The Khazar Cuckoos of False Zion

by John Goldlite


Cuckoo eggs are a disaster for the surprised host birds. In confusion and ignorance the new comers are accepted as originals, but when they crawl out of the shells the cuckoo pray on their hosts -–feeding off them till destruction follows.

The Khazars in Palestine are just the same. They call themselves Israelis but are of another stock. They claim to be Semitic but all together as a nation are destroying the real Semites. And among Christian nations, many pretend to be the special God’s Chosen, masking as angels but in fact the hard-core leadership is acting like devils.

The conversion to Judaism of the Khazar tribe started in 740 AD when King Bulan chose a national religion. Millions of these white people from the east learned Hebrew, and the corrupted form of Judaism from the Talmud. Almost every Khazar became a Jew. The Khazar Jews lost much land in Russian wars, and by 1200 AD mass migrations into Europe followed the Mongolian invasions. The first Zionist movement at that time aimed at re-conquering the Promised Land of their ‘ancestors’ shows the Khazars had already at that time conveniently ‘forgotten’ their real roots. They illegally became ‘Israelites in exile’.

It took another 750 years for these cuckoos to get organized and be laid in the Palestinian nest. The true children of Abraham that are native to the region became targets of the nasty newcomer’s hungry urge to own the region. Their power base in America and Europe, with which they had started the United Nations, allows them to justify their crimes of nasty deceptions and crude terror.

.In the latest episode the Pentagon’s neo-cons, whose hawks are Khazars, are striking down targets in the Middle-East to make space for a greater ‘Israel’. This ‘Promised Land’ stretches from Egypt to Iraq – however it was promised to Abraham’s descendents, the true Semites, who already inhabit the region.

The ugliness of Khazar-cuckoo reality revelations increases. They want in fact to rule the whole globe. The post-Christ corrupted form of Judaism believes that they as the Chosen People, should rule all nations. In practice it is thru warlike subduing them, regarding all as sub-human races to be enslaved. The Khazars as the Thirteenth Tribe proved rude enof to put this nasty program into practice. Sticking together like one big Mafia family, they have gained much power in the Christian world. With ownership of banks and media firmly in their hands, they have gotten hold of public opinion, education and ‘cultural development’ aswell. This is just according to their own long-standing plan to divide, conquer and enslave the nations of the world.

As inventors and executive directors of international finance, atheist communism, atomic bombs and Hollywood, they prove already a disaster to the rest of humanity. Regarding the whole world as their own, and themselves the gods on Earth, they now prepare the launching of a Global Dictator – their corrupted version of Messiah. Ruling as the absolute elite, served by masses of slaves, is their ultimate dream come true.

While you, over 99% of humanity stay asleep and ignore this reality in development; their dream come true is becoming your worst nitemare. Ignorance does not come cheap. The bill comes in suffering and despair – but when the doors to freedom closes, when you are clearly told to be now serving humans under self-chosen gods, it is too late to effectively resist.

We can still turn around the situation. The call to you – who are in government, military, industry, who are in art, in science, in media, in education, all who work daily struggling to be happy, all of you who are target of this horrible plan, who are living as a vast majority in the world… the call is to wake up to the facts of the matter. Also you who are of Khazar descent or otherwise called Jews, and are unaware of the plans of the ‘Masters of Zion’ are called to stop this train. Pull the emergency brakes!

Every-one! It is essential to investigate in honesty and act to change, instead of turning a blind eye. Research the Protocols of Zion, the Khazars of the ‘thirteenth tribe’, the actual Jewish power in America and Europe’s finance, media, education… in fact, since money buys anything, in any critical field.

All the people in the West, in the East… everywhere! Find out for yourself and wake up to your power, instead of being the silly following scared gray crowd that these rulers want you to believe you are. You are not stupid unless you choose to be. You are not really weak. In fact, you are meant to be very powerful. Resist against becoming slaves to another. Wake up for your rite. Stand up for this fite. Learn to handle the weapons of Lite.

May all beings be liberated!

John Goldlite
Commander at Global Fite4Lite Team
of Free Earth Movement

[Feel Free to publish this article, letter and our signatures.]

[Editor's Note: I have no idea, with a name like 'Goldlite' whether or not the author is or is not a Sephardic jew. -M.L.]



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