of whiggers and the mamzers and spawn of Satan interbreeding under the ZOG/Babylon of their day and it took a Great Flood to drown out the sinning mongrelized Adamites of the Tarim Basin, so too today will the Great Tribulation also destroy those remaining whiggers who want to die, along with the mongrels and jews who wish to destroy the whiggers.

    Thus my job as a pastor isn't to save whiggers from theys' sins or to save them from their appointed slaughter within this onrushing Great Tribulation, but rather to drive out the underbred and diseased animals out from within the flock during our trek in the Wilderness of Sin, to drive them out into the mouths of jewkals so that they will be eaten alive from anus to gullet as an example to the rest. If entrusted with a flock of 100 largely diseased animals, I shall count myself a Servant of YHWH if I deliver up at the end of the trail only a third, or ten or even one sheep provided that this remainer deserves their new home in Paradise.

    "But Lindstedt", is the whine, "who are you to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die?" My answer is this: I do not feed the lost sheep of the House of Israel. These lost and found sheep are, if sheep, already eating of the Word of YHWH through reading their Bibles, listening to their Bertrand Comparet and Wesley Swift sermons. Rather, I take on those who pretend to be of the House of YHWH, but rather are of the spawn, both biological and adoptive, of the Sons of Belial.

    My formidable strengths of discernment and ridicule and leadership are not used in building anything up in an Age of Chaos and Destruction. Rather my talents are used in furthering the flow of History by making the Great Tribulation more destructive, more fierce, more intense so that the harvesting of both the wheat and the tares, especially the gathering and burning of the tares is accomplished and that nothing survives the harvest. YHWH will take care of the saving of the sheep. My job is to help destroy the diseased sheep and all of the vicious goats.

    I have not harmed a single lamb of YHWH's. Not even Jeromy Visser's oldest mamzeress. Rather, it is Jeromy Visser that uses its hi-yaller melungeon offspring to further try to pollute YHWH's flock. If Jeromy Visser would simply bow down to reality now that it had to admit to being a mongrel part-jew part-injun part-nigger melungeon as Visser's full-blooded brother Shawn Aaron Visser already did in order to get out of a stalking charge back on Dec. 2, 2010, and identify its sundry jew and mamzer pisser-possums by name and address and leave off from trying to infest the DSCI Church then simply ran off nevermore to return, then I might advise forgiveness to those other than myself Visser has wronged. But a mamzer-jew criminal abomination will act according to its nature and never ever leave off unless under compulsion and cannot be advised to stay away.

    So many whiggers and anglo-mestizo mamzers read books by jews defining Christian Identity. They think that jews will truthfully define what we really are and what we will do. They think that Pastor Richard Butler, in founding the Aryan Nations and bringing in a pack of criminals, bikers, skinheads, and sundry vermin like that in order to bring about a Revolution before its time advanced Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian. The answer is that what Butler did was a good thing in that Wesley Swift's family church didn't want to have anything to do with this criminal vermin and so the real Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church went underground and fractured into small one and two and three-family congregations which have little or nothing to do with the antics of the largely Internut pretend DSCI above-ground church full of jews and mamzers and ZOGbots. Pastor Butler scattered YHWH's Lost and Found Sheep. What started out as whigger criminals too fractious and psychotic to ever be family men in the mold of I Timothy Chapter Three's requirements for Deacons and Bishops ended up today with that drunken crackhead and ZOGbot MoGulett's Aryan Nations looking like it has a bunch of Niggers of Islam auxiliaries in it. Butler's foolishness cost him his farm and ended in his days being surrounded by ZOG criminals running the remnants of his church and pretty much most of us wishing for Butler to simply croak and end the embarrassment of what inevitably happens when you surround yourself with criminals pretending to be churchmen.

    No, RD Bradshaw, the DSCI Church is doing just fine. I'm talking of the underground small family congregations who are obeying YHWH's Laws, who have better things to do than run around like idiot criminals and agents provocateur in jewniform acting like nutty jews and niggers, and who, while they have a number of heresies, in the main are doing as best they can in a declining ZOG/Babylon without any parasitic hierarchy or diktats from baal-priests. These family congregations are by invitation only, their leaders and pastors are their heads of their households. I do not take any notice of them nor mention who they are. They are the Remnant, and it is not my task to tell them anything other than to stay underground where they belong.

