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Thread: The Bible legitimizes slavery.

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    Default The Bible legitimizes slavery.

    The Bible legitimizes slavery.


    Quote Originally Posted by Shanemac View Post

    Very true. The average nigger slave's standard of living probably increased significantly when he/she was sold to North America. Maybe not South America though.

    A nigger that made it on the passage over lived one and a half times longer than it would in Africa if it made it to Brazil. A nigger that made it to America made it twice as long than it would in Africa.

    Kurt Saxon wrote a book called "Root Rot" about the African slave trade after Alex Haley's "Roots" came out. It was about how niggers enslaved other niggers and ate the niggers they didn't sell. Kurt refused to apologise for slavery.


    Slavery was only supposed to happen with your own kind. Non-Israelites were not allowed except as embassies within Israel and Canaanites were to be exterminated. A caught criminal who couldn't pay six-fold when caught stealing was sold into slavery. They didn't have jails and prisons in Ancient Israel or piglice. An Israelite slave was to be freed on the seventh year and could not be gelded. A White tribe like the Philistines, Midianites, and others could be enslaved if they gave up. A white female slave could be married by her captor if he loved her.

    The standards enumerated in the Bible were humane for the day. Slavery was a fact of life back then. One slave killed a master in Ancient Rome, the entire slave household were killed. A slave was to be tortured in order to tell on his master, which is why some thieving Roman nobleman about to be prosecuted for thievery like Varro would free his slaves. No longer his slave, then the slave as a freeman couldn't be tortured to tell against Massa.

    There were White slaves in America, though they were called 'Domestic Servants.' They were treated worse than the more valuable niggers. In fact, some slave owners armed their niggers to keep their White slaves in line. They got especially bad about this after Bacon's Rebellion.

    The Saxons and Borderers as one of four English groups kept the most slaves in Virginia and the backwoods. The Puritan Angles from Eastern England and the Danish Quakers kept the least.


    Around the time of the American Revolution the Founding Felons figured that they needed to enlist these 'indentured servants' to fight against George III. So Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence saying that "All [white] men are created equal meant that they would get the Whites to kill the British, Tory loyalists, and the Indians and keep the niggers down. George III was offering to free niggers who fought the rebels. White indentured slavery died out de jure in the decade before the American Revolution as there was needed White immigrants. Of course the Irish were expendible. And the Confederacy faced Unionist opposition from poor Whites in West Virginia (which became a state), North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas.

    The Bible legitimized slavery. What it did NOT legitimize was bringing in niggers to this continent to live as slaves or as free, and certainly not race-mixing with niggers or redskins. The Southern colonies three times petitioned the King of England to end importing niggers and the jews and yankee slave-ship captains and owners refused to allow it.

    Niggers that made it to North America won the nigger lottery. Niggers that were shipped back to Africa (Liberia) were chopping each other's arms off and eating one another a decade ago.

    George Washington raffled off a nigger in 1759. Martha Washington nearly got disinherited when her race-mixing daddy tried to give his estate to his high-yeller niglet. The rest of the slave owners had a fit and passed a law that niggers couldn't inherit over White children and Daddy Custis was going to sue when the niglet died and made the matter moot.

    So when I hear some niggers bitch about reparations, I say, "One way boat ticket back to Afreeka, nigger. Get on the boat or get in the hole."

    I wrote a short story about this White guy who got paid to kill worn out and uppity niggers in antebellum Civil War Mississippi. It was such a realistic sounding short story, that the wimmen writers said that their Mississippi cousins treated 'their people' right and some guy from the Massachusetts Historical Society wanted a copy of the journals of the hero.


    What today's whiggers don't understand is that White men used to see no problem in keeping nigger slaves and killing Indians. In fact, doing otherwise would have gotten you disparaged as some sort of nigger-lover and injun-lover. Whites used to have no problem in killing and enslaving the lesser breeds at all. South Dakotans and Mississippians are two sides of the same racist coin. The Mississippians drove out their Indians, and them Indians knew that they had better git.

    I never thought I'd say this, but jewnny kikeshit is factually correct about what the Bible says about slavery. Most whiggers today are good for nothing but a life of slavery and are ZOG's slaves in any case by temperment and edjewcation.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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