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Hugh Foley's C.V. includes successful careers in international banking and corporate & small business management. A native Californian he has lived in Asia, Australia, Central & South America, on both coasts of the U.S.A. and has resided with (most of) his family of 7 children and 7 grandchildrenin Missouri for the past 18 years -- both in Kansas City and in greater St. Louis. He graduated in Political Science & Economics from the University of California and has a Master's Degree in Finance from New York University as well as an advanced degree in International Business. Writing under the name Thomas Richard Harry, Hugh Foley is a published author of a book and numerous articles on national political issues and an editor of The American Family Gazette, an independent political perspective newsletter.


Response: I do not think that I could come up with a better life history for what is essentially a mid-management guy working for the New World Order. A retired international bankster no less! No wonder Hugh Foley was consistently for the Federal Reserve, a private corporation owned by Jew banksters which prints all the paper currency and holds a gigantic national debt over White America. Of course at the June 17, 2000 Reform Party Founders Day meeting, Hugh ignored the hostility of the Charles Collins supporters who especially dislike this branch of the New World Order. (Charles Collins is a candidate for President that the Reform Party ignores, although Charles Collins has attended every single Missouri Reform Party function.)

And why not? Being a retired international bankster certainly has given Hugh Foley an appreciation for globalism and one-world socialism. It never was Hugh's personal money at stake. Rather, Hugh's central bank would privatize any profit and socialize losses, i.e., make any loss payable by American taxpayers. Why do you think we have such a huge national debt, which White America will never be able to pay? Not that it is intended to be repaid -- rather White Americans are expected to remain debt slaves forever to the international banksters Hugh served.

What I can't figure out is why Hugh simply doesn't buy the Reform Party nomination. I suppose being an international bankster hireling didn't allow Hugh time enough to put his fingers in the till. Either that or Hugh was a mediocre hireling and never made privy to the real killing -- billions for the banksters, debts for the commons.

I also note that Hugh Foley is from California (it figures) and that he has gotten degrees in Political Science and Economics out the wazoo. So why, with all this schooling in how the New World Order is such a wonderful thing, isn't Hugh Foley as rich as Rockefeller? Perhaps the New World Order doesn't believe that any of their shabbes goyim hirelings should be very rich!

By the way, I purchased Hugh's book, "The Delicate Illusion" for $10 at the June 17th debate as part of opposition research. It is written in a rather pathetic 'Socratic Dialogue' style. (And I despise the fascist-bastard Socrates, c.f., Socrates Had It Coming.) However, HughWorldOrder Foley is quite revealing in it, for example, favoring a Value Added Tax (VAT) on page 92 for the wonderful "priviledge of being governed" by his global New World Order. Of course this is in addition to income taxes, as the table on Page 127 shows that a family of four earning just barely enough to survive of $24,000 gets a "basic spending allowance" of only $15,300 but still has enough money left over from paying VAT on their necessities of life to have to file a confession of economic activity with the Internal Revenue Service anyway. Can't let them debt slaves/sharecroppers sneak away without perpetual confession as to what they might owe the New World Order company store for the privilege of being governed, now can we, HughWorldOrder?
Quite a wonderful one-world globalonyial-socialist piece of work which makes BubbaClinton /OzoneheadAlgore look like pikers compared to HughWorldOrder.

By the way, I have published both paper (The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian) and electronic (Modern Militiaman) political newsletters without any formal education in that regard, just practical experience. As a working political writer and editor, I am not impressed with Hugh Foley's efforts, although I do wish I had enough money to publish a vanity book like Hugh Foley did. However, if I was running as a Reform Party candidate, I certainly wouldn't have abandoned or revealed my alias lest actual Reform Party readers actually read socialist tripe like "The Delicate Illusion." They might well end up with no illusions whatsoever of what HughWorldOrder proposes as a political candidate.


Why he is a candidate: Hugh Foley is a concerned Missourian with a strong conviction that American democracy works . . . so long as we participate in it. We all must regularly express our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with America's direction at the polls. Otherwise we run the risk of un-balanced governance dictated by the minority. Balance in governing -- which Hugh Foley believes is lacking today -- is a primary reason he is running for the Senate. Politically moderate, he endorses the core principles of the Reform Party and believes voters should not support candidates unwilling to take clear, concise positions on the issues. Here's his position on issues he believes are critically important for all Missourians and their future.