    The sundry baal-priests and jews and mamzers I have mentioned with disdain and with ridicule deserve everything I have said about them -- and then some. Reading my forum from the past three years can reveal much which has been covered up and concealed by these spawn of Satan. Sometimes information has been sent to me in confidence and I must make an announcement without showing the provenance of that information. Yet even in concealing the source of this intelligence doesn't mean that I cannot draw and infer conclusions -- which have turned out correct. When I have made mistakes, it has been errors in giving these baal-priests and mamzers the benefit of the doubt.

    For three and a half years I was locked up with criminals and lunatics. I've gotten to where these mamzer and jew and whigger criminals are like wallpaper to me. I can read a prison tattoo like it is a newspaper. I can size up a mamzer criminal pretending to be an Aryan DSCI convert like nobody else within this bowel Movement.

    In the remaining follow-up parts, I shall summarize these jew, mamzer and whigger baal-priests and ZOGbots like Jeromy Visser, Bryan Wright, Eli[ar] James/jewseph Kutz-November, MildSwill Finck[el-sheenie], Dan Johns, Mike 'the Kike' Delaney, Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren/SoredMamzer, LiarBill 'MumpsNut(s?) DeClue(less), MoGulett, Paul Mullet, Auggie Kreis, and especially Obadiah 1:18 aka Obie-gender-bendering-pissers-poofter-possum. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is just like the Militia Movement: The genuine article went underground like clean water and the sewage and the dead carp remained above-ground poisoning those who drank from it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default New Laws coming to Limit Internet Freedoms

    Here is a news item from G Edward Griffin News:
    “Arizona is set to pass a bill making it illegal (punishable by up to 25 years in prison) to use offensive or annoying speech on the Internet. [Since politicians consider any negative comment about them to be offensive or annoying, and since those same politicians will set the rules for interpreting the law, this will put an end to political commentary on the Internet – which is its real purpose.] InfoWars 2012 Apr 3.”
    My note is that there are a host of things underway to control the Internet freedoms. This note from AZ is a likely way that the Khazar Master rulers will control the net. We can expect more such laws in the future. Thus, what Lindstedt, I and others are doing with free speech on the net will be soon coming to an end.

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    Default CI Believer in Idaho Supports the CI Leadership

    CI Believer in Idaho Supports the CI Leadership


    Kent Wilson at Aryan Graphics Design of North Idaho (who posts on the ADL-Khazar Jew Obie CI Forum and is probably an open Obie/Goldblatt supporter who will likely join the new anti-Lindstedt movement under way by the Khazar Jew Obie/Goldblatt) sent me the following comment on DSCI Developments (Passover 2012) as I had it at my web site www.age-end.com (it is also shown above in this thread on the original Apr 5 posting):


    “… I didn't read the complete article under DSCI Development. But what I get is everyone in The CI movement is bad and only Lindstedt, Mullet & yourself are only decent CI people..

    “Robert I trust in God... That's the bottom line.. All things are of him Romans 8:28 Whatever happens will be Yahweh's Choice. We are to give ALL ourselves to him.. So you know I don't worry about infiltrators, spy's, agent provocateurs.

    “Early on I was a activist for 15 years. I took a lot of harassment & agitation by the jew and gvmnt. I do have a FBI file and I still get harassed now & then by Feds, even though I have been street active in years. I think if your part of the CI family or in the racialist struggle. You have to know that your being watched eventually.

    “Not every day, lets not gratify our ego's. But You may bump into a informant or two at a CI or racialist meeting. That friendly guy you meet online that lives near by, may be a informant.. Their is nothing we can do to 100% stop this. Its all part of the territory. Are we suppose to ACCEPT it ? Absolutely not, we should try and weed out informants and agent provocateurs.

    “Robert you don't know me, but I am very honest and straight forward. And personally I find what your doing is divisive. Historically it has been people who bad mouth fellow CI & racialists that want to start division & infighting that have been the infiltrators & agent provocateurs. Now I am not saying you are. Because UNLIKE you I give our people the benefit of doubt before calling them out.. My motto is ‘ If you can't prove something 100% with conclusive evidence that someone is a rat infiltrator ! KEEP it to YOURSELF ..Because you are doing nothing but causing strife & infighting in the struggle.. At 77 years of age you should know this Robert!

    “To me Robert it seems you don't put your faith in God, You still worry about things of man.. I hope one day you understand that though you may mean well. You cause division & unnecessary strife on people in the movement. And retard us, not help us when you make accusations that can NOT be completely substantiated.

