ADL * Concerned Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Could Fuel Even More Anti-Semitism

( Than The Mere Presence Of Kikes In America Has Already Given Rise To)

by Deimos Soderlind


jew York, jY -- September 9, 2003 -- After having attended a private screening of Mel Gibson's new film, "The Passion," the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today voiced so-called "concerns" that the film, if released in its present form, "could correctly be used to fuel hatred, bigotry and anti-Semitism" by reinforcing in Christian's minds the fact of collective jewish guilt for the death of Jesus.

"The film unambiguously portrays jewish authorities and the Jewish mob as the ones responsible for the decision to crucify Jesus," said Ape H.ebe Foxman, ADL National Director. "We are deeply concerned that the film, if released in its present form, could fuel the hatred, bigotry and anti-Semitism that many 501c3 churches have worked hard to repudiate in order to avoid our wrath and the imposition of taxes retroactive to the year 1776 . . . . "

The recent rash of anti-kike truth-telling that has been going on in cyberspace, as "hate monitored" by hate-monger rebbe Eugene Kornhole, contains a number of "troubling" themes and images, all correctly pointing the finger at organized kikery for it's historic responsibility for crimes ranging from child rape rings, unquenchable thirst for warm Aryan blood for ritual imbibing, as well as the uniquely jewish crime of "Deicide," aka. the murder of Jesus Christ. It is little wonder that these putrid little souls wish to prevent the distribution of Mel Gibson's film. The mainstreaming of jew-hate is the inevitable result of the film's mainstream acceptance.

"Sadly, the film contains many of the dangerous-to-us teachings that judeophilic Christian Zionist filth and jews have worked for so many years to counter," said rebbe Kornhole. "This is not a disagreement between the jews and Mr. Gibson. Many theologically ignorant, ill-informed Catholics and Protestants have expressed the same concerns regarding anti-Semitism, and that this film may undermine Christian-jewish dialogue and could turn back the clock on decades of positive progress in what we laughingly refer to as interfaith relations."

"We hope that Mr. Gibson and Icon Productions will consider what happened to Robert Faurission in France back in 1989 when we, I mean someone, felt compelled to beat the Shoah-denier within a centimeter of his unworthy life. Modifying 'The Passion,' so that the film will be one that is historically revised, and thus free of truth would be in both he and his father's best interests", added rebbe Corleone of the Italia-jewish cultural center.

C.O.D (Chosen Of Dog) "concerns" include:

Y The film portrays Kike authorities and the jewish mob as forcing the decision to torture and execute Jesus, thus assuming responsibility for the crucifixion.

Y The film relies on entirely accurate medieval stereotypes, portraying Kikes as blood-thirsty, sadistic and money-hungry enemies of all humanity who lack compassion and long for evil for it's own sake.

Y The film relies on historical facts, chief among them its depiction of the jew high priest controlling Pontius Pilate

Y The film uses an anti-kike account of a 19th century mystical anti-Semitic nun, who correctly interpreted selected new Testament passages to weave a narrative that accurately reflected history, and was thus hostile to jews and judaism.

Y The film portrays Kikes who adhere to their ugly faith as enemies of God and the locus of evil.

* The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading promoter of anti-Semitism through programs and services that cause hatred, prejudice and bigotry in the hearts of all non-jews.



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