Primary issue: CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. Democracy in America is atrophying. Neither major political party appears aware of or concerned about this ominous trend. Democracy, along with the law, provides the best opportunity for individual and collective freedom & liberty yet developed. But we are in danger of diminishing freedom if we don't protect both respect for the law and a healthy democratic process. Today that process suffers from a serious imbalance in political power and influence. The solution is effective campaign finance reform that rebalances the democratic scales and de-monetizes the political vote.

Major issue: SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity is the basis of the American dream, which as always been ... a better tomorrow. True opportunity rests on 4 pillars: JOBS AVAILABILITY; SKILLS KNOWLEDGE; LIVEABLE WAGES AND TAX REASONABLENESS. The solution is an environment fostered by government providing for complete tax system overhaul, public education that succeeds, a minimum wage that supports workers and policies shielding American jobs from the negative impacts of globalization.

Major Issue: GOVERNMENT SPENDING & ACCOUNTABILITY. Spending other peoples' money is easy, especially when there is no individual accountability for collective decisions. If Americans want cradle-to-grave government support, we must be willing to pay dearly for it. If, however, we prefer to be responsible for ourselves and spend our own money, then we must limit what government can claim in taxes. The solution: A tax system_entitied to no more than 25% of individual incomes - for all taxes including Social Security.

Major issue: THE TREND TOWARDS GLOBALIZATION. This trend is a reality America must deal with. It's not liable to go away. But deal with need not mean suffer for; need not mean ceding control of our American destiny, and must-not-mean "averaging down" in terms of jobs, wages, our environment or loss of control over our own domestic and foreign affairs. The solution is to limit fast-track authority of the President on trade negotiations, deny special considerations to global interests and implement domestic policies that shield American workers from the inevitable transition effects of globalization. Greater international cooperation can be a win-win situation, but it has to be win-win for all Americans, not just some Americans. That's pretty basic government responsibility. Today, what's deemed good for General Motors, or any other multinational corporation, may not be good for America.


HEALTH CARE COSTS AND AVAILABILITY. The solution is a mixed gov/private approach to affordable health care with some accountability for success laid upon both users and those in private industry that would benefit from it, combined with realistic ceilings on judgments in medical lawsuits.

BUSINESS TAXES. American business - of all sizes - badly needs tax simplification and relief. Along with individual taxes, the whole system needs changing leaving business to pay its fair share of taxes, but getting government out of its books and off its back. The solution, as with individuals, is a complete system overhaul. A flat gross revenue/turnover tax for American business would fairly do the job. If properly linked with individual tax reform, America's smaller businesses would not be taxed at all.

GUN CONTROLS. The proposition that, "guns don't kill, people do" is hard to swallow. The solution: Legislation (and/or law enforcement) that mandates clun safety and in some cases restricted availability. These don't trample the Second Amendment and seem reasonable in our communities today.

Response: Bad people kill other people using guns. The gun didn't walk up and shoot some person, not can a piece of metal form criminal intent. HughWorldOrder Foley probably has no problem with international banksters hiring mercenaries to protect their central bank from non-government looters. So what is with this aversion to ordinary people having guns?

HughWorldOrder Foley, my Reform Party primary opponent is a typical gun-grabbing liberal politician. Can't have a New World Order or a functioning Evil Empire unless the People have been disarmed by degrees. HughWorldOrder admits that there is a Second Amendment -- it's just that politicians like HughWorldOrder thinks that by professing good intentions for a policy of unilateral disarmnament of the People that he can get away with violation of the Second Amendment.

Hey HughWorldOrder Foley! What part of "The right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" are you unable to understand?

I stand behind the Second Amendment, like every Reform politician who isn't a Dallas-Faction perobot feeb or Natural-Law space alien is supposed to do. My ally, Dr. Keller, who is running for governor, supports the 2d Amendment as well.

Any attempt to disarm the People is an act of treason and oppression. Any 'law' pretending to infringe on the 2d Amendment is legis-treason. The penalty for any treasonous politician making such war on the People by disarming them prepatory to genocide is death.

When elected U.S. Senator, I shall vote to do away with every anti-gun piece of legistreason on the books.

MISSOURI'S CITIES. The nature and historical & traditional justification of many cities has/is changing. We can't put the genie back in the lamp. The solution is to recognize this and apply new thinking to the purpose, the political definition and economic viability of cities, as we know many of them today.

STATES RIGHTS. The Tenth Amendrnent provides that the powfts not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states ... It is at this level of government - much closer to the people - that we need to put detailed rules on many sensitive but largely personal-choice-issues, such as gun control, the question of abortion, all but the broadest environmental regulation and how our children's education is managed and provided for.



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