    “I know this may seem harsh, but it was given with love brother…”

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    Default My Response in DSCI Developments

    My Response in DSCI Developments


    After this personal attack from Christian Identity Kent, I am compelled to answer it and I now do so publicly.

    Kent says he is a good Christian Identity believer and I am a bad person. He then shows his supposed great IQ level with two statements. He says “Historically it has been people who bad mouth fellow CI & racialists that want to start division & infighting that have been the infiltrators & agent provocateurs.” He then adds that “If you can't prove something 100% with conclusive evidence that someone is a rat infiltrator.”

    So while he says he is not accusing me of being a rat infiltrator, he did make the statements and offered HIS SUPPOSED PROOF that I indeed was causing division and was thus a rat infiltrator. He seemed to say that since I didn’t prove my statements 100% (as he evaluated it), I was a rat infiltrator. Yet, he admits that he only read a part of the article on DSCI Developments so he really didn’t know whether the proof was there or not. I think any honest person with brains above the idiot level can read Kent’s words and see at once that his conclusions are 100% in the wrong direction. The least he should have done was read the article in full before he jumped in to make hostile and hateful remarks.

    Thus, he couldn’t even correctly evaluate my article, since as he admits he didn’t read all of it. Evidently, he did read the first few lines where I mentioned Mullet, Lindstedt and myself. . But poor Kent got it wrong. He says that I said that all people in the CI movement were bad except Mullet, Lindstedt and I who were the only decent people.

    But Kent, you are wrong—100% WRONG. I never said anything about Mullet, Lindstedt or myself being decent people. Instead, I said we three would be at the top of the Khazar Jew hate list to be murdered. And Kent, if indeed you are on the FBI list for speaking out against America’s ruling Khazar Jews, I would also allow that you are on the list to be wiped out in the coming days. But I don’t believe you are number 1, 2 or 3 as I named the top three, per my view.

    Another bad conclusion that Kent made after reading the first few lines of my article was that I said that all people in DSCI were bad. No, Kent I didn’t say that at all. I did say that the leadership (the so called pastors which includes several Khazar Jews) was a bunch of bums and I named their problems and added that this was the reason that Lindstedt’s work of pointing out their evil was needed.

    I repeatedly emphasized the CI problem as being the leaders and not the sheep. Frankly, I believe that there are perhaps some good people/sheep in DSCI but the leaders are pathetic scum bags. As far as proof, I offered it with the outright adultery by the Michigan big shot and how Visser defended it—though his own family was tarred with adultery (just as Kent is also now defending). It appears that Khazar Jews, mamzers, adultery, pot and cocaine abound in the leadership. Somebody should speak out and call a spade a spade and quit defending the scum bags.

    Actually, the several pieces of Kent’s wisdom were all in the same vein. He was lost on what the article said. But then, as he admitted, he didn’t read the complete article. So he really didn’t know what it said.

    As far as “don’t speak evil of fellow CI people,” this is absurd. It is alright for Stormfront and various White Nationalist groups to impose a rule of not speaking evil of fellow believers; but it is absolutely absurdity and unscriptural to try to apply that stupidity to supposedly religious people in a religious definition.

    The Scriptures always demand that believers judge and point out the sins of fellow members of the group (to even include a trial of issues before the congregation—Matt 18:15-17). It is unthinkable that believers will back off and not say anything about outright sin and evil in a religious group because it would be divisive. When it comes to sin, true believers (if there are any in CI) must take a stand to oppose it.

    For sure, Kent, you know little or nothing about what the Scriptures say. In that vein, you are in company with the leaders and so called pastors of CI who likewise know little or nothing about what the Scriptures say. But since you claim to be such a good Christian Identity believer, let me now share a couple of New Testament messages (KJV) that you obviously do not understand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Chapter 12 KJV

    Luke 12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:

    12:52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

    12:53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    12:54 And he said also to the people, When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is.

    12:55 And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass.

    12:56 Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?

    12:57 Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?
    Quote Originally Posted by I Corinthians Chapter 1 KJV

    I Cor 5:1
    It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father's wife.

    And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you.

    For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed,

    In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

    Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?

    Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:

    Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

    I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:

    Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.

    But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

    For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?

