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Thread: The WhiteNationalist.org/forum is down but not the web page.

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    Default The WhiteNationalist.org/forum is down but not the web page.

    The WhiteNationalist.org/forum is down but not the web page.


    The http://WhiteNationalist.org/forum is down but not because of Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren but because the CrisisHost.com mysql database server is off-line and has been for a day or so. Edit: A half-hour later the CrisisHost database was switched back on and thus forum was up.

    So I spent some time trying to work on the


    pages and I'll be putting up some new shows to download, which will be up for a week or so and then taken down because server space is limited, although bandwidth is generous. I need to fix a mistake I made tonight though.

    Those wanting to download the new shows are encouraged to do so and to put them elsewhere for others to download as well. I'll be archiving them in the Library of Congress and they come with a non-cemmercial use, "Creative Commons" copyright.

    So folks, I'm back out of Internut vacation and I'll be back to work soon.

    One of you NimBusters has a hilarious blog containing one of the forum posts I was forced to take down temporarily. Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren is likely shitting a mamzer-possum turd to see its name and face rising in the Google search engines.


    Way to go.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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