Christian Identity Doxological Differences



   Covenant is the older of the two doxologies.  Both Covenant and D-S 
agree that the Western Christian nations of Teutonic, Scandinavian, and 
Celtic blood are of Israelite blood.  Covenant says that while the LORD 
made all of humanity, that the LORD has a covenant with Abraham's seed, 
the Israelites in particular.  The Dual-Seedliners say that only the 
White Man was directly created by the LORD, the rest of the races are 
simply "the beast of the field" with the exception of the so-called 'jews' 
who are the seed of Satan through Cain.  Also, the other doctrinal 
dispute between Covenanters and Dual-Seedliners is in the extent of  
Noah's Great Flood, the Covenanters saying that it was worldwide flood, 
and the Dual-Seedliners saying that it was a local flood designed only 
to kill the wicked White Adamites, and located either in Armenia or 
in Central Asia.  The Covenanters say that Noah's sons Japheth married 
a yellow woman and that Ham married a black, and that only the middle 
son, obedient Shem, married a white woman.  The Dual-Seedliners maintain 
that a local flood means that since only the wicked whites who were 
in their Adamic places got drowned, that the blacks and mongolloids 
were the original beasts of the field and that the browns are the result 
of miscegenation.  

    There is a difference also between terms for the so-called 'jews.' 
A Covenanter will use the term "khazar" to describe the Ashkenazi 'jews' 
and quote Genesis 10:3, to show how the Ashkenazi 'jews' derive from 
Ashkenaz, the son of Gomer (Gog), the grandson of Japheth, the great-
grandson of Noah, and thus of Adamic descent.  The Dual-Seedliner will 
not, because his doxology maintains that the 'jews' are descended from 
Cain, the son of Satan, and thus have no Adamic blood, although they 
will admit to 'jews' having an admixture of the cursed Canaanite and 
Edomite stock.  

   These differences between Covenant and Dual-Seedline doctrine are 
there, however there is a good deal of doxological cross-pollination 
between the two doxologies plus the fact that outside enemies of the 
Faith such as the Beast Evil Empire and the False Prophet(s) of the 
Babylonian Mystery Religion of jewdeo-churchianity.  It is adversity 
and outsiders which keep both doxologies together, just as the leading 
mutually hostile tribes of Judah and Ephraim stuck together until the 
LORD split the Israelites apart in the days of Rehoboam.

    I am of the Covenant doxology myself.  I do understand Dual-Seedliner
doxology, and it does have many valid points.  I think a reconciliation 
seam shall be the acknowledgement that just as Adam or Shem had many 
fine White sons, each of whom founded tribes and (Aryan) nations, one 
must acknowledge that while the migration of Israelites into Europe 
took place, that the White Israelites intermarried with their White 
cousins, and thus made their union Israelite as well.  The same concept 
holds true for the 'jew' as well.  As an admixture of the Cainites, 
Canaanites, Edomites, Ashkenaz-Gogsspawn, the spark of evil animating 
their mongrel race is their defining characteristic and thus they are 
the Children of Satan just as the Israelites are the Children of the 
LORD.  Thus both doxologies have a unifying concept which has the 
potential of fusing any breech while still maintaining their separate 
doxological differences.

   Covenanters are known for being the 'moderates,' and thus have 
produced diplomats and political alliances with other White 
Nationalists.  Prominent Covenanters are Louis Beam, Pastor Pete 
Peters, "The Jubilee" newspaper. Dual-Seedliners are known for being 
'militants' and have produced the soldiers and prophets for this 
Faith.  Prominent Dual-Seedliners are Richard Butler, Eric Rudolph, 
Pastor Don Gayman, Kingdom Identity Ministries, and most of the 
Identity clergy and the bulk of its theological sermons and literature.

   Frankly, jewdeo-churchianity is dying.  It has no reason to exist 
other than as a political faith for the benefit of the 'jew'-dominated 
criminal regimeists.  The main-line decrepit Protestant churches are 
dying, as is the Roman Catholic church. (Most certainly since the 
ascension-by-assassination of the Polish Ashkenaz 'jew' John Paul II, 
as the past 20 years has seen the destruction of RC tradition keeping 
the RC church together.)  The problem with jewdeo-churchianity is that 
it has gotten away from worship of Christ and has been diverted into 
'New Covenant' godlessness and worship of holohoaxianity, wherein 
critical thinking is diverted from the upkeep of Christianity to 
mindless, unthinking worship of an alleged six million khazars 
supposedly  killed by ethnic Germans.  Thus both Christianity and 
their White worshippers are being demonized for the benefit of racial 
aliens who control the reins of power via the media and the government. 
What exactly is it in for the White Christian to continue to support 
mainline jewdeo-churchianity?  Nothing or less-than-nothing!  It tells 
its remaining White churchgoers that they must give up their birthright 
to those more numerous who earned nothing by their works, i.e. those 
blacks, browns, 'jews' who falsely proclaim their new faith -- everyone 
except those who created the naturally White racial religion of 
Christianity.  It is now but a matter of time before there is a negro 
pope, and the traditional pictures of a blond, blue-eyed Christ are 
deemed Politically InCorrect.  Thus by plan is the both the White race 
and its natural religion submerged under a Third-World mudslide. 

