Conditioning for Death

Dr. William Pierce



American Dissident Voices Broadcast of December 9, 2000


Are people -- let's be more specific -- are White Americans less
intelligent today than they were a century ago?

An impartial observer -- someone from Mars, say -- might sample the sort
of television entertainment that keeps most White Americans occupied in
their leisure time these days and then compare that with the penny
romances the masses read in 1900 for relaxation and conclude that the IQ
level has indeed gone down a bit. He might take a look at the nonstop
circus of the current presidential election, and he would be even more
inclined to think that we aren't quite as smart as we used to be.

The real clincher for the Martian observer, however, would be an
examination of the way American public policy, as manifested in our laws
and our public behavior, has changed. I mean, we did some stupid things
and had some really dumb habits in the latter half of the 19th century,
but they were nothing compared to the inexcusable foolishness which
characterizes our behavior today. In the 19th century we decided that
slavery wasn't a good policy, and so we put an end to it, and that was a
smart thing to do, because we never should let ourselves become
dependent on another race. But then we just turned four million former
Black slaves loose in our society. We didn't send them back to Africa or
otherwise get rid of them. We didn't even sterilize them. We just turned
them loose. That was a really stupid and irresponsible thing to do. But
at least we didn't let them vote. There were a few criminally insane
people in Washington who thought they should be permitted to vote and
even managed to change our Constitution to that effect, but as a
practical matter we didn't let our former slaves meddle in the business
of choosing our legislators and judges and other public officials to any
substantial degree. And of course, we didn't let Blacks get near our
women. We had laws against miscegenation nearly everywhere, and the laws
were enforced, either by the authorities or by our people.

Today we have more than 30 million Blacks running loose in our society,
and we not only let them vote and copulate with our women, but we
encourage them in this behavior. We have welfare programs which allow
them to breed faster than we do. We give them food stamps and free
medical care. We give those of them who are willing to work preferential
treatment in hiring and promotion. We bus their children to the schools
attended by our children. Our colleges and universities have special
recruitment programs to entice more Blacks into becoming students, and
we bend our admissions requirements to get them into college and lower
our academic standards to keep them in.

In magazine advertisements, on television news programs, in professional
sports, and in half the movies coming out of Hollywood, Blacks are held
up as role models for our children and as objects of romantic fantasy
for our women, and we don't even speak out against it. Black faces on
our television screens advise us about our health, analyze the news of
the day for us, and tell us how we should invest our money, and we act
as if everything is as it should be. All of that is not only more stupid
than anything we did in the 19th century, it's insane.

So are we dumber than we used to be? The Martian probably would think
so, but I'm inclined to believe that it's not just a lower average
intelligence which causes us to behave so stupidly today. What has
happened is that the way White Americans are conditioned to think and
behave has changed. Let us remember that most people don't think and
behave the way they do, don't have the opinions and attitudes they do,
as the result of any rational process. They don't examine the world
around them, independently analyze the data, and then decide what
attitude to have about what they have observed. Instead in nearly every
case they let themselves be told what to think; they let themselves be
told what their attitudes and opinions should be.

That's nothing new, of course. That's the way the bulk of the population
always has been, in good times and in bad times. The really important
thing in determining what most people think and how they behave is the
sort of conditioning they receive. Children are conditioned in the home
by their parents when they are small. Later they are conditioned by
their playmates and then by their schools. As adults they are
conditioned by the marketplace, the public square, the church, the
village store. They absorb the attitudes and opinions of their peers and
of their betters.

At least, that's the way it used to be in past centuries. The new
element in this lifelong conditioning process is the influence of the
mass media: first and foremost of television, but also the cinema,
radio, magazines and newspapers and comic books and popular music. Well,
I've talked before, more than once, about the role of the mass media in
conditioning the public, in shaping their attitudes and opinions. I've
talked about how the Jews infiltrated and then dominated and controlled
the mass media of news and entertainment during the past century, and
how they used their control of the media and of public opinion to
transform our whole society in order to suit their own interests and

Today I want to talk with you about another element in the conditioning
of our people which makes them behave in the self-destructive manner we
see all around us. I want to talk with you about the role of the
schools. It's not an independent role, of course. The way in which our
schools, from kindergarten all the way up through the universities,
condition our children and young people is determined by the way in
which the teachers and professors themselves have been conditioned. And
in a centralized, bureaucratic society such as we have in the United
States today, there is a high degree of centralized control over the way
in which schools condition students. It's not just the conditioning of
the teachers and professors; it's also the program that they are
required to follow, regardless of their own beliefs and attitudes.

Now I'll jump ahead a bit and tell you what the purpose of that program
is; then I'll back up and fill in some of the details. To the extent
that there is a single program governing public education in America
today, a single purpose behind education in America, it is to condition
White children and young people to accept without resistance a
multicultural society, a multiracial society, in which they have no more
important or dominant role than the descendants of their Black slaves,
or mestizos who have recently come across the border from Mexico, or
Hmong tribesmen fresh off the boat from Southeast Asia. And it also is
to condition heterosexual White males to embrace a society in which the
rules are as likely to be made by homosexuals or by women wearing
trousers as by men, a society in which White men are neither expected
nor permitted to protect White women, in which men no longer are the
heads of their households or the decision-makers for their nation.