    But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.
    By Kent’s wisdom, the New Testament MESSIAH would be a rat infiltrator since He said that HE came to cause division. And as Shaul said in I Cor 5:11-13, we are to judge sinning people in the assembly and put them out and away from us and not have anything to do with them. Obviously Kent, you seem to be lost on what the Scriptures actually say. Or do you just have an IQ problem? Or possibly you are at the moron or idiot level and just don’t get it.

    Shaul’s dissertation especially addressed fornicators. Can you imagine what Shaul would say about the Michigan big shot, so called pastor, who took of his brother’s hospitality and then secretly stole his own brother’s wife. Admittedly, the idiots in wonder land don’t have a problem with this. Even Visser, the so called pastor, accepts adultery though his own family has been tarred with it. WELL, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT AND I WILL CONDEMN IT.

    To cut this to the chase, it appears to me Kent that you are a follower of the ADL-Khazar Jew Obie/Goldblatt where you post your views on things. As long as people like Kutz in Chicago and Obie/Shirlene Goldblatt in Australia are your mentors, teachers and leaders, you will have problems understanding the Scriptures. Kent, if you can’t recognize in your midst the very obvious Khazar Jew Shirlene Goldblatt or whatever its name is (with its sex problems and with the reports it makes to New York), then you got a real problem in your head.

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 04-10-2012 at 02:49 PM.

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    Default Don't worry about the meaningless, RD. The Great Tribulation Approaches.

    Don't worry about the meaningless, RD. The Great Tribulation Approaches.


    Quote Originally Posted by RD Bradshaw
    CI Believer in Idaho Supports the CI Leadership

    Kent Wilson at Aryan Graphics Design of North Idaho (who posts on the ADL-Khazar Jew Obie CI Forum and is probably an open Obie/Goldblatt supporter who will likely join the new anti-Lindstedt movement under way by the Khazar Jew Obie/Goldblatt) sent me the following comment on DSCI Developments (Passover 2012) as I had it at my web site www.age-end.com (it is also shown above in this thread on the original Apr 5 posting):


    “… I didn't read the complete article under DSCI Development. But what I get is everyone in The CI movement is bad and only Lindstedt, Mullet & yourself are only decent CI people..

    “Robert I trust in God... That's the bottom line.. All things are of him Romans 8:28 Whatever happens will be Yahweh's Choice. We are to give ALL ourselves to him.. So you know I don't worry about infiltrators, spy's, agent provocateurs.

    “Early on I was a activist for 15 years. I took a lot of harassment & agitation by the jew and gvmnt. I do have a FBI file and I still get harassed now & then by Feds, even though I have been street active in years. I think if your part of the CI family or in the racialist struggle. You have to know that your being watched eventually.

    “Not every day, lets not gratify our ego's. But You may bump into a informant or two at a CI or racialist meeting. That friendly guy you meet online that lives near by, may be a informant.. Their is nothing we can do to 100% stop this. Its all part of the territory. Are we suppose to ACCEPT it ? Absolutely not, we should try and weed out informants and agent provocateurs.

    “Robert you don't know me, but I am very honest and straight forward. And personally I find what your doing is divisive. Historically it has been people who bad mouth fellow CI & racialists that want to start division & infighting that have been the infiltrators & agent provocateurs. Now I am not saying you are. Because UNLIKE you I give our people the benefit of doubt before calling them out.. My motto is ‘ If you can't prove something 100% with conclusive evidence that someone is a rat infiltrator ! KEEP it to YOURSELF ..Because you are doing nothing but causing strife & infighting in the struggle.. At 77 years of age you should know this Robert!

    “To me Robert it seems you don't put your faith in God, You still worry about things of man.. I hope one day you understand that though you may mean well. You cause division & unnecessary strife on people in the movement. And retard us, not help us when you make accusations that can NOT be completely substantiated.

    “I know this may seem harsh, but it was given with love brother…”

    Whenever you see one jew or mamzer running wild pretending to be Dual-Seedline Christian Identity ministers and you see another pretend tard yapping about how it doesn't matter that there is that particular outed is a jew or a mamzer or addlepated criminal whigger ZOGbot, what you have done is to stumble upon another nest of these cockroaches all giving up a 'Parthian shit' while running off.