    However, Christian Identity offers much for the White Christian. 
It says that there are laws which must be followed.  It says that there 
is a difference between right and wrong, between good and evil.  It 
offers a fundamentalism which is deemed a welcome source of stability 
for those who have been cut morally adrift by mainline jewdeo-churchianity. 
As a racially nationalistic pro-White religion, it says that the defense 
and maintenance of the White Race and White Western Civilization is not 
only a good idea -- but that this defense is an affirmative religious 
duty.  It clearly identifies the source of evil -- the satanic racially 
parasitic 'jew' leading Gog and MaGog towards the destruction and 
besiegement of the Camp of the Saints -- and confirms that it is a 
religious duty to first resist, and then prevail.  Those who fight this 
necessary Just & Holy War are the Saints, and shall be with Christ in 
Paradise while the wicked perish with the Beast and False Prophet.  

     Can you see why Christian Israeliteism is hated so much by the 
'jews' and the criminal regime they dominate?  Every CI religionist 
is a White Nationalist Revolutionist.  We will never, ever compromise 
with the Evil Empire, and we think this satanic criminal regime must 
be destroyed absolutely, not 'reformed.'  

    So far in this civil war the fiercest fighters against the Evil 
Empire have been the CI Resistance soldier naturally organized into 
undetectable 'cells' and lone-wolves.   The 'organized' compounds 
of the Covenant, Arm, and Sword of the Lord, Elohim City, and Aryan 
Nations have allowed themselves to be compromised by allowing all 
manner of criminal regimeist rabble to infiltrate them, and even to 
let Manchurian Oswalds to be recruited from amongst them to feed the 
propaganda mills of the NWO/ZOG.  However, the CI religion has free-
thinking people in it who will not put up with any 'pope' and these 
compromised compounds are now avoided by the devout.  Today the CI 
faith consists of scattered families largely undetectable by the 
criminal regime until one of them chooses to strike.  There are 
several CI churches which "feed the flock" and which have a following 
via mail, the Internet, or shortwave.  Thus we are not a 'cult' like 
Jim Jones or David Koresh in which the charismatic leader gives orders 
to his moronic sheeplike followers, but rather a decentralized loose 
network of fellow believers of a mixture of the two doxologies of 
Covenant and Dual-Seedline.  The end result is a family-oriented 
religion in which there is a 'natural leader' or two in every family. 

    This is militarily useful in that it creates in each CI family a 
natural cadre of disciplined, motivated Resistance soldiers already 
formed into uninfiltraitable 'cells' which are naturally and 
extraordinarily useful for fighting revolutionary guerrilla civil 
warfare.  The decentralized CI Church structure allows for these 
cells to coalesce into larger company- and battalion-sized units 
led by the militant pastors, elders, deacons, and leading fathers.  
Thus this decentralized CI network can field a quality military 
organization from squad to company-level sized, and when this civil 
war has progressed to the point of there being no equivalently 
organized military/political force in the county, these CI commandos 
will thus be by default the only source of organized civil/military 
order.  Thus the Christian Identity religion will be in the same 
position as what happened during the collapse of the Roman Empire, 
when the Christian Church was the only organized cohesive force, and 
it picked up all the marbles. 

   Thus Christian Identity is a religion not of the masses, but rather 
a religion of the natural aristocracy of rural White America.  Its 
doctrines never, ever "steps on its own tail" because it is a strait-
forward religion which puts Christ and People first.  Selfish, self-
serving people are not attracted to CI, and if they wander in they 
will hear things which will make them uncomfortable very quickly.  Thus 
it is a family-oriented religion which goes to the heart of Christianity, 
and in its allegiance to "Duty, Honor, Country (as an extended Family)" 
is intensely patriotic.  With its militant Christian virtues and 
natural organization into family, Church, and local community units, 
it is no wonder that Identity Christianity is so represented in the 
Resistance Movement.  Louis Beam, a Christian Israelite of the Covenant 
doxology, when he wrote Resistance military doctrine of "Leaderless 
Resistance" may well have borrowed from the from Patriots from the 
1960's and 1776, however it is quite possible that Louis Beam also 
unconsciously took the natural family structure of rural CI 
congregations into account when Beam wrote the essay which made him 

    I hope that I have thus sketched an introduction of the nature 
of Christian Identity, why it is a growing, dynamic faith now that 
White America has been spiritually abandoned by jewdeo-churchianity, 
why it is the leading faith of the Resistance element, and its 
political and military nature by which it shall prevail against the 
NWO/ZOG globalist conspirators and eventually become the leading faith 
of what remains of Western Civilization and Christendom.

-- Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front



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