Now, I've tried to state the governing principle behind education in
America today objectively, even though I know there are listeners who
will think I've soft-pedaled it because they are familiar with many
aspects of our present educational system which are blatantly anti-White
or anti-male. In response to this objection I assert again that the
governing principle is egalitarianism. It is not to put women above men
or homosexuals above heterosexuals or Blacks above Whites, but rather to
condition everyone into accepting a society in which neither race nor
sex nor sexual orientation is important. That's the theory -- but
because heterosexual White males have had the leading role in building
and governing our society in the past, they are seen as the enemy by
many of the egalitarian enthusiasts. They are seen as the people who
have to be put down before we can have a truly egalitarian society.

Anyway, an egalitarian society is the ideal, and of course, that is
absolutely crazy. It is nuts. It is suicidally insane.

The aim of our educational system is to produce citizens who have been
conditioned to believe -- or to act as if they believe -- that men and
women are interchangeable, essentially the same except for the
configuration of their genitalia, and should be treated exactly the same
by society and have similar roles. And this means suppressing the old
belief that men and women are fundamentally different -- physically,
intellectually, and emotionally -- that their natural roles in society
and in the family are not the same but instead are complementary, and
that they should be treated accordingly -- which means differently.

The aim of our educational system is to produce citizens who have been
conditioned to believe -- or to act as if they believe -- that
homosexuality is as natural a condition as heterosexuality, that
homosexuality is in no way undesirable or reprehensible, that the only
difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals is in their choice of
sexual partners, and that homosexuals and heterosexuals should be
treated exactly the same by society.

And the aim of our educational system is to produce citizens who have
been conditioned to believe -- or to act as if they believe -- that
racial differences are the most unimportant, superficial, and
inconsequential thing in the world; that the only real differences are
in pigmentation; that Blacks and Whites and Australian Aborigines and
Chinamen have the same way of viewing the world, the same intrinsic
values and behavioral patterns, the same capacity for self-discipline,
the same type and degree of intelligence, the same problem-solving
ability, the same aptitude for building civilizations and maintaining
them; and that to believe otherwise is not only wrong but sinful and
shameful. In fact, the gravest possible sin, the most shameful possible
error, is racism, and the severest means should be used to exorcise it
and the severest penalties imposed to punish those who adhere to it.

That, I think, is a fair and objective statement of current American
educational policy. I believe that even those who think it is a good
policy will agree with my statement. But as you know, I do not think it
is a good policy, and certainly a Martian observer can be excused for
thinking that we are either stupid or crazy to have such a policy,
because it will lead us to our extinction.

A minute ago I said that the theory of current American educational
policy is egalitarianism; that the purpose is to produce Politically
Correct citizens. Actually, that's a bit na´ve. The people most
responsible for the current policy, the people behind the scenes who use
egalitarianism as a nation-destroying and a race-destroying weapon to
serve their own ends are not egalitarians at all. They believe not only
that they are superior to all the nations of the world -- to all the
Gentiles of the world -- but also that they are more deserving. They
believe that it is right and proper for them to deceive and demoralize
the Gentiles, to destroy the Gentiles' sense of racial identity and
racial pride, to feminize Gentile men and masculinize Gentile women, in
order to make easier prey of the Gentiles.

And so they go beyond egalitarianism in the schools. They teach our
children and our university students about their special status, about
why they deserve more than others. "Holocaust" studies, they call it.
It's already mandatory in the public schools of many states, and they're
pushing hard to make it mandatory everywhere. The reason for requiring
the teaching of the "Holocaust" story to Gentile children, they say, is
to warn them what terrible things may happen if people are permitted to
be racists or anti-Semites. The "Holocaust," they say, was the most
terrible thing which ever has happened, and it was perpetrated by
racists and anti-Semites.

Actually, that's not the reason for "Holocaust" studies at all. The
"Holocaust" may be the worst thing that's happened to the Jews, but what
the communists did to our people -- to Gentiles -- in Russia and Ukraine
and Poland and the Baltic countries and Germany was far worse. The
communists murdered at least 30 million of our people in those countries
alone. The communist movement which committed those murders was inspired
by the Jew Karl Marx and was heavily staffed by Jews. The death camp
commissars in the Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s, the brutal
commissars of the "gulag" about which Alexander Solzhenitsyn has
written, were mostly Jews. Jews were vastly over-represented among the
Soviet secret police and elsewhere in the Soviet bureaucracy. A Jew
headed the murder squad which butchered the czar of Russia and his
family. It was a Jew, Lazar Kaganovich, who supervised the murder of
millions of Ukrainians. Jews headed the communist parties in many
European countries outside of the Soviet Union in the time between the
two world wars, and when they were given the opportunity they committed
horrible atrocities against the populations of those countries,
selectively murdering the best and the brightest people. That's what
they did in the Baltic countries and in Poland, for example.