    Myself and Pastor John Britton outed Bryan Wright as a slant-eyed melungeon mamzerkike back in Dec, 2008 when we published itz picture on Jeromy Visser's old phpbb forum. Then Bryan Wright would cum back on again and again on jewromy Visser's newer v-bulletin forums and stalk Pastor Britton, then upon pressure banned again and again and again. At the same time this vicious evil melungeon mamzer baal-priest was plotting with another whigger retard associated with Hal Turner named Jay 'Sci-Fi' Faber to supposedly kick me out of my own church with the pretend oversight of this Chicago marrano jewboy Eli[ar] James/jewseph Kutz-November. The collapse of anything associated with Hal Turner in the summer of 2009 made that silliness a dead letter and Sci-Fi Faber is pretty well out of the bowel Movement. At the same time Bryan Wright, Jeromy Visser and Bridget Visser were plotting to remove Pastor John Britton as Senior Acting Pastor of the Church of the Sons of YHWH

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    Post So Called CI Pastors Defend and Support Adultery

    So Called CI Pastors Defend and Support Adultery


    It appears that there may be some concern among some CI people over my charge that James Wickstrom (aka Wise Solomon) committed (and continues to commit—present tense) adultery with his brother’s wife and that in the real world this has made Jeromy Visser a defender of adultery. In that vein, I want to address any such complaint and set the record straight that I handled the issue properly in this thread on Why No Trust in the Israel Identity Movement in posting number 14 of Apr 5, 2012 on DSCI Developments.

    Wickstrom, Visser and a number of other CI people have set themselves up as so called pastors and leaders of the CI motion—to include Gulett, Downey, Finck, James/Kutz, Faber, “Pastor Bill” and others like the alleged Khazar Jew queer Obie Goldblatt who now has assumed leadership of all or most of this crowd in a new anti-Lindstedt work. In that vein, they all have a moral duty and responsibility of exhibiting a clean and honorable life.

    If they fail in that duty, observing people and especially the other leaders in the definition have a duty and obligation to point out those failures publicly to the sheep they lead and often take money from (except for Obie who appears to be on the ADL payroll). I submit that this crowd of so-called CI leaders has all failed in their responsibilities to the sheep they lead and suck money from.

    A worse case illustration of their failures surfaced some time ago when big shot Wickstrom partook of the hospitality of one of his fellow CI believers/followers in Oklahoma and secretly put the make on the poor brother’s wife and absconded with the woman and with the brother following with a gun to shoot Wickstrom if he could catch him (in the 1800s, before the Khazar Jew run secular society began accepting adultery, most Americans would have said that the offended brother had a moral right to shoot both Wickstrom and the woman on sight; but most modern Americans under Khazar Jew morality say it alright today.

    While Wickstrom may have some fast talking and a pile of BS to supposedly justify his open adultery to the sheep (at least to those who know little or nothing about adultery), the facts in the case appear conclusive to people above the idiot level who are familiar with the Scriptures and what they actually say about adultery and questions of divorce and remarriage. In any case, CI leader Wickstrom could have always appeared and still could appear on Lindstedt’s forum (and/or the others) and state his case if he chooses; thus his silence affirms his guilt which already seems conclusive with the facts as known.

    Though Khazar Jew Obie Goldblatt’s relatives at the ADL got it on what happened, the CI leadership in total seems to have buried its head in the sand and looked the other way—except for Martin Lindstedt who allowed me to post material on the adultery in this forum and who himself has publicly expressed his disapprovel of Wickstrom’s past activities. As I have already charged in this thread (#14) at Lindstedt’s forum, the CI leadership is indeed like generic Christianity—Dispensers of nothing for the sheep. They feed themselves rather than the sheep (Ezek 13 and 34).

    When I first posted material on this evil at Visser’s Covenant People’s Ministry Forum, Visser and/or his agent immediately censored me and took it down. My take is that by this action, Visser personally became a defender of Wickstrom’s adultery. And in terms of the CI movement, Visser and all of the other so called big shot leaders who sat back and saw all of this evil going on and refused to speak out and take a public stand for righteousness are all equally guilty of defending, condoning, and supporting adultery.

    This group of Scripturally illiterate scum bags have all known about this open adultery for months; but yet refused to say anything about it to the people they lead and con money out of. Not only have they refused to call sin sin, but they effectively have been in an open conspiracy to hide it and not let the sheep find out about this evil in their midst.

    Well, from Lindstedt’s forum, the cat is now out of the bag and these bums can no longer hide the open adultery. In that vein, they are all guilty of defending, condoning, supporting and hiding adultery; though they run around with long faces pretending to be New Testament pastors and leaders. What a joke these clowns have turned out to be.

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