So if the aim is to teach children about the terrible things which can
happen when the wrong sort of people acquire power, why not teach them
about what the Jewish communists did? Why is there practically no
teaching at all in the schools about these things?

Well, you already know the answer: it's because Jews weren't the victims
but were to a large degree the perpetrators. It's because if the kiddies
learn about what the Jews did to the peoples of eastern and central
Europe before the Second World War, they might begin to think that it
was quite reasonable for the Germans to want the Jews out of Germany, so
that the Jews couldn't do in Germany what they had done elsewhere. That
would put the so-called "Holocaust" in quite a different light, wouldn't

My point is that egalitarianism is the theory behind education in
America today, but in fact the schools are used to a growing extent to
brainwash students in whatever manner best serves the people who control
the educational system. It's not just the Jews who are responsible for
the conditioning going on in our schools. It's also feminists and
homosexuals and egalitarians of all sorts. And just as they lie about
the "Holocaust" -- just as they conceal the crimes of the communists --
in order to serve the purpose of the Jews, they also lie about other
things to serve other purposes. They lie about the nature of
homosexuality, for example, because that serves the purpose of the
homosexuals. They lie about the differences between men and women,
because that serves the purpose of the feminists.

And they lie about race because they do want to encourage more
miscegenation, and they do want to deceive and disarm Whites who might
otherwise put up a resistance to racial mixing and miscegenation. They
tell the public school students that we're really all the same and that
to think otherwise is wicked, and they try to convince university
students that the concept of race is meaningless, that it has no
scientific basis. They teach them that there has been so much genetic
mixing among the races in the past that there is no such thing as a pure
race today, and so the whole idea of trying to preserve one's race is
pointless: just give up; it's too late.

Using the schools to condition as well as to educate is not new, of
course. In the 19th century it was assumed that everyone in school was
at least a nominal Christian, for example, and it also was assumed that
it would be a good thing to condition everyone to be even more Christian
in his beliefs. This was true in most of the universities as well as in
the public schools. If you take a close look at the most widely used
instructional materials -- at the McGuffey's Readers, for example --
you'll recognize these built-in assumptions. Christianity was not
treated simply as one religion among many; it was treated as the

In the first half of the 20th century, students were conditioned
politically to believe that democracy was the best possible form of
government, and that the United States was the ideal embodiment of
democracy. American history and the functioning of the American
political system were idealized for the students.

Now I personally am neither a Christian nor a democrat. But let me tell
you, the Christian conditioning and the democratic conditioning of the
past were nothing compared to the egalitarian-feminist-Jewish
conditioning in today's schools. The old conditioning may not have been
the sort of thing of which all of us would approve, but it was
relatively harmless. Most of the people who formulated the old
conditioning at least meant well. They weren't trying to destroy us.
That cannot be said of the people behind today's conditioning. Today's
conditioning is aimed at making Politically Correct lemmings out of
everyone who passes through the schools: lemmings who will not question
or oppose any of the policies of the conditioners, lemmings who will not
put up a fight against those who deliberately are destroying our
country, our civilization, and our race.

And the conditioning, unfortunately, is doing the job it was intended to
do. It is recruiting a substantial portion of our young people in the
universities today into the camp of our enemies and using them to help
with the destruction of our race. More than a decade ago I gave a talk
to a mostly White group of students at the University of Maryland. After
the talk a pretty girl about 19 or 20 years old came up to me and asked
me if I thought that the present conflict between the races might
develop into a shooting war. I told her that if the government continued
its policy of trying to forcefully integrate the races, I thought a race
war likely. She told me, "Well, if the shooting starts I'll be with the
Blacks shooting at you." And she looked really proud of herself when she
told me that. She knew that she had said the Politically Correct thing.

A few days ago a computer vandal managed to break into the natvan.com
web site which hosts my programs. He trashed the site, and he left a
message saying that he had done it because the site encourages White
supremacy. He spouted a lot of the pseudoscientific nonsense I mentioned
a moment ago about there being no such thing as separate races -- the
sort of nonsense the egalitarians are conditioning students with in the
universities -- and he summarized it all with the statement -- and I
quote -- "No matter if you're black/white/asian/whatever, you are
related to every other human on the face of the earth. This means, of
course, that no race can be deemed 'superior' to another, as we are all
a mixture of each other." -- end quote --

How's that for logic? Really, that is exactly the sort of fuzzy thinking
which passes muster at our universities these days, so desperately eager
are the egalitarians to support their insupportable position.

Well, it's going to be a long and bloody war, a very painful and
destructive war. Meanwhile, it might behoove you to pay more attention
to the sort of conditioning your kids are getting at school. Do whatever
you have to do to make sure that they are on the right side of the war.

Thanks for being with me again